Should you add Keywords to the Name Field when you Leave Comments on a Blog?

ProBlogger-Community-Discussion.jpgThis weekend is a weekend for discussion here at ProBlogger and I’m posting some questions submitted by readers via Twitter.

jophllips asks:

“should you add keywords to the name field when you leave comments”

So another way to put it – should you leave your name, blog name or some other keywords in the ‘name’ URL when you leave comments on a blog?

This is a question we’ve debated previously here on ProBlogger and it generated some great discussion. Looking forward to hearing your answers.

Is Syndicating Other People’s Content on Your Blog OK?

ProBlogger-Community-Discussion.jpgThis weekend I’d like to throw open a couple of discussion starters for the ProBlogger community. The questions come from some of my Twitter followers.

flabuless asks the following question to you the ProBlogger community:

“Is syndicating content is kosher or not…ie running someone elses content through rss into ones own blog?”

This is a particularly important question that I see a variety of opinions on in my travels around the blogosphere. Do you syndicate other people’s content? If so, do you have some standards or guidelines around how you do it? What is your reaction to when you see others doing it to your content?

What Do You Most Want to Learn About Blogging? [POLL]

I get asked a lot of questions about blogging but every now and again I like to run a poll to help me prioritize your needs. So this week’s ProBlogger poll is all about refining and ordering your needs.

I’ve taken the 9 most common topics that I’m asked about and have listed them in a poll. What I’d love to invite you to do is to tell me which of them you want to learn about the most. Most of us want to learn about more than one but if it was just one which would it be?

Expand upon your choice here in comments (tell us what particularly you want to learn about the topic, why you selected it etc) and feel free to list the rest in order of your priority.

What Do You Most Want to Learn About Blogging?
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Your votes will have a direct influence upon future posts here at ProBlogger so I’m looking forward to your answers!

What Topic is Your Blog? [POLL RESULTS]

Last month the ProBlogger Poll asked readers to tell us what their blog’s topic is. The results are in and it’s a fairly even spread across 11 categories. There were 3043 responses that categorized themselves as follows:

Types Of Blogs

I was actually quite surprised by the evenness of topics covered. There is probably a skew towards ‘internet’ as that is the niche that this blog is about but it goes to show just how diverse the blogosphere has become.

Following is another chart of the same information – showing the percentages.


What is the Biggest Source of Traffic to Your Blog?

It’s time for another ProBlogger Poll.

What is the Biggest Source of Traffic to Your Blog?

Is it search engines? If so which one? Is it RSS subscribers and loyal readers? Is it Social Media sites (and which one is it)? Do other blogs and sites send most? Or is it some other source of traffic?

If you want to base your answer on a period of time – do it for April (so far).

What is the Biggest Source of Traffic to Your Blog?
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I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this one. Feel free to expand on your response further in the comments on this post.

How Many Blogs Do You Write On? How Many Posts Per Day?

Speed-Posting@SeanBannister asks “how many blogs do you write for and how many blog posts a day you make?”

These days I only write actively on two blogs – ProBlogger and Digital Photography School. At one point I was writing each week on around 25 blogs – but a lot of them were pretty much just watching what other blogs wrote and attempting to aggregate that content. The blogs have little original thought on them and didn’t take off so I didn’t continue to put time into them. I do also work for b5media as the VP Training – but this is just a part time role as my two main blogs take up considerable time.

In terms of posts per day – these days I try to publish one post per day on DPS. These posts are written largely by bloggers that I’ve hired. I was writing all of the content for this blog until a few months ago so now my role is more ‘editor’ although I do average 1-2 posts still a week. On ProBlogger my post frequency varies from day to day but I do have a minimum post target of 2 posts per day. I don’t mind if this drops to 1 post on weekend days but on weekdays stick to it religiously. On top of that I add other ‘newsy’ posts so probably average 3-4 posts a day on ProBlogger.

OK – so that’s my answer – I’d love to hear how many blogs you write on and how many blog posts per day that you average writing?

What is the Biggest Mistake That You’ve Made as a Blogger?

It’s time for a reader discussion/open thread and today’s question is:

What is the Biggest Mistake That You’ve Made as a Blogger?

What in your time as a blogger do you look back on with regret, wish you’d not done or wish you’d done differently?

Why Do You Blog? [POLL RESULTS]

A few weeks back I ran a poll here on ProBlogger asking readers why they blog.

Keep in mind that this blog is about making money from blogging so you’d naturally expect that the ‘money’ answer might be higher than in the wider blogosphere but here are the results.


There’s lots of good discussion in the poll announcement post which explore motivations for blogging further.

If YOU Were Starting Out in Blogging from Scratch – How Would You Promote Your Blog?

Blog-Promotion StrategiesOver the past week I’ve shared five strategies that I’d use to promote my blog if I were starting from scratch again today.

We started off by looking at how the majority of your efforts need to be focused upon Readers You Don’t Already Have (obvious but important) and then looked at the five strategies of:

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Networking
  3. Advertising
  4. Social Media
  5. Viral Content

Together I believe that these five strategies pursued together would give a new blog a good start (note: pursuing just one of them might have some impact but together they are more effective).

These are five main areas that I’d focus upon if I were starting out again today – but the comments on each post in this series have revealed a lot more wisdom in the ProBlogger community on the topic and so I thought I’d open it up for your thoughts.

If you were starting out again – how would you promote your blog?