Cats, Dogs and Adsense

Ted Rheingold has a good summary of the recent Adsense Publisher’s Forum (I’m still waiting for my invitation – with airline tickets – to the next one). Ted has a couple of sites (Dogster and Catster) that use Adsense. He writes that between the two sites they serve 6 million ads per month and that they earn around $850 per month (total). He gives his CTR (which I won’t publish here because I believe it to be against Google’s guidelines – even with the recent relaxation of the rules which now allow publishers to share total earnings but not other factors like CTR).

I’m a little surprised by his numbers – by my calculations his ads must not be paying too much per click to be earning that much with that many impressions and that sort of CTR.

Maybe there isn’t much money in Cats and Dogs but looking at my own stats I would expect 6,000,000 ad impressions to do significantly more than $850 in a month – in fact if I could get that kind of traffic in my direction I’d be bringing in as much as the team at Weblogs Inc with their $1000 per day!

I’m not quite sure where the issue is though – maybe its just really low ad value. None the less the information about the Adsense Publishers Forum is interesting.

The $100 a Day in 12 Weeks Challenge

Just stumbled upon WebSiteNights – a blog dedicated to a 12 week challenge to make $100 per day via Adsense and Affiliate programs. So far the bloggers that have joined the challenge are:

It is an interesting concept that I wish I’d known about a bit earlier even though i’ve already reached the $100 per day level myself as it sounds like fun to be involved with a group of people working on a similar project. Anyway check out what these bloggers are doing as I’m sure they have some interesting ideas.

The Complexity of Advertising on a Blog

Are you a media buyer or seller that wants some work? This might be a good post for you to read to the bottom of.

One of my biggest frustrations as a single practitioner blogger is that I have to get my head around multiple areas of expertise. I’m a writer, an editor, designer (I do outsource a lot of this), PR person, marketer, tech person (I outsource some of this) media seller, search engine optimizer and strategist – all wrapped into one.

I’m becoming more confident in most of these roles but am aware that I have a lot to learn in most of them – particularly in the area of selling advertising space on my blogs.

I now have a blog that is attracting semi-regular requests from large companies, ad agencies and media buying groups about advertising with me. This is both an exciting prospect (the money involved in these transactions is great) but also incredibly frustrating and stressful. You see I have little experience in selling advertising on this scale.

The most recent of these requests was for a two month campaign, the figure I could quote up to was five figures, with a large multinational company. I was dealing with a media buying company who were very encouraging. However the negotiations broke down simply because of my inability to get my head around the complexity of what was require to make the campaign happen – to put it most simply it was out of my league.

It was complex on some of these levels:

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News network to pay ‘citizen journalists’

John just pointed me to an interesting article on how is moving towards a revenue sharing model with its thousands of volunteer writers., a nationwide network of 6,000 local news sites, is planning to share its advertising revenue with thousands of volunteer writers.

The idea is to reward and motivate contributors whose stories and photos generate the most traffic, which in turn fuels ad revenue, said Edgar Canon, chief executive of the San Francisco company. He hopes the quality of contributions improves, too….

Now the company will pay writers half the net ad sales their stories garner, Canon said. That figure is based on each story’s “page views,” or the number of times visitors view its Web page. Canon expects it to work out to about $2 to $5 per 1,000 page views. The company will send checks quarterly to all writers that rack up $25 or more in payments, he said.’

Read more at News network to pay ‘citizen journalists’

Download MP3 Interview with ProBlogger

Andy over at Easy Bake Weblogs has just posted an audio file of the interview that he did with me last week. So if you want to hear my Aussie accent and learn a little bit more about my blogging strategy download it and let me know what you think. It goes for about 40 minutes in total.

Andy and his listeners ask questions like:

– what would you do differently if you were to start it all again
– is there too much competition for new bloggers to start niche blogs?
– what traffic volume do you need before using ads?
– which is better, individual blogging or writing for a network of blogs?
– what is the biggest mistake of beginner bloggers?

We talked heaps about Adsense.

See a full running sheet of what the interview covered here.

Hope you can understand me – my phone line wasn’t the best and I have a cold.

Blogging Fears – Death

I’d like to continue my Blogging Fears series by talking for a moment about Death.

OK – ‘death’ is probably not a topic you were expecting me to cover in at ProBlogger (I hope this is not too morbid) but the past week I’ve actually been wondering what would happen to my Blogging assets if I were to die?

I know there would be international mourning among my readers and a great pilgrimage to Melbourne for my Funeral (streamed live on the net) but what about my blogs? It seems such a waste for me to have worked for all this time on my blogs and for them to stop running and stop earning an income for those that I love when I go.

Advice: Perhaps it would be a responsible thing to do to add my blogs to my will and to make arrangements for someone to look after them for my lovely wife who is rather clueless about blogging. Like any income earning asset, your blog is something to think about the future of beyond your life time (btw – if anyone wants to leave me theirs in their will – let me know!).

Have you considered adding your blog to your will? What provisions have you made (if any) for your blogs if you were to die or become incapacitated?

This is another part of my ‘Blogging Fears’ series where previous posts have been Getting Hacked and Disappearing from Search Engines.

Welcome to the wide world of the podosphere

Podcasting and Blogging got a little attention in the Age today with an article titled Welcome to the wide world of the podosphere featuring comments from fellow Australian Bloggers and Podcasters Cameron Reilly and Duncan Riley.

What To Do When Your Blog Drops in Google’s Rankings

Search Engine Journal has a good post on What To Do When Your Established Site Drops in Rankings and gives this advice:

‘All I can say is that many have suggested the same advice in the WebmasterWorld thread. Brett Tabke, the founder of WebmasterWorld, suggested to do “NOTHING”. He said, “The worst thing you could do, would be to go make a bunch of changes. Just let the algo work itself out.” A senior member said that he “made the mistake of making many changes after taking the hit, many months later no where to be found.” ‘

I totally agree with this advice out of my own experience of disappearing from Google late last year. The temptation was to make some major changes at that time but I decided to stick it out and just keep working on some of the basics including writing good content, making the coding of my site validate, building relationships with other sites in the hope that I’d get a few extra incoming links.

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Weblogs Inc Seeks More Bloggers

Looking for a blogging job (part time)? Weblogs Inc are looking for more bloggers – particularly on the topic of Digital Cameras and Software Downloads.

Thanks to the many readers who have let me know about this knowing I blog about Digital Cameras. I’ve actually already emailed them expressing my interest but they are not interested in taking on a blogger who has a ‘competing blog’ on the same topic. This is understandable although I was interested in the possibilities of exploring what a creative partnership on a niche topic might look like.

Hopefully one of my readers out there gets the job/s – simply email Jason and the guys at Engadget with a few sample posts to show what you’re made of.

Trash Princesses Embrace New Media

Paris Hilton is podcasting and Pamela Anderson has a blog.

This can only end in a scandal.