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Which is the Best Permalink Structure?
5th of October 2016 Guest Blogger 21

Which is the Best Permalink Structure For Your Blog?

This is a guest contribution from Richard Richsh. WordPress is the most preferred platform by many beginners and developers across the globe for its ease of use. More than 75% of the website’s today use WordPress, and there are many ways by which you can increase your WordPress website’s ranking using ...more
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30th of August 2016 Guest Blogger 24

Yoast: Your Complete WordPress SEO Toolkit

By ProBlogger SEO Expert Jim Stewart of StewArt Media. Driving your WordPress website toward a higher Google ranking involves constant tweaking, which can mean hours of detailed work. Enter Yoast SEO: the one WordPress plugin that can optimise your entire site. This comprehensive tool is the most complete SEO plugin ...more
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18th of August 2016 Guest Blogger 16

Meeting Google’s Quality Guidelines: Will Google EAT Your Content?

This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. What does the word “quality” mean to you? If you spend much time thinking about it, you’ll quickly realize that quality is a vague word with a subjective meaning. One person’s idea of quality can vary quite dramatically from another. Think about ...more
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2nd of August 2016 Guest Blogger 25

Optimise Your Blog with Google Search Console: A Treasure Trove of Traffic

By ProBlogger SEO Expert Jim Stewart of StewArt Media. Google Webmaster Tools had outgrown its moniker and become such an invaluable tool for more than just webmasters – SEO professionals, business owners, app developers, web marketers, for example – that Google thought it apt to rename it to suit a more diverse ...more
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Rich answers
28th of June 2016 Guest Blogger 9

How Bloggers Can Benefit From Google’s Rich Answers

By digital marketing expert Jim Stewart of StewART Media We’ve always been told that the aim for our blog posts is to be number one. That achieving first position on page one of Google through organic traffic is the target of any blog or online business. Well what if I was ...more
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How to improve your SEO by Speeding up your WordPress Website
7th of March 2016 Guest Blogger 9

How to Improve your SEO by Speeding up Your WordPress Website

This is a guest contribution from Tracey Jones. Have you been reading up on all those facts about how sites with slower page load times (more than 3 seconds) have higher bounce rates? Or how Google ranks slow loading pages lower than those that load fast? If you are alarmed ...more
3rd of March 2016 Guest Blogger 12

The 3-Step Keyword Research Formula To Cast A Tsunami Of Search Traffic On Your Blog

This is a guest contribution from Tim Soulo. First of all, don’t panic. I’m not going to overwhelm you with time-consuming, overly complicated keyword research strategies. As a blogger myself, I appreciate actionable, no-nonsense techniques that help me start driving traffic, fast. This post will outline one such technique. I’m ...more
8 Ways to find trending topics and keywords for your blog and social media.
3rd of February 2016 Guest Blogger 12

8 Ways to Find Trending Topics and Key Words

One of the key success factors in marketing is the ability of a marketer to seize a certain moment – jumping on a trending item that will resonate with their audience, and repackaging it so it’s relevant to the reader. We’re all individuals, and what we like could be totally ...more
How to Triple Your SEO Efforts Just By Blogging
21st of January 2016 Guest Blogger 5

How to Triple Your SEO Efforts Just By Blogging

This is a guest contribution from Julia McCoy. If you’re like most bloggers, you’re probably wondering how you can produce huge results, the kind other bloggers retire doing. Or, you’re looking to gain a serious boost for your business via blogging, but not sure how to get rolling. Fortunately, this ...more