Christmas in July Special – Get 25% off 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Today

201007241302.jpgThe 25th July is tomorrow and at our place we’ve invited a group of friends over for a Christmas in July dinner (we do it as an annual thing and exchange gifts and do a full Christmas dinner).

On the spur of the moment today I thought it might be fun to extend the ‘festivities’ to ProBlogger and offer you – our wonderful community – a little gift to celebrate the ‘season’.

For the next week I’m offering 25% off the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog eBook/workbook. To get it just use this discount code in the shopping cart.


It will give you 25% off the workbook bringing it down to $14.95 (under 50 cents per day over the 31 days) for some great teaching and activities to improve your blog. Each day in the 31 days gives you a little bit of teaching and a practical and tangible activity for you to do that day to improve your blog.

Get full details of what the workbook includes here OR add it straight to your cart where you can apply the above discount code by hitting the button below.

Add to Cart

I hope you find the workbook to be useful and join the many thousands of bloggers who’ve worked through it already in improving their blogs.

PS: I’m doing the same 25% discount on our 3 best selling photography eBooks over at Digital Photography School – check them out and use the same discount code here.

Melbourne Blogger Training Day
3 August 2010 – 12 Seats Left

Just over a week ago I had the crazy idea to run a training day for bloggers while Chris Garrett was in Melbourne. It was a spur of the moment idea and as a result something that I thought would be quite small, informal and relaxed.

I posted about the idea and asked for expressions of interest and was flooded with enquiries. What I thought would be a 20 person event was starting to look like a 50 person one. In conjunction with the team at SitePoint I started to look at venues of that size but as the expressions of interest continued to come in we realised we needed to think bigger.

We have booked a venue – the Jika International – which will seat 100 comfortably (there is a chance we can upgrade to a larger room) and on Friday opened the doors to start selling tickets (via this page on EventBrite).

As I write this – we have sold 88 seats and there are only 12 8 6 2 available. There is no guarantee we’ll get the larger room so if you’re interested – today’s the day to secure your place.

A few details about the event:

  • When: Tuesday 3rd August – 9am-5pm
  • Where: Jika International in Fairfield (it’s not a high end venue but has everything we need including wifi, plenty of food, close to public transport, 6km out of the CBD and some crazy carpet).
  • Cost: $99 AUD – including lunch and morning and afternoon tea (plus some other bonuses/prizes). We’ve tried to keep it as affordable as we can and think for 6 hours of training this represents value.
  • Who: this event is for people with blogs. It’s not at the real beginner end (ie how to start a blog) but will be accessible for those starting out through to more intermediate bloggers who want to take things up a notch. The 88 people signed up already are a fantastic bunch from all around Australia (and New Zealand) (you can see them listed on the ticket sales page). We’ve got people flying in from Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane etc and there will be time during the day for networking and interaction.


The sessions in this event will cover a range of topics identified by a survey of attendees including:

  • Creating Killer Content
  • Finding Readers for Your Blog
  • Building Reader Engagement and Community
  • Monetizing Blogs

We’ll be mixing up the presentation style with some keynote style presentations, case studies, a panel and some workshop/interactive times for looking at some participants blogs (we won’t be able to do everyone).

I still want the day to be informal, relaxed and fun – but we should be able to cover some good solid teaching over the day too.


Speakers will include both Chris and myself but we’re also bringing in some other great Melbourne bloggers to do case studies including Collis Taeed from Envato and Pip Lincolne from Meet me at Mikes. There will also be some of the SitePoint team participating.


Attendees will also be in the running for some cool giveaways. The team at Haul have put up an iPad folio or sleeve (like the one I have) for one lucky attendee, we’ll give away some ProBlogger books, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbooks, and the team at Flippa are giving all attendees $20 credit at their site. We’re also talking to a couple of other companies about some giveaways/bonuses to add a little spice into the day (if your company would like to talk about that let me know).

If you’re an Aussie blogger (or you can get to Australia on 3rd August) we’d love to have you join us. Reserve your seat today and if you find that all 100 tickets are taken please do add yourself to the waiting list as we’ll do our best to find a way to add a few more seats or shift to a larger room if it is still available.

Reserve your seat here and join the great group of bloggers attending.

7 Links for Bloggers

Yesterday I challenged readers to write a post that took a 7 link challenge – linking to 7 posts that fit into 7 themes. I thought I’d take it for myself here on ProBlogger.

  1. Your first post – the first post I ever wrote on ProBlogger (I’d been posting on other blogs for a couple of years before this) was in September 2004. It was titled – Get to the Point. It was actually a post that I’d written on another blog which I imported onto this one. On the day I published it I imported 40 or so previously written posts into ProBlogger.
  2. A post you enjoyed writing the most5 Things You Don’t Know about My Dad the ProBlogger. This post was a departure from my normal writing style and as a result I had a lot of fun both writing it and reading the feedback on it.
  3. A post which had a great discussionDoes a Bloggers Age Matter? This was a tough one to choose because there have been a lot of great discussions on ProBlogger in the last 5-6 years. I’ve chosen this one because the discussion is not only rich but it is fresh and has only just slowed.
  4. A post  on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written – I’m going to share a link here that is one that I refer to constantly in my blogging. It’s Copyblogger’s Magnetic Headlines series of posts. Most specifically I always head to the headline template posts – they’re useful and I wish I had the smarts to come up with them as I’m sure many people keep coming back to them like I do.
  5. A post with a title that you are proud of9 things to do to Make Sure Your Next Blog Post is Read by More than Your Mom. It’s a mouthful but it certainly grabbed people’s attention and was something that people retweeted a lot (I find good titles often get that happening).
  6. A post that you wish more people had readHow to Craft a Blog Post – 10 Crucial Points to Pause. This was actually an 11 part series and while it did get a reasonable amount of traffic it was something that I was a surprised by in terms of lack of reaction as it was something that I put a lot of work into and something that I think is actually very important. Perhaps it was that it was spread out over too long a period for people to take in – but it’s something I’m still proud of and hope people take the time to engage with (I’m even toying with the idea of expanding it and making it into a downloadable resource).
  7. Your most visited post everHow to Blog: Blog Tips for Beginners. This post just continues to gather traffic and is a series that I wrote a few years back for beginner bloggers that just seemed to hit the spot with readers.

I hope you’ve found this useful and am looking forward to seeing your 7 links.

Calling all Women Bloggers and Movie Bloggers – Two New 31DBBB Groups Starting Soon!

If you’re a blogger and looking to work with a group of other bloggers to improve your blog – then there are two new groups starting up to work through the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbook together in the coming few weeks.

They are both for different types of bloggers and both were started in response to my post a couple of weeks back looking at how one blogger put on a version of 31DBBB for his niche and in doing so raised his profile and helped many bloggers come together for mutual benefit.

In that post I offered any blogger who wanted to try something similar a head start by offering their group 25% off the 31DBBB workbook.

There are a number of groups starting in the coming weeks but two that are launched and gathering steam are:

1. Women Bloggers

SITSgirls – this community of thousands of women bloggers are partnering up with BlogFrog and ProBlogger to put on this event for their network (and anyone who wants to join them). It’s kicking off on 19 July and looking at the hundreds of comments on the announcement post there is going to be a large group going through this together. Learn more and join them here.

2. Movie Bloggers

Anomalous Material is running a 31DBBB for movie bloggers. This one is a little more niche focused but also is gaining momentum with quite a few bloggers from that niche signing up. They’re kicking off on 2 August. Learn more and join them here.

Both of these groups have discount codes (25% off) for anyone who signs up to do it with them.

If you’re not a woman blogger or a movie blogger – there is talk of another couple of groups coming together in different niches but as I mentioned in my previous post – if you’re in a niche and can gather a group of 5 or more bloggers together feel free to contact me and I’ll set you up with a discount code too.

Melbourne Blogger Training Day – Express Your Interest in Attending Here

Yesterday on Twitter I tweeted out a question asking anyone who is interested in coming to a full day of blogger training in Melbourne to express interest in coming along. 20 people very quickly indicated their interest.

It looks likely that in the next month this will actually become a reality so I’m now looking to collect the details of anyone who is interested so that when it’s ready to launch I can immediately let you know.

Update: Chris Garrett from the UK (who co-authored ProBlogger the Book) will be co-presenting this event. It’ll be a unique opportunity have both of us in the same place at the same time.

I’m still pulling together details of dates (it will be in the short term though as Chris is flying in in just a few weeks time) what it’ll exactly cover and how much it will cost however I can say that I’m aiming for:

  • affordability (I’m aiming for us to cover costs)
  • a super useful day for bloggers who already have blogs (ie its not for those wanting to start blogs but those who are already on the way)

There is no obligation to attend if you leave your details below – it’ll just help me work out how many are interested and how to structure things. It’ll also help me to notify people as the timeframe for holding this event will be short and the seats look like being quite limited in the venue and style of event we have in mind (very secretive I know – but it should be a very fun day).

I’ll only use your details to contact you about this event or others that we might run in Melbourne and not for other purposes and your details will not be shared with anyone.

If you’re interested – please add your name and email address below and I’ll be in touch (hopefully in the next week) with an update on details.

Please note – you will receive an email shortly after subscribing which will contain a link you must click on to confirm your subscription. If you don’t get the email – please check your spam filter as they do occasionally end up there!

Update: We’ve had over 70 100 190 210 expressions of interest already from a couple of tweets.

I’m not wanting to build any hype on this but this event is more than likely to sell out as we’re looking at small venues so this could sell out simply from notifying those interested. So – if you’re interested in attending make sure your name is on the list.

Update: a few people have asked if this is limited to Aussie or if we’re open to overseas attendees. If you’re able to get to Melbourne for the date you’re welcome to attend – although we are presuming that this will mainly be an event mainly attended by Aussies. We do have a few people already signaling that they’ll fly in from Asia/Pacific areas and interstate so it certainly doesn’t look like just being a Melbourne based group of bloggers so far.

Have Your Blogging Job Advertisment Seen by Tens of Thousands of Bloggers

Looking to Hire a Blogger?

If you’re looking for a blogger to hire – the ProBlogger Job boards remain one of the most effective and affordable places to find the. For just $50 your ad for a blogger will be seen by tens of thousands of bloggers.

  • the RSS feeds are subscribed to by over 2000 readers
  • each job is sent out to my Twitter followers (close to 100,000 people)
  • jobs are posted on the ProBlogger LinkedIn group news section (1900 members)

Current advertisers feed back that the quality and number of applicants is high – as a result we have quite a few regular and repeat advertisers.

If you’re looking to place an ad – here are some tips on how to advertise for a blogger.

Looking for a Blog Job?

If you’re looking for a blogging job there seems to be a lot more people looking to hire at the moment.

In the last 7 days alone we’ve seen 24 new blogging jobs added to the ProBlogger Job Boards (there are only 18 listed now as 6 were quickly filled and removed by advertisers).

To stay up to date with the latest blogging jobs simply follow me on Twitter and/or subscribe to the job board RSS feed.

If you’re applying for jobs – here’s some tips for bloggers on how to apply for jobs.

What our Members are saying about

The Problogger Community launched back in September 2009. Since then we’ve seen some amazing discussions and collaboration between forum members as they work together to build successful blogs.

Our members share tips on writing, SEO, monetization, help each other out with technical problems and product strategies, swap guest posts, and even launch new blogs together. Here is what some of the members are saying.

The biggest help for me is knowing that there are people at all skill levels that are still making strides in the online world. The insights into the hurdles and issues that newer bloggers are facing intrigues me and gives me hope for my own future.
– David from LifeSnips

The challenges are helpful, particularly when there is a deadline. It’s easy to keep putting things off so having some accountability helps me get things done.
– Mark from The Business Mindset

I’ve met some great people that are passionate about what they do. The energy is contagious!
– Lakita from Personal Finance Journey

I can say with certainty that the “Let’s Publish Our Ebooks” challenge actually pushed me to finally doing that after a few years of procrastination and other unimaginable excuses!
– Hart from Petlvr

The thoughts and opinions of so many bloggers at different levels is really inspiring.
– Corey from Simple Blog Coach

The community has inspired me to try somethings I wouldn’t have thought of before.
– Cynthia from TV of the Absurd

One of my favorite parts of forums is learning through the answers offered to others.
– Pat from Life out Loud

I’ve managed to connect with a few bloggers, made a few bucks doing odd jobs for bloggers too as well.
– Rhys from The Gospel According to Rhys

I could not imagine not having the forum anymore. For me it is a sort of central place where I can find an answer to all the questions I have. And I love that.
– Annemieke from Mind Structures

I like having the community as a resource. The advice and challenges are priceless.
– Denise from

The ebook challenge was great. It helped inspire me to create and sell my first ebook.
– Jodi from Kaplan Copy

It’s great being a part of the forum community because there are so many different threads on so many different topics.
– Karen from A Meaningful Existence

Every time I have come on here to look for an answer about a specific issue I have found an answer.
– Anne from Home Schooling 911

I’ve picked the brains of some of the smartest people I’ve come across in a long time to help improve the monetization of my sites and blogs. The amount of information that can be found within these walls is priceless.
– Chris from Blippit

I have been given some very helpful advice on adding thumbnails etc when I struggled to work it out myself. It’s revitalised the look of my blog.
– Sarah from Birds on the Blog is a private membership community for bloggers. Members pay just $4.95 per month! Join us today at

Update from Third Tribe – Now 20 Hours of Quality Teaching

It’s been a while since I posted an update on Third Tribe – so today I wanted to do just that.

Screen shot 2010-05-05 at 12.58.38 PM.png

Since launching Third Tribe a few months back there have been some wonderful things happening in the community. The highlight for me personally has been the forum area and the relationships that have emerged there as well as the ideas that are being shared.

My hope for 3T when it launched was that we’d see thousands of internet entrepreneurs coming together to learn, share and help one another move forward. While we all have our own goals and approaches, my hope was that by coming together we’d see a collective movement forward towards our goals. This is what I’m seeing happening.

The great thing about the forum area is that even as a more experienced internet marketer I’m seeing ideas and discussions there that are inspiring me to try new approaches in my business. I know I’ve made quite a few significant changes in the selling of my own online products as a direct result of what I’m seeing others talk about in the forum.

Hours of Quality Seminars and Q&A

In addition to the forum area we’ve also seen some great seminars (audio and transcripts) added so far. These include:

  • Product Launch Strategies: What Always Works and What’s Working in 2010 – Jeff Walker interviewed by Sonia Simone
  • Action Email: Copywriting Tips for Insanely Effective Email Marketing – Dave Navaro interviewed by Sonia Simone
  • How to Get Your Customers to Do Your Best Marketing for You – John Jantsch interviewed by Chris Brogan
  • Email Marketing Strategies that Work – Sonia Simone interviewed by Brian Clark
  • Building a Business Around a Blog: Part One – Darren Rowse interviewed by Brian Clark
  • Building a Business Around a Blog: Part Two – Chris Brogan interviewed by Sonia Simone
  • Building a Business Around a Blog: Part Thrree – Brian Clark interviewed by Sonia Simone
  • Building a Business Around a Blog: Part Four – Leo Babauta interviewed by Darren Rowse
  • The Quick Start Guide to Making Money Online – Johnny B Truant interviewed by Sonia Simone

While we launched 3T with just one seminar and a forum today you’ve literally got hours of teaching in the archives ready to go. We’ve also done 2 live Q&A calls per month (total of 6) which have been a lot of fun. These included a great ‘getting unstuck’ call with Gary Barnes. All of these sessions are recorded and in the archives too.

In terms of content going forward – there’s a lot to come including these two seminars in May:

  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing with Social Media and SEO – featuring Glen Allsopp
  • Traffic Jam: Brian Clark and Jon Morrow on Traffic-Building Strategies

The cool thing about Third Tribe is that if you join today you get access to the full archive of seminars and Q&A calls – literally hours and hours of valuable content. Each month there are 4 new recordings added – it’s becoming a great little library of resources for Web Entrepreneurs.

However do keep in mind that as we add content and value it is likely that we’ll also increase the price (as we’ve already done once). Those who sign up earlier lock themselves in at the current rate so the longer you wait to join the higher the price goes.

If you’ve been thinking about giving Third Tribe a go – it’s a great time to join – hope to see you on the inside!

ProBlogger the Book 2nd Edition – Available Today!


Today I’m pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd Edition of ProBlogger the Book! It’s a book designed to help you take your blog to the next level – so make sure you grab a copy today.

Chris Garrett and myself put together the first edition of ProBlogger the book back in 2008 with the goal of putting together a resource for bloggers that would walk them through many of the aspects of setting up and growing of a profitable new blog.

Between us we’d written literally thousands of tips and tutorials on our blogs about blogging – but a book put the best of them together in a logical order and in a way that a blogger could take and set up a blog.

Since that time it’s been used by many many thousands of bloggers.

Time for an Updated Edition

However 2 years is a long time in blogging and so it was time for an updated version – hence when Wiley asked us to do a 2nd edition we were only too pleased to do so.

This is an update of the 1st edition and not a complete rewrite – however there are a few significant updates including:

  • there have been many many small updates and changes throughout the book. New examples, screenshots, updates of new tools, a few deletions of references to old tools, an update to our stories in the intro etc.
  • we’ve removed a chapter on blog networks – things have changed a lot in this space and many networks are not hiring any more or have changed their models significantly.
  • Chris has added a significant chapter on social media and how it impacts and can be used by bloggers
  • I have added a case study chapter that goes through the first 4 years of my main blog – Digital Photography School. I work through how I launched it, what I focused upon in years 1-2 and then in years 3-4, how I monetize it and share the secrets to how I drive significant traffic and income through email newsletters, social media etc.
  • Bonuses – we’re offering anyone who buys the book a series of bonuses (some interviews with successful bloggers, some extra teaching etc)

Grab Your Copy Today

The update brings the book into the new decade and we’re excited to see people’s reactions to it.

If you’re going to grab your copy – make sure you do so today because when the first edition was released it sold out pretty quickly and it was a week or two before more copies were available! Amazon have it on sale at 34% off.

PS: this 2nd edition will be available on Kindle in just a few days – you can pre-order your kindle version here.