YPN change their Terms and Conditions

YPN have just emailed their beta publishers to notify them that their Terms and Conditions were ‘modified’ this past weekend (crazily the link to the TaC in their email didn’t work). Unfortunately they do not say how they have been modified so unless you have a copy of the old TaC (or have a photographic memory) we’ll all be in the dark as to what the changes are.

If you can workout what the changes are I’d be interested to hear your theories.

There are a couple of discussion threads on it here and here.

update: Jen details the changes here.

YPN increase channels and make other Tweaks

I’ve been offline most of today and just checked my inbox to find 7 people had emailed me to let me know that YPN has increased the number of tracking channels from 50 to 100. They’ve also apparently made a few changes to the design/layout of their back-end and have made a few changes to color palettes. I’ve not logged in to see yet but from what I’ve been told most of the changes are tweaks.

YPN acknowledge Some Problems with Performance

Some YPN publishers are talking in forums that YPN’s performance has been pretty low over the last few days. YahooSarah (Yahoo’s rep at Digital Point) has responded in this thread by acknowledging the problems and writing:

‘Hi everyone,

I received more information this morning, so I hope I can provide a bit more clarity now. Last Friday we launched some new code into production. Several complications occurred during the launch, and as a result overall system performance was impaired. We’ve stabilized the situation now and expect to continue to make improvements over the next few days.

On behalf of the entire YPN beta team, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please continue to let me know how your sites are performing — your feedback is really valuable to us as we continue to refine our beta program and work through our growing pains.


Thanks to tripp for the tip.

YPN’s US Based Beta to Continue

In other contextual advertising news – I was speaking with someone close to the YPN team this week and was a little saddened to hear that it’s unlikely that they’ll allowing non US publishers to enter the beta test for some time yet.

This confirmed my suspicions after seeing them kick out some of their beta testers in the last week due to them having too much non US traffic. If they’d been close to going international I suspect they’d have allowed such publishers to remain.

The challenges of non US traffic are obviously a challenge for YPN – I suspect the logistics behind sourcing a large amount of relevant ads that can be targeted geographically are beyond what most of us can imagine.

YPN working to introduce Direct Deposits and Increase Ad Relevancy

Jake from Crimson Light has had a conversation with YPN employee Ray Devlin about upcoming features for YPN and has found thaty direct deposits are one feature that they are looking to add (no date given). They are also work on ad relevancy and other ways of speeding up payments. Here’s what Ray had to say:

‘There are new developments on the horizon for the Yahoo! Publisher Network. Points such as shortening the revenue verification period and increased relevance are ongoing improvements. Our publishers have also requested such additions as direct deposit as a form of payment. While we hope to have this available soon, there has been no release date indicated for this.’

Read more of Jakes post at YPN to Shorten Revenue Time and Increase Relevance

YPN ads Down

I’ve had a couple of readers IM me in the last hour to let me know that YPN ads are down/blank and have been so for ‘hours’. WebmasterWorld Forums also have a discussion on the topic of YPN Blank Ads as does Digital Points forum in the Yahoo Ads Down? thread which confirms that it’s wider spread than just a few scattered publishers.

Looks like it’s more than a quick glitch with some reporting up to 3 hours of no ads.

update: Some publishers are reporting that their ads are returning slowly to some of their sites.

YPN Banning Some Publishers for Excessive non US Traffic

It looks like YPN have started banning some publishers for sending too much international traffic to their advertisers.

Messages like this one have been sent to publishers being banned for this:

‘We have terminated your Yahoo! Publisher Network beta account [ACCOUNT ID] for breach of the Terms and Conditions and/or Program Policies. Your breach includes but may not be limited to sending traffic from users located outside the United States, in violation of Section 11(l) of the Terms and Conditions. In accord with Section 6(a), we will not include such amounts in your payment. We have refunded amounts generated from the non-US users to our advertisers and will pay any remaining amount owed to you in accord with the Terms and Conditions.’

While I knew YPN is in beta and only accepting US publishers I wasn’t aware that their TOS excluded non US traffic. How publishers are supposed to stop this happening without getting into geo targeting ads is a little beyond my grasp.

I wonder if banned publishers will be allowed back into YPN if and when they go international.

Action like this makes me wonder whether YPN might actually be some time away from expanding into an international ad network. Perhaps non US publishers might have a bit longer to wait to be included than they thought.

Read more on the topic at Yahoo Publisher Network Banning Some Accounts

YPN to Expand in the Spring

Loren at Search Engine Journal writes that Yahoo Publisher Network is Expanding This Spring (I’m presuming that’s Spring in the Northern Hemisphere).

Yahoo Answers to add YPN to Allow Users to Earn Income

Very interesting news today out of the YPN camp that Yahoo Answers have a feature ‘coming soon’ that will allow those contributing to it to add their YPN ID in order to earn money off the ads on pages that they contribute to. Jen has the scoop on this writing:

‘There is no word yet on how exactly this will work, other than it is tied to those who answer questions. And there are currently no ads running on Yahoo! Answers, so it is unclear if ads will be added, and clicks on ads would be shared with answer contributors. Yahoo! Answers also works on a point system, so earnings could potentially be earned in accordance to the number of points earned in the system.’

In a sense this is very similar to what systems like Squidoo and Gather are doing – inviting people to create content on their sites in return for income.