Google is Updating Page Rank – Future Page Rank Tool

The word on the street from those who watch such things is that Google are currently doing a Page Rank update. These things tend to take a day or two to sort themselves out but there are a few tools that can help you work out what your page rank might end up at. Here is one such tool from SEO Chat. [Read more…]

Guess the Blog Topic – Topic Revealed


The challenge was to Guess the Topic of the Blog simply by viewing the last month’s statistics.

The guesses began honing in on the right answer almost immediately with two bloggers actually suggesting the right topic within hours of the competition starting.

Congratulations to Jamie and PFBlog who both hit the nail on the head but suggesting the blog could be about American Idol.

The Blog in question is American Idol Blog which is part of the wider network of blogs dedicated to three idol shows (Australian Idol, American Idol and New Zealand Idol).

The idolblog phenomenon started back in November of 2003 when two friends of mine, Rachel and Regan, in New Zealand saw what happened when I started blogging about the first Australian Idol series on one of my personal blogs. My posts generated massive visitors as I did weekly opinion pieces on the show.

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Blog Networks and How they Split the Cash

Fascinating article over at on how editorial lines are blurring as bloggers’ salaries are tied to traffic. I’m not sure how I missed it when it first came out – but I’m glad Duncan mentioned it.

The article looks at a number of models that blog networks and multiple author blogs are using to pay authors and focuses upon the growing trend to tie payments to traffic levels.

Gawker has a complicated sounding system with a ‘per post’ payment and then a bonus system that is based upon traffic levels. The system rewards increases in traffic but sounds a little stressful for editors. One of Gawker Media’s writers comments on the system there:

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Business Week Starts Blogging

Welcome to Blogging Business Week.

Steve Rubel points to their new blog and and articlethey’re running on Blogs which certainly puts blogging in a favorable light.

Adbrite and Feedster Announce Partnership over Blog Ads

It looks like Adbrite (an ad network) and Feedster (an RSS Search Engine) have decided to team up to provide ads to bloggers.

They’ll be offering three options for running ads on your blog:

  1. Ads directly on your blog
  2. Ads in your RSS Feed
  3. Podcast Advertising (not available yet).

It is a pretty smart move on both party’s parts. Whilst bloggers could already access the first option with Adbrite (I’ve been using them for a year or more on some of my blogs) this partnership will put Adbrite into contact with a whole new range of publishers that the previously had no access to. It will also be one of the first options for RSS advertising – beating some of the major ad networks to the punch.

Found via Blog Herald

Feedburner Changes Ahead

In the comments of my previous post on the FeedBurner service Duncan, a representative of Feedburner, left the following comment which has a few interesting revelations in it for Feedburner users about upcoming features.

Hi Darren, You can always tell if your FeedBurner feed is in synch and up to date just by clicking on the xml button on your site. We see your feed as having been in synch and up to date with no interruptions in our logs, and I thus suspect it was a reader that may have fallen out of synch on polling. Nonetheless, YOU should not have to guess at this stuff! One of the items on our to do list is to notify you via your personal FeedBurner feed when we see polling discrepancies or when your source feed is invalid (thus preventing us from making some transformations), etc. That way, we can be much more proactive about helping you stay up to speed on how your feed is “performing”. Always feel free to shoot us a feedback note if you have any questions. Oh, and coming in two weeks or less will be stats on how any commerce in your feed is performing. this stats table will be embedded in your feed’s daily stats page.

Guess the Blog Topic

Guess-The-BlogOk – lets play a little game.

Here is a stats graphic of a blog that I’ve been watching for a month or two now. Its the last month’s stats – pretty pattern (click to enlarge it).

Can you guess what the blog is about?

I’ll give a few hints over the next day or two. No prize (unless someone wants to donate one – this could be a regular game) – just the satisfaction of being the smartest ProBlogger Reader.

I will say that this is not one of my blogs or a part of the network I’m part of. I’ll also say that these figures are on Australian time and we’re ahead of the rest of the world by a few hours – when its Thursday here its Wednesday in other parts of the world for a lot of the day.

Leave your guesses in comments.

Firefox Adsense Notifier

If you are a Firefox user and run Adsense ads on your site you’ll probably want to try out the new Adsense Notifier extension which came out a day or two back which automatically checks your Adsense statistics for you throughout the day.

I’ve installed it and it works well (although it did seem to slow my system down a little yesterday). I don’t think I’ll use it much because I’m pretty much in the groove of using Safari as my browser of choice.

So if there are any Safari developers out there – maybe its time for a similar extension to be developed!

ProBlogger RSS Feeds

Thanks to those who’ve emailed and commented to let me know they’ve had problems with my feedburner RSS feed. I know that so many of you access this site via RSS that it concerns me that some of you are missing my many daily posts. Whilst feedburner provides me with great stats and other options it is a bit useless if you’re missing every few posts.

So if you’re one of those missing posts feel free to use the default feeds supplied by WordPress – the RSS and Atom feeds.

FeedBurner Review – Work Boxers

Scrivs has just posted a review of the RSS Feed Management tool Feedburner.

I’ve used it on two of my blogs for a few months now and have not really had any big problems with it. I love the stats feature which shows how many of your are accessing this site via RSS and am interested in how they seek to give those with feeds an income stream using Amazon (and for some Overture).

In terms of the Amazon ads that appear in my RSS feed – a number of you have asked how it performs – I can honestly say I have no idea. The weakness of this system is that there is no way of determining where Amazon sales come from or how many people even click on these ads. I’ve not noticed any real increase in Amazon sales since making the move.

Some people on Scriv’s post comment that they have timing out issues with Feedburner – I’m interested to hear if that is an issue with any of my readers. Feel free to add your experience of Feedburner below – either as a publisher or a feed reader.