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Why You Should Start a Blog in the New Year | ProBlogger
10th of January 2017 Stacey Roberts 12

Why You Should Start a Blog in the New Year

If you’re one of the millions of people thinking about starting a blog this year, well you’ve come to the right place! People start blogs for so many different reasons (and often continue them for others entirely!). We each get a little something different out of blogging, on top of ...more
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how to start a blog 5 steps
30th of March 2016 Darren Rowse 25

How to Start a Blog

Last Updated 3 January, 2017 – Do you want to start a blog? If so – you’re in the right place. In this post I want to walk you through the basics of how to start a blog, and while I do, I want to answer some of the basic ...more
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What You Need to Have Ready Before You Launch Your Blog
8th of March 2016 Darren Rowse 8

What You Need to Have Ready Before You Launch Your Blog

I’m regularly asked by those yet to start a blog what is the best way to go about it? Should there be posts already up upon launch? How many? Do I need a Facebook page? Should I be collecting emails? What’s the best way to design my blog to keep ...more
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The Complete Bloggers' Guide to Web Hosting - on
5th of November 2015 Jerry Low 19

The Complete Bloggers’ Guide to Web Hosting

This is a guest contribution from Jerry Low. Blog hosting can be a confusing thing to navigate, particularly if you’re new to the blogging game or just striking out with your own domain. If you look at WordPress’ previous official web hosting company recommendations, there are three hosting companies suggested ...more
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What is your blog about?
27th of October 2014 Darren Rowse 40

3 Ways to Define What Your Blog Is About

What is your blog about? It’s a question all bloggers get asked from time to time. How do you answer it? It’s also a question I know many ProBlogger readers wrestle with – particularly when starting their blog. What is my niche? Do I even need a niche? How do ...more
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5th of March 2014 Darren Rowse 57

Beginner Week: My 43 DOs and 25 DON’Ts of Blogging

Eleven and a half years ago when I hit publish on my first ever blog post, I had little idea what I was doing and what was going to unfold for me over the coming decade. As I prepared for a recent mini ProBlogger event event in Perth, I created ...more
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18th of August 2012 Darren Rowse 50

5 Reasons to Start a Niche Blog, and 3 Niches to Consider

When the opportunity came up for us to do a series on niche blogging here on ProBlogger, I jumped at the chance. Blogging isn’t what it was. I mentioned recently how blogging has changed so much that these days we may not even realise we’re looking at a blog as ...more
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2nd of April 2012 Guest Blogger 47

What You Need to Know Before You Start a WordPress Blog

This guest post is by Matt Hooper. After reading through Darren’s census of ProBlogger results, a couple of numbers stood out to me. 8.7% of ProBlogger readers haven’t started a blog of your own yet. Only just over half of the respondants are on the platform. The latter caught ...more
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How to Overcome the “I Wish” Mentality and Start a Blog
27th of March 2012 Guest Blogger 80

How to Overcome the “I Wish” Mentality and Start a Blog

This guest post is by Adarsh Thampy of Conversionchamp. I wish I started my blog a long time back when there was a lot less competition. I wish I was able to write great content from the start. I wish I had the money to purchase hosting and set up ...more
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