WordPress Spam Saga Developments

The latest news on the WordPress Spamming Saga is that Google has reindexed their site to give it a page rank of 0 out of 10 – effectively removing it from their index at least in the short term. It seems that Yahoo has done likewise.

Along side this WordPress have now removed all of the 120,000 spam articles from their site (smart move).

Pope Blog Getting Attention

A month or two ago we started a blog to watch the the developments in the Vatican around the Pope who was suffering from terrible illness. With his continuing decline it has been amazing to be involved in a blog that tracks a life like his. I feel like I’ve learned a lot not only about blogging through it but about the topic at hand.

The latest news is that he’s just been read his last rites and is very close to death – you can imagine the type of attention that this story is getting and will continue to get over the coming weeks.

Update – in following developments of the Pope’s health for the past 5 or so hours and updating news as it happens on the blog I’m again amazed at the speed and usefulness of blogs in comparison to the main stream media. The past three or four posts that I’ve put on the blog have beaten main stream online news reports by half an hour or more every time. Our sources are the same (Vatican Radio) but blogs are just so fluid that I have type up a post as I hear it and have it live on the blog within seconds.

In fact the mainstream media reports of the story are sometimes so out of date by the time they are published. As I watch Google New on the topic I’m still seeing reports appearing just now that the Pope’s health is worsening when Vatican Radio reported he’s stabilised over an hour ago. Again it highlights the usefulness of blogging in reporting the news.

How Does Google Share with Adsense Publishers

Have you ever wondered how much of a cut Google takes from Adsense earnings and how much they give to publishers? Its an age old question that Google have never spoken publicly about. This doesn’t stop a lot of speculation on the topic every month or two in the numerous Adsense forums around the traps. SEO Round Table points to a couple of discussions that predict that the publisher’s share could be anything between 59% and 70%.

I’d probably err on the lower side of those predictions – what do you think?

Eyetools seeks expressions of interest in “Community of Learning”

Eyetrack-HeatmapGreg over at Eyetools Research gave me a call on Skype a few weeks ago to talk to me about blogging, Adsense and his wonderful Eyetools Research which I was fascinated in. If you haven’t checked out Eyetools can i recommend you head over to his blog and have a look because its not only fascinating – its also full of very useful information. In short Eyetools is a eyetrack testing tool that watches where people look when they read your blog and creates a wonderful heat map to graphically represent what the hot spots on your site are.

Greg generously ran an eyetool test on one of my blogs and I was very impressed with the results – it explained a number of things and taught me a few valuable lessons in positioning of ads, blog design and layout and the use of different formatting techniques.

Greg today posted that he’s seeking bloggers expressions of interest in a eyetracking “Community of Learning” for bloggers. Read more about what this means at his blog but take it from me that the types of things that Greg can tell you about their research would be well worth paying for and its a program I’m keen to explore more of myself.

Blogging Crushes – Get your Virtual Date Here

Do you have a Blogging Crush on another Blogger? Want to be set up on a ‘virtual date’?

I’m not talking a romantic crush – I’m talking about an admiration, an obsession, a fascination with another blogger. You love what they do but you wonder if they even know you exist! (sniff sniff)

They are at the top of your list of daily reads – you can’t get enough of their posts – you wake up in the morning thinking about them…. ok – maybe not the last one – but you know what I mean.

Who do you have a Blogging Crush on and what would you like to ask them?

If you could have a face to face meet up (a date) with any blogger who would it be and what two or three questions would you ask them?

Leave your answer in comments below and I’ll do my absolute best to get your questions answered. Who knows they might even notice you and a wonderful relationship might ensue.

10 DIY Blog platforms you may not have visited

Duncan over at the Blog Herald has a good post introducing readers to 10 DIY Blog platforms you may not have visited.

The list he compiles is filled with some interesting blogging tools that you might want to check out if you’re looking to start a new blog.

Hippy Shopper Launched


The team at Shiney Media in the UK have just launched another new Entrepreneurial blog – the Hippy Shopper – the UK’s first Green Consumer Blog.

Their News Release announcing the blog describes it as follows:

Published by the UK’s leading commercial weblog company, Shiny Media, and written by Stuff magazine‚s Managing Editor, Adam Vaughan, HippyShopper aims to enlighten and amuse its readers with green news stories from the UK and links to environmentally friendly sites around the world.

Its daily updates will:

Track the latest green gadgets
Tip readers off about what‚s coming in the organic food market
Give details of green exhibitions
Offer updates on eco-friendly health and beauty products
Give tips on how to recycle products

I love the concept – for a start its a blog with a message that will hopefully make a difference – but its also aiming to make a profit obviously. The main income stream on the Hippy Shopper so far is Adsense (green color scheme) – but I suspect it’ll be an ideal blog for some affiliate programs down the track.

One word of warning – don’t stare at their header too long – you could get a little freaked out and feel the need to smoke some funny grass or something.

WordPress Website’s Search Engine Spam

WordPress have been coming under a little scrutiny in the past 24 hours by who have questioned their hosting of 120,000 articles on their site on a variety of topics provided by a third party on some high paying keywords. You can check out some examples of these pages here and here. I’d noticed a few of these articles a few weeks back and wondered what WordPress was doing with them – not it all becomes clear! writes:

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Easy Bake Weblogs meets ProBlogger

This time next week you’re invited to phone into listen to a conversation between myself and Andy from Easy Bake Weblogs. I’ve listened to a couple of his previous interviews and they are good value (lets hope I can be as insightful, witty and worth the time as his previous guests!).

I hope you can drop by – details of how to get in on the conversation are at Easy Bake Weblogs Exclusive Interview: Darren Rowse from Pro Blogger.

If you can’t be there live the interview will be put up as a podcast for all to download later on.

Bloggers Adsense Earnings Poll Results

Learn more about the AdSense program

My apologies to readers for the wacky results of the last poll (about how much people earned from Adsense) that I’ve been running the past few weeks – it seems someone hacked a way around voting more than once and voted 400 times across all categories last night which totally messed up the results making them useless. It always astounds me how a small minority of internet users with too much time on their hands can ruin the hard work of others so effortlessly.

Whilst I never intended the results to be scientific or highly accurate I found them to be quite fascinating. Before the hack happened last night this is what they showed (I’m reconstructing this from memory and some notes I took yesterday of the results at that point so please forgive me for the up to date accuracy).

  • 33% earned under $30 per month
  • 16% earned between $30 and $99 per month
  • 11% earned between $100 and $499
  • 9% earned between $500 and $999
  • 4% earned between $1000 and $1499
  • 2% earned between $1500 and $2499
  • 4% earned between $2500 and $4999
  • 3% earned between $5000 and $9999
  • 1% earned over $10,000
  • 13% do not use Adsense
  • 4% did not wish to disclose their earnings

Here are a couple of graphs that help to visualize the break down.

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