How to Promote Yourself (and Your Blog) at a Conference

Conferences can be a prime space for bloggers to recruit new readers. Last week at SXSWi it was fascinating to watch hundreds of bloggers attempt to standout from the crowd, network and develop fruitful relationships with others there. In this video I point out 5 of the better tips and strategies that I saw:

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Bloggers

My good friend Aaron Brazell from Technosailor asked me if I’d record a short video for a presentation he was giving on the topic of Social Media. He asked me to speak about marketing with Social Media sites. I thought I’d publish the video here also.

To summarize – I share 4 simple tips on marketing your blog with social media sites.

  1. Be an Active Participant
  2. Have a Consistent Presence on Different Social Media Sites
  3. Add Value to the Wider Community
  4. Let Others Sell You

Do You Call Yourself a Blogger?

This might sound like a strange question for someone behind a site called ProBlogger to be asking – but do use the word ‘blogger’ to describe what you do? In this post I want to explore some reasons why I’m using the term less.
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ProBlogger HQ 2.0

A few weeks back I mentioned in passing that I’d show you my new office in a video. I never quite got around to that – so thought I’d show you today.
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Sometimes Blogging is Like Watching Grass Grow

As we continue to settle into our new house, a new routine and new surrounds in our suburb I’m being constantly inspired by the lessons I see around me and how they apply to blogging.

In today’s video I want to talk about Grass (Turf that is…)
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11 Ways to Spring Clean Your Blog

Every few months I set aside a block of time to do a little ‘spring cleaning’ of my blog.

In this video I share 10 11 areas that I’ve worked on when spring cleaning my blogs.

They include (I’ve included links for each point where I’ve written recently(ish) on them):
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Using Images to Take Your Posts to a New Level

With millions of blog posts being added to the web each day – bloggers need to consider more than just the content that they are posting and think about how they can design their posts to grab attention.

One element of this post design is adding images to posts.

Images enhance posts in any number of ways including by giving posts a visual point of interest, grabbing attention (great for making your RSS feed readers stop and read), drawing people’s eye down a post beyond the first few lines, illustrating examples, giving your blog a more personal touch, engaging the emotions and senses of readers and giving posts more authority.
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It’s Movember – Please Sponsor Me

Today is 1 November which means that like thousands of other Men around the world I’m starting to participate in Movember (see my page on Movember here).

Movember is an event that originally started out of Australia and New Zealand (but which has gone international this year) where men (Mo Bros) grow Mustaches as a way of raising money for charities around Mens Health issues.

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Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Blogging Scenario?

Today I we had to postpone a family holiday due to our little guy being sick and I got thinking about ‘backup plans’ and being prepared for worst case scenarios.

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