What Topic Is Your Blog On [POLL]

What topic do you blog on?

This is the topic of this week’s poll. I’ve chosen a handful of categories that I think most will fit into but if there’s another one that I didn’t include click ‘other’ and add your topic to comments below. Here’s the poll:

What is the Topic of Your Blog?
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Looking forward to seeing the results of this one.

40% of Bloggers #!%@’ing Swear on their Blogs [POLL RESULTS]

Last week’s poll looked at swearing on blogs and asked readers whether they did it or not. 968 readers have voted so far.

Here’s how the results turned out:


Total Yes to No vote – 40% to 60%.

Why Do You Blog?

It’s time for another poll – this one gets at your motivations for blogging.

Why do you blog?

Why do you Blog?
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I’m not asking why you started blogging – but what keeps you blogging – what are your motivations?

Obviously I’ve only chosen a few reasons for blogging and there could be many more. If you’ve got another one feel free to add it in comments below.

Thanks to Dr Mani for his idea for this poll via Twitter.

What are Your blog Expenses?

What have you paid for when it comes to your blogging?

One of the things that I hear a lot of people talk about when speaking about the virtues of blogging is that it has such low overheads and barriers to entry in terms of cost.

In many ways I agree with this – I look at my own experience of blogging and I started out with free blog platforms and hosting and apart from my internet access costs (which I was paying anyway) there were no other expenses for some time.

However the more serious you get with your blogging the more temptations there are to upgrade aspects of your blog and to pay for the privilege of doing so.

For me this has included paying for blog design, hosting, training/learning (books and courses), advertising (not much but I’ve experimented), blogging tools, new computer equipment etc.

My accountant still can’t believe how little I spend and all but begs me to create some more expenses to create some tax deductions.

It’s got me wondering what others pay for when it comes to their blogs? What sort of things have you spent money on to improve your blog? You don’t need to put figures on it (although you’re welcome to if you’d like) but it’d be interesting to know just how many bloggers do still do it on the smell of an oily rag.

Do You Swear on Your Blog? [POLL]

Late this week here at ProBlogger guest blogger Justin Dupre explored the topic of swearing on blogs in his post – Dropping The F-Bomb: Blogging with Naughty Words. The response to his post was a great discussion with a variety of opinions expressed.

I thought a followup poll might be in order with the question being:

Do You Swear on a Your Blog?
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To give you a taste for the opinions of others on the topic of swearing on a blog here are a few comments from the ProBlogger community on the topic taken from the comments on Justin’s post.

Reader Opinion

Rhys – “What about cultural differences? Point I’m referencing is when a certain a-list blogger began a post with a C-Word. Rightfully, a LOT of bloggers were offended, but being British where that word is not horrendously shocking, I wasn’t. However, when a blogger used a swear (rhymes with banker), I was offended as it’s quite a powerful word for Brits! I’ve seen it used on things like the Simpsons and WWE Wrestling, but nobody seems to bat an eyelid. But like your said, it’s about knowing your audience.”

Mike Gray – “I refuse to allow any kind of salty language from myself or from commenters. To me, if there are readers that are sensitive to that kind of thing, there’s just no good reason for me to alienate them. Not to mention, I’d like my blog to be a place where parents would feel secure in letting their kids visit.”

Dan Cole – “I think you also have to consider your future. What happens if your future employer looks at your website and see you writing fire truck all over the place. Is it something you really want to live with the rest of your life?”

mgroves – “It’s my experience in general that what cursing can certainly add emphasis if used properly, that it’s instead overused to the point of being a crutch or substitute for creativity. This is also the case for music, books, movies, etc, not just blogging. Use it sparingly, so that when you *do* use it, it will be much more significant.”

aaron – “I would say to use the best form of communication you can find. sometimes a good Fbomb is the only way to explain something. don’t just drop a bomb for the sake of dropping a bomb…articulate.”

Mike Panic – “There is a small staff of people who write for my blog and they have all asked where I stand on cursing in their writing. My statement is something like, I have no problem with it if the cussin’ fits the article, but if it’s cussin’ for the sake of cussin’ it is pointless. I read a how-to-blog article 2+ years ago, maybe on Lifehacker, it said something to the effect of – hold nothing back, apologize for nothing, write true and you will be happy and someone will read it, somewhere.”

There are over 100 comments on the thread – a great read in all.

My own opinion on swearing on blogs:

A few random and personal thoughts:

  • This may surprise some but to me it’s not the biggest turn off to read a blog that uses some swearing. I’m not offended by too many words although there are one or two that push my buttons. I’m more offended by other blogger behavior than a few four letter words – although it gets annoying when a blogger does it too often (read on).
  • As Rhys pointed out above there are often cultural considerations and words that have push my buttons are a quite normal part of the language of others. This is one reason that leads a lot of bloggers to be a little more conservative on the choice of whether to swear or not.
  • Like many of the commenters on the previous post – I think swearing isn’t something that I like to see for the sake of it – but the occasional one in context to make a point and if it’s in the authentic voice of the blogger doesn’t phase me.
  • Personally I don’t do swear on my blog (I can’t remember doing it anyway). For me it’s partly about blogging in an authentic voice (I rarely swear in normal life and when I do it’s when I’m pretty worked up. As I don’t generally blog when ‘worked up’ I don’t tend to swear).
  • When it comes to swearing in comments on my blogs – I have allowed it in moderation when I feel it’s made with a point – however I also choose to make my blogs a place where all ages can participate and moderate some comments based upon language. I also find that the spam filters I use seems to kill off some comments based upon language also.
  • I think if you’re writing a blog that is about raising your own profile or on some sort of business level then you probably should be even more careful. To me it’s like having any business – I’ve never been greeted in a restaurant or retail outlet with strong language, it wouldn’t make good business sense (in 99% of cases).
  • The language you use on a blog either adds to or takes away from the brand you’re building. A blogger wanting to build a blog up needs to look at their objectives and ask themselves whether swearing takes them closer to the objectives or not. I have met bloggers who would argue both ways on this point.

They are just some of my initial thoughts on the topic but this post is more about you and what you think. Vote in the poll above and let us know why you answered the way that you did in comments below.

I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone votes.

14% of Bloggers Prefer to Do It in Bed [POLL RESULTS]

A couple of weeks ago I polled ProBlogger readers about their favorite place to blog. 1481 readers responded.

In many cases their choices were determined by where their computer was (it’s hard to take your desktop computer to bed) and so the ‘home office’ was the clear winner. But the other results were interesting.

Picture 6-2

Also interesting were some of the comments that the Poll’s post received with the ‘other’ section including people saying that they liked to blog from the bath, pool and beach.

My response was the Cafe – I’m spending around 10 hours a week now in cafes blogging – it’s good to get out of the house and get a different perspective (and the coffee doesn’t hurt either).

What is Your Favorite Social Bookmarking Site?

This week’s poll focuses upon social bookmarking sites.

Bloggers have a fascination with these sites – some because of the lure of avalanches of traffic, others because they find them to be sources of inspiration for posts and others because of the social interaction.

But which social bookmarking site do you like the most?

What is Your Favorite Social Bookmarking Site?
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I’d love to hear why you choose the social bookmarking site that you do and if you choose ‘other’ what one you’d add to the list.

Thanks to sitemost on Twitter for the idea for this Poll.

Crediting Story Sources…. What Would You Do?

Donald at Kamloops Inside Out has submitted this question for the wider ProBlogger community to answer.

“Have you ever had a local newspaper write an article in the paper that was taken from your blog and not referenced in the article?

This happened to me this week. I wrote an article regarding a sports facility here in Kamloops. The newspaper picked up on it and improved the story, but never gave credit to the impetus of the story. I did meet with the reporter face to face and she admitted that she found the story on my site. Just wondering how far to push this.”

It looks like Donald has posted about this and there’s already a response from the journalist here – but I thought it might make an interesting question for some discussion.

Where is Your Favorite Place to Blog? [POLL]

It’s time for another ProBlogger poll. This one is a little light hearted – but could also be interesting.

The Question – Where is Your Favorite Place to Blog?

I’ve included five options – but feel free to tick ‘other’ and leave your answer in comments below.

Where is Your Favorite Place to Blog?
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Looking forward to see how this one shapes up.