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ProBlogger Community Discussion - How Often Do You Post?
17th of October 2016 Stacey Roberts 79

Community Discussion: How Often Do You Post on Your Blog?

Sometimes it can take years before we find a good rhythm to our blog’s posting schedule. Some blogs suit smaller, bite-sized pieces every day (or multiple times a day), and some blogs get by on posting once a month. Darren gets asked A LOT how often one should post, especially ...more
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ProBlogger social network community discussion
19th of September 2016 Stacey Roberts 23

Community Discussion: What Social Platform Works for You (and why?)

There have been so many changes to the social media landscape across the years, in fact an incredible amount of changes just in the last 12 months. Where Twitter and forums used to reign supreme, you’ll find today’s bloggers fatigued with Facebook, confused about Snapchat, and getting their heads around ...more
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Is Blogging Really Dead? Here's Why You Should Still Blog!
18th of March 2016 Darren Rowse 7

Is Blogging Really Dead? Here’s Why You Should Still Blog!

There’s plenty of other ways to spend your time, and certainly easier ways of making money – so why blog? What are the benefits, really? Isn’t everyone moving toward social media anyway? The questions all boil down to one thing (encapsulated by Marcus Boswell): what does the modern blogger get ...more
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Share your most popular posts of 2104
22nd of December 2014 Stacey Roberts 179

Care to Share? What Was YOUR Most Popular Post of 2014?

So last week we went right through the top five posts on ProBlogger 2014 in each of the categories of monetization, creating content, social media, writing, and general tips. Some of them were surprising, but most weren’t – good advice is good advice, after all! I know a lot of ...more
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New Year, New Start – What Have We Done?
31st of January 2014 Stacey Roberts 47

New Year, New Start – What Have We Done?

It’s January 31 – the end of the month where we make and break New Year’s resolutions and swear to do better next time. If you’re anything like me, you may have thought about what you want to do with your blog this year, and where you want to go. ...more
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