Using AideRSS to Help Identify Hot Topics to Cover On Your Blog

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Yesterday I wrote about how to choose a topic to write about for blog posts and today in this video post I want to follow up this topic with a video demonstration of how I use a great service called AideRSS to analyze previous posts on my blog and observe trends in both the topics and styles of writing that can help to decide upon future topics to cover.

You won’t simply want to repeat past topics that have done well but will probably do better to extend upon them.

AideRSS can be used in lots of ways to track other blogs and help find great content on other blogs but for me this analysis of my own posts has become a valuable tool. I hope you enjoy this screen cast.

How to Make Your Blog More Personal

It has been a while since my last video and in this one I’ll show you the reason why – my son Henri who arrived just a few weeks ago has been taking a lot of my attention of late.

In this video I want to talk about adding a personal touch to your blog and want to introduce you to some of the ideas that I cover in my previous series – Adding a Personal Touch to Your Blog.

I’m not talking about starting a personal blog where you share lots of personal information – what I’m focusing on here is building a blog that connects with people in a more personal way around your niche topic.

Over the last few years of blogging I’ve found that readers really respond well to when you approach your blogging in a more personal way.

Some of the ways you can add a personal touch to your blog include writing in the first person, blogging with emotion, sharing stories using humor, talking about real life activities, using bylines, featuring video and images, being honest about your mistakes and failings, taking personal notice of readers and blogging with a conversational voice.

When you do these types of things over the long haul readers get to a stage where they feel that they ‘know’ you and a blog becomes more than just a place where you dispense information and it becomes a place where people begin to connect.

I’d love to hear how you add a personal touch to your blog in comments below.

The Power of Commenting On Other Blogs [VIDEO]

You’ve probably heard the age old ‘how to find readers for your blog’ advice that goes:

Leave Comments on Other Blogs”

It was one of the first tips that I was given on how to find new readers for my blog five years ago and it’s one of the first pieces of advice that I hear most people giving still today. It’s so common in fact that I think that many of us gloss over it looking for a ‘sexier’ way to drive readers to our blogs.

But today as I analyzed the post featured in this video I saw something that drummed home to me the power of leaving relevant comments on blogs as a way of driving traffic.

The tool I’m using in this screencast video is CrazyEgg – a click tracking tool that creates a heatmap of where readers click when on your blog.

I do want to emphasize again – that the strategy of building traffic to your blog by leaving comments on other blogs only works when your comments ad value and are relevant to the post. If you don’t adhere to this you’ll just end up hurting your reputation.

See the Full Sized Video at YouTube, MySpace, and Viddler.

ProBlogger on the News

As mentioned in my last post – today saw Karen, Neerav and myself featured in an Aussie national news story on channel TEN.

Many international readers have asked to see the story so Neerav has posted it on Google Video for you. If you’d like to see the full sized version of the story you can do so here.

If you’re new to ProBlogger and have arrived after seeing the story please check out my last post – a welcome to you which has some introductory information for you on where to start with blogging.

2 Things that Are NOT Changing about the Web and How People Are Using It [VIDEO]

In last week’s video I examined 5 Emerging Trends in blogging. A few readers emailed to say that while they agreed with the trends I had identified that they felt a little overwhelmed by them and not equipped to embrace the trends on their own blogs. They were concerned that they were too far behind the big blogs and said that they felt like giving up.

The emails reminded me of some of my own feelings when I started blogging. While I started out five years ago – at the time I remember feeling like I was too late to the medium. Other bloggers seemed like they were so much more advanced and in my lower moments I wondered if there was any point in blogging on.

In this video I want to balance the 5 emerging trends in blogging with 2 things that haven’t really changed in blogging – things that I don’t seem going away any time soon. While the trends are worth keeping an eye on don’t lose sight of the basics – the things that don’t change!

See the full sized video on YouTube, MySpace, Revver, and Viddler

5 Emerging Trends in Blogging

Over in the question widget on my sidebar I was asked to comment on the future of blogging and where I see it heading.

In this video post I explore 5 trends that have been emerging (and that I think we’ll see continue to grow) including:

  • Multiple Author Blogs
  • Multi-Topic Blogs
  • Blogs Converging with Other Types of Sites
  • Portal-Like Design
  • Indirect Monetization

I should say though that I’m NOT saying that a blog can’t work when a blog doesn’t have these things. Blogs of all shapes and sizes will continue to have success.

You can watch a full size version of this video here.

My Blog Posting Workflow

You get an idea for a post – it might start out as just a few words, a title, a point or two – but how do you take the idea and mould it into a full post?

In he above video (see a full sized version of it here) I take you through a series of screenshots of a post that I wrote a few days ago on how to be a ruthless blogger and tell you about my posting workflow.

The workflow that I describe isn’t the same for every post that I write (some are obviously a lot less involved – but it does describe the way that I work on most of my feature length posts that you see here on ProBlogger.

I’d love to hear about your own blog posting workflow in comments below.

Why I Love Twitter

Two days ago I asked my followers on Twitter why they loved Twitter.

There were over 100 responses within 2 hours and some of them were really good – I wasn’t sure what to do with them all but just yesterday I’d seen a video with a whole lot of screen caps of Tweets at Rocketboom. The idea was still fresh in my mind so I decided to make my own with the responses from readers.

The above video is a compilation of the responses from followers. I hope I got them all!

You can see a full sized version of it on it’s YouTube page or a slightly better quality one at Revver.

How to Come Up with Topics to Write About On Your Blog

In today’s video post I want to show you a technique that can help those of us struggling to come up with ideas to post about on our blogs to discover post ideas that are relevant to what our readers are looking for information on. In the few minutes that this video goes for I come up with 15 or so post ideas – you can too.

The size of the video above might be a little small for you to pick up all of the detail in the screen cast so for a larger version see it also at Revver and YouTube. Also – once the screen cast part of the video starts you may need to turn up your volume slightly.

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