Blogging Rhythms 3 – Daily Rhythms

This Blogging Rhythms post should be a little shorter than the others (famous last words) as it’s focused upon a shorter rhythm – one of just 24 hours, the day.

Each of us have our own daily rhythms, times for waking up, eating, bathing, relaxing etc. Blogs often have up and down times during their day also.

For most of my blogs the most active times (in terms of traffic) tends to be while I sleep here in Australia and when Europe and the US are up and about (and surfing the web). This is of course a little different for my blogs on Aussie domains which have a nice busy time during the Aussie morning period when both Australia is awake and the US are having their early evenings.

So the question I’ve heard many bloggers ask is should such daily cycles impact the way they approach their blogging or should they just blog on regardless of who is up and surfing the web when?

My theory is that it’s worth considering when you post – but that it’s not worth getting obsessed by it.

My approach tends to vary from blog to blog. Let me unpack it a little:

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Blog Clutter

Heather Green over at Business Week Online’s Blogspotting also noticed Jeremy’s call for bloggers and asks some interesting questions about blog clutter:

‘Seems like not a week goes by without the announcement of a new network that’s doing podcasting, video blogging or traditonal blogging startup. And even the mainstream guys, like CBS, are jumping and adding these outlets.

But what do you think? With millions of bloggers out there, can there really be a scarcity of people to sign onto these networks?’

I’m interested in the response to the question Heather asks. Whilst internet usage continues to grow (and blog writing and readership grows with it) there is increasing talk of clutter on the web. New media puts publishing into the hands of the individual which is a wonderful thing – however one of the consequences is obviously that the world is filled with individuals – billions of them.

We’re also now seeing thousands and thousands of mass produced, automated blogs being launched at the moment which further clutters things.

Where it all ends nobody really knows. What do you think – is blogging getting too cluttered?

Blogging Rhythms 2 – Seasonal Rhythms

Another Blogging Rhythm that it’s useful to be aware of is the yearly rhythm.

Just last week I had an email from a reader asking me to take a look over their blog which they said was ‘in decline’. Ever since June they’d been gradually losing readers even though their Page Rank in search engines hadn’t changed and they were posting at the same rate as normal.

Northern Hemisphere Summer – After looking over their site I made the diagnosis that their blog was probably suffering from a variety of blogging seasonal depression disorder.

Traditionally traffic on the web (it’s not just a blogging thing) slows when the northern hemisphere hits summer. It’s not rocket science really – people take holidays – they go for walks in the sun – they play and watch sport – they’re not online quite as much and as a result traffic goes down.

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More Google Adsense Tips

Graywolf’s Wolf Howl has been doing the rounds of forums and blogs on the topic of Adsense and has compiled a list of key tips that might be helpful for Adsense publishers just starting out.

Whilst I didn’t see anything new (and have posted all the tips myself over the past year) it’s sometimes good to read how someone else words things. I hope readers find it helpful.

Don’t forget to share you own Adsense Tips with the rest of us so we can all learn together.

Blog Designers Database

If you’re looking for a blog designer (or you are one) you might be interested in this new central database for blog designers – arranged by location (not that I think location really matters that much these days – the people I work most closely with, including designers, are scattered all over the world).

Bloggers Needed

Jeremy Wright over at Ensight is putting out a call for experienced bloggers for an unannounced blogging project:

‘I need A Few Good Bloggers, for topics such as Gaming (preferrably a girl, to be honest), Aviation (hobbyist, including the VATSim stuff, Flight Simulator, gliding, etc), as well as a “well rounded blogger” who can do some sports, some humour, some techy gadgety stuff, some movies, etc.’

It might be a worthwhile thing to follow up if you’re wanting to expand your blogging work. More information available here.

Combatting Blog Content Theft

Marketing Sherpa has a very useful article on Blog Copyright Theft which is full of all kinds of useful tips on how to protect your content.

Reminds me of an article I wrote a while back titled What to do when someone Steals Your Blog’s Content – Blog Blagiarism.

Interested to hear your experience and tips on protecting your content.

18-24 year olds Lap up New Media

A study by BigResearch shows that the biggest users of blogs are the 18-24 age group with 29.6% saying that they regularly or occasionally use blogs. This is in comparison to 21.7% of 25-34 year olds, 15.5% of 35-54 year olds and 11.4% of the 55+ age group.

‘“The 18-24 year olds are digital nomads who have adopted new media more readily than any other age group,” said Joe Pilotta, PhD, BIGresearch’s VP of research. “Not only do they use new media more, they are influenced by it much more than any other age group, when it comes to making purchase decisions. Which says that they have integrated new media in their daily lives,” said Pilotta.’

Sounds like a real opportunity to me!

Blogging Rhythms – 1

Warning – Tangent Ahead! (I do get onto blogging eventually)

All of my friends are having babies.

It’s a wonderful thing actually – the pitter patter of little feet in our social lives is a really beautiful thing on so many levels. V and I enjoy our time with our friends so much – it seems every second day is cuddle time!

One of the things I’ve noticed about babies and our friends lives though is that they have their own distinct rhythms. Each baby we know has it’s own times for waking up, for feeding, for sleeping, for playing and for – well for making smells. No two babies are quite alike in this way.

I was chatting to a mate last week about this and his advice to me (not that we’re close to parenthood yet) is that it’s essential as a parent to be aware of your baby’s rhythm and to work with it rather than to fight it. Sure there are times when you might want to try and reprogram sleeping times – but to get into the rhythm of the baby’s life is a great starting point and is an essential part of a healthy life (for baby and parent).

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Survey: 46% of Bloggers are in it for Money

Jim Kukral is releasing information from the BlogKits Survey of bloggers that he did a while back over at ReveNews and finds that 36% of blogger maintain blogs primarily because they like to write.

There’s nothing too profound in that – but the other categories show the increasing focus upon money that bloggers have with 28% saying ‘It’s fun and I can maybe earn a buck while I’m at it ‘ and a further 18% saying ‘to make money’. So that’s a grand total of 46% of bloggers who blog with money on their minds.

Of course this survey was done at BlogKits which is a blog advertising program so we should expect that a certain percentage of respondents would be interested in blogging for money. So whilst we probably can’t say 48% of ALL bloggers do so with money as a motivation (although it makes a nice headline) I think the figures do represent an increased focus upon commercial blogging for many.

Read more of these results at Bloggers Like To Write First, Make Money Second