On ‘When to Post’ to your Blog

Just got a good email from Chris from Passive Digressive with some good questions in it. I’m about to duck out now so can’t reply to him at this moment – but thought I’d open up one of the questions for discussion to see what you my wonderful readers think. Feel free to answer it below in questions from your own perspective. Lets learn together. Chris writes:

‘I’m curious as to what you think about *when* to post.

Typically I’ve heard that it’s best to post near the beginning of the week to make it more likely that your post will be read. This implies that the blogosphere has a sort of weekly “pulse”. The closer to the weekend you post, the less likely your article will be read seriously. What are your thoughts on this?’

Over to your expert opinion fellow bloggers.

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How to write for the Big Blog Networks

The people at Gawker must get people offering to write for them all the time – Nick Denton suggests that rather than sending in a resume that the best way to get added to their stable of writers is to start your own blog. He writes:

‘Rather than attaching a resume, or clips, why not start your own blog? That’s pretty much the only indicator we look at. A personal blog shows commitment, a writer’s interest, and a modicum of technical competence, all of which are necessary qualifications.’

Read more at nickdenton: Writing for Gawker

On the other hand the people at WIN seem to be actively campaigning for bloggers at the moment and have a bit more of an open policy about recruiting bloggers – instead of starting a blog they ask for three examples of your writing. They explain further on their digital photography blog:

‘We are currently seeking bloggers in a number of different topical areas here at WIN. If you believe that you are the blogger for us, and you consider yourself a team person, then please send the following three sample posts that you would write for WIN:

1. feature a new announcement in the area you would like to write about—cite a press release, etcetera and include your own comments and observations regarding this news.

2. write a quick ‘how to’ on an area within your field of blogging interest.

3. write a post that is highly interactive and designed to engage your readers in an ongoing conversation with you and your other readers on your blog.’

Read more at Is Blogging Your Passion? – The Digital Photography Weblog

Pharmaceutical News joins the BNB collective

A big welcome to Tris Hussey who has joined the Breaking News Blog collective of blogs with a brand new blog which he’ll be editing for us – Pharmaceutical News. Tris has been involved with the pharmaceutical industry for 7 years now and has a good understanding of the ins and outs of it. He explains his hopes for Pharmaceutical News on one of his regular blog by writing:

‘The goal of this new effort is to provide both consumers and pharma experts a source of news that is easy to read and understand. I’ve been involved with the pharma industry for over seven years now, so I have a deep background and understanding of many facets of the industry. I also hope to maybe do some interviews with some poeple who I used to work with and have interesting perspectives to share.’

All the best with the new blog Tris.

A short note to the many other who have expressed interest in writing on Breaking News Blog – thanks for your submissions – we’re working through them at present and are excited by the quality of bloggers and ideas submitted and hope to make some decisions on who we’d like to offer spots to in the coming days and weeks.

Search Engine Optimization for MSN Search

One of the nice surprises that we’ve had over at the Breaking News Blog collective over the past few months has been the way that MSN Search has ranked our blogs highly. Even though the blogs are new and are yet to have the many links that their competitors have pointing at them – we have been on the receiving end of some pretty decent traffic from this new search engine.

A number of times I’ve asked why this is so – I’m not sure how long it will last but we’re making the most of it while it does and doing our best to optimize the blogs for MSN and the other Search Engines.

Search Engine Journal has a helpful article on Search Engine Optimization for MSN Search which might give some hints as to why we’ve been so highly ranked on MSN Search. here are a few of the key points that they make that might help you optimize your blog for MSN search – a growing force in the Search Engine wars.

– ‘MSN readily admits that MSNbot will actively be using Meta tags for part of its web site analysis.’

– ‘Similar to other search engines, the ‘title tag’ again appears to be the most heavily weighted within the algorithm, followed closely by the Meta Description Tag’

– ‘The Bot does not read text within a graphic’ (rather it likes simple and plain text best)

– MSN Search calls for pages to be under 150K in size

– Words (even keywords) within headers, footers and tables will not be read. Again, simple text is the rule of thumb.

– Linking, as per usual, will be an important part of MSNBot’s equation. (particularly internal links from the main page are powerful. They suggest that every page on your site should be accessible from your front page by three clicks only).

If you want more information on SEO for MSN search you might want to look over the MSN Search section for Site Owners.

Siemens Flies Blogger to Germany to Cover Show

Joel at Gizmodo just posted that he’s being flown to Germany for the upcoming CeBit show. His flight and accommodation is being paid for by Siemens. This is just another example of how blogging can bring other non monetary perks. Joel writes of the details for transparency’s sake:

‘Siemens offered to pay for my flight and hotel at CeBit, which I thought was pretty nice of them, especially since I wouldn’t have been able to go otherwise. They seem pretty progressive about the whole thing, really, saying they had considered setting up their own press outlet during the show, but thought it would be easier just to show Gizmodo what they were launching and get it out there. I accepted their offer, of course, so I thought it was important to let you guys know the details. We’ve got no agreement to treat them with kid gloves, so I’ll be as objectively off-the-cuff and misguided as usual.’

I’m sure Joel will receive some criticism for his decision to take up this offer but I don’t really have a problem with it if he’s being open with the fact that they are paying his expenses. If his readership keeps this in mind they can filter out any bias that may or may not end up in the commentary Joel does on Siemens products at CeBit.

Read more about it at Gizmodo Germany: CeBIT Bound : Gizmodo

Update – As one would expect, not all bloggers agree with Gizmodo’s acceptance of Siemens offer – in particularly Weblogs Inc top guy Jason Calacanis has a few things to say on it and sheds a little more light on what else Gizmodo might have been asked to do in order to get the CeBit deal. And Nick responds.

Maybe its time we got Nick and Jason in a room to beat the hell out of each other for a while til they get it all out of their systems?

Interview with Joel Comm

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a thread on a discussion board discussing the success of a website owner who was claiming that he was earning $15,000 per month ($500 per day) using the Google Adsense program – not only that but he had released an E-book about it. The guy being discussed was Joel Comm, the owner of the successful, blogger at, co founder of which was bought by Yahoo and is now and author of What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense and Chitika eMiniMalls Secrets“>Chitika eMiniMalls Secrets (aff. links). Joel is a net entrepreneur who has been making a living online for 10 years and who has a story that inspires me every time I read it.

The more I read about Joel the more I wanted to interview him for this blog. Whilst he’s not making a living from his blog – Joel has a decade of experience from making a living online and has a lot of great advice for bloggers trying to make money from their blogs.

ProBlogger – Joel thanks for giving us your time this way – can you briefly tell us a little about yourself? Who is Joel Comm?

Joel – I am a 40-year old computer enthusiast from Illinois, happily married since 1989 and father to two beautiful children. I got bitten with the computer bug at the age of 16. I remember my mother asking me, “What in the world are you going to DO with a computer?” Many years later, she finally understands! I remember dialing out on my 300-baud modem (the kind where you have to place the phone receiver on the the modem in order to use it) and thinking that I had “arrived”. Little did I know what the coming years would bring, as computers became more a part of my every-day life….

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2005 Business Underblogger Award Winners

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MobileTracker combats Feed Hijacking with Summary Feeds

Jon at MobileTracker has just announced that he’s switching his RSS feed back to a summary feed rather than the full feed due to copyright violations and a number of sites who were publishing his full feed without permission. I’ve also had this same problem and found that a summary feed is the only real way of stopping the violation which not only breaks copyright but also creates duplicate content for your blog (and that of the one copying you ironically).

Read about it at MobileTracker – RSS feed update

Divester – 74th blog from Weblogs Inc

Weblogs Inc have just announced their 74th blog Divester which could become better known as ‘that blue blog’. Jason writes that they are spending more time on design which is pretty evident with this one. I think that this is a wise move as using the same blog template on a variety of blogs can mean they all start merging into one. Although this design shows what can be down with a few tweaks because in essence they are using a pretty similar tried and true layout.

Good stuff Weblogs Inc team!

Apple 1, bloggers 0

I find this finding by a San Jose judge to be quite puzzling. It seems bloggers are not held under the same law as journalists. I’m sure there will be an appeal of the decision – perhaps as bloggers we should pass around the hat to help fund it – this is not the type of precedent that would be in the best interests of bloggers.

‘In a case with implications for the freedom to blog, a San Jose judge tentatively ruled Thursday that Apple Computer can force three online publishers to surrender the names of confidential sources who disclosed information about the company’s upcoming products.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge James Kleinberg refused to extend to the Web sites a protection that shields journalists from revealing the names of unidentified sources or turning over unpublished material.’

Read more at Apple 1, bloggers 0

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