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EarningsI’ve had a number of emails from readers in the last few days who are disillusioned with their earnings with Adsense. I can perhaps take some of the blame for their mood having posted my reality check post last week and by publishing the poll that we have running that highlights that the majority of bloggers using Adsense are only making a dollar (or three) per day.

So I thought I’d offer some words of encouragement to combat the gloom that is going around at present.

I can relate to the depression about lack of results from Adsense – my early days on the system were similarly gloomy to say the least. Growth in daily earnings from month to month was pretty insignificant. I remember looking at my Adsense statistics numerous times over the first 6 months and wondering if it was worth all the hard work for the few dollars that came in each day.

You’ll notice the graph above (click to enlarge) which graphs my earnings from Adsense (without actual figures included) since October 2003. Notice the first few months earnings – hardly a discernible rise and something that got me down a little and led me to consider stopping my use of Adsense.

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Google Withholding Taxes from AdSense Checks

Reports are surfacing that in the latest payment period of Adsense that Google are withholding tax from US publishers.

Read about it at Google Withholding Taxes from AdSense Checks and Webmaster World – Tax Withholding

Update: JenSense has more information on this as well as information on a new look for Adsense checks this month.

Webinars as Blog Income Streams

Jennifer Rice from Brand Mantra is exploring a new (for her) way of adding an income stream to her blog – by running ‘Webinars‘ on topics that she specializes in. She reveals her hopes for this new direction:

‘My master plan is to serve as a social-technology education platform for businesses. Included in social technologies are blogs, wikis, community forums, etc. I’ll be leading some of the seminars on big-picture issues, brand strategy implications, etc. and inviting specialists to co-host other sessions. At this point, future sessions will include Creating Community (co-hosted with Jake McKee, the Community Guy) and Business Blogging 101 (co-hosted with Jeremy Wright and Darren Barefoot from InsideBlogging).’

Jennifer is limiting seats in her webinars to between 15 and 30 and is charging between $150 to $300 per session which I think it pretty reasonable for someone of her caliber. I guess time will tell whether others think its a reasonable amount and if people are willing to pay for such a service – but I suspect its a model of adding an income stream to blogs that we’ll see more and more of in coming months.

I’ll be watching on with interest as to how it goes for Jennifer as I see some real possibilities with the model.

Read more at What’s Your Brand Mantra?: Brand Humanity Webinar Series

Google SEO Tips

If you want to spend some time this week optimizing your blog for Google then you might want to check out some of these articles on SEO for Google that came up in my RSS feeds this morning. They are good solid tips for people wanting to learn some SEO basics:

Google Optimization Secrets From The Trenches
How to get top placement on Google
How Image Links Can Help Build a Better User and Search Experience

Design a Blogging HQ

We’ll be moving into our new house (the one that blogging built) in about a month and I’m starting to think about my new Blog HQ. The new house has a nice room that we’ll be setting aside as my office but I’m dreaming of all the goodies I could stuff it with to make my blogging easier (and a bit more fun). So – its time for a reader question:

What would you put in your Dream Blogging HQ?

What would your set up look like? What computer system would you have? What other things are ‘must haves’ and essential tools in your HQ? How would you furnish it? What gadgets and toys would you include? Feel free to get as creative and crazy as you’d like.

New Entrepreneurial Blogs

In-Flight-BlogTwo regular stops on my RSS morning rounds have gone live with new Entrepreneurial blogs in the past 24 hours or so. Both are examples of Niche Blogging and are worth taking a look at to see what you can learn about the art of blogging for dollars.

Firstly is legendary Will Pate who has gone live with his new In Flight Blog – a blog that finds anything and everything in the news about Air Travel. It is the third blog is the GoodBasic Network that also includes the Game Blog (a blog about video gaming) and the Host Blog (a blog about Web Hosting). So far Adsense seems to be the main income stream on the new Air Travel blog from Will which is a good move as there are plenty of well paying ads on that topic (so I’ve heard) but down the track the blog will be perfect for travel affiliate programs which I’ve heard are also quite valuable.


Arieanna from Blogaholics has launched a blog I’d use every day if I was living in her city – its Vancouver Coffee - a blog with reviews of cafes, coffee news and all other related Vancouver coffee news. Its a pretty tight niche topic – a small pond that Arieanna is obviously hoping to become a big fish in. Again its an Adsense blog – but they’re also using their Amazon affiliate program to monetize what they’re doing. Arieanna and her fiancee could well be the most hyperactive and wired bloggers in the world if they keep up their high rate of reviews of cafes!

Blogging for Business

Arieanna is writing a series that might interest beginner Business Bloggers. Check out her posts so far at:

Blogging for business: the new marketing tool
Why should you have a blog?
How to start blogging on the right foot

Ten Trends for 2005

SandHill has an interesting article on Ten Trends for 2005 that might be of interest if you’re looking for some emerging trends to blog about. Of course most of us already know tip 8:

‘Blogging and Social Networking Become Accepted Business Tools’

found via NevOn


PaidContent points to the latest venture of Jimmy Wales (the wiki guru), WikiCities – a way of creating communities around topics, places, people and more. In a sense its the same principle that people are using with Niche Blogging successfully – its the Niche Wiki approach.

PaidContent points out that the team behind WikiCities are attempting to monetize it via Google’s Adsense which in my mind is a good move as Adsense is perfect for the Niche approach. Paid content says that Wales told the Wall St Journal that Wikicities ‘so close to (earning) zero that it’s not worth mentioning’ – but I suspect with time, traffic growth and some optimizing of their ads that this will change and that the WikiCities could be a real winner.

Back in ProBlogging HQ

After a great break away filled with sun, golf, tennis, wine, cheese, food of all kinds and fun with friends I’m back. I hope those of you able to take a break over the Easter period had as refreshing a time as I did – hopefully away from your blogs like I was able to get. Its amazing what a few days break from blogging can do to your mind.

The only problem now is that I have an email box with 903 emails in my inbox and literally thousands of unread articles and posts in my RSS feed to wade through. This could take a while.

A quick question for my WordPress using friends – does anyone know a reliable comment spam prevention plugin for WP 1.2? I’ve got Kitten’s Spaminator installed on all of my blogs and it works perfectly in every case but this blog here at ProBlogger.

Does anyone have any suggestions for WP 1.2 plugins that might help?

Lastly – thanks to all those who’ve been leaving comments on the posts from the last few days – I’m particularly impressed with your answers on the Introduce Yourself Post which helped me discover a few excellent blogs that I’d not known of before.