ProBlogger Dream Team – Guest Bloggers Introduced

I’ve been talking about this for the past few weeks but the time has come to reveal the guest blogging team that will see you through into early July here at I approached some of my favorite bloggers who I thought would have something of interest to add to the conversation we’ve got going here and the following bloggers agreed to come on board and do some posts.

Some of them will probably post every day or two – others will contribute just a handful of posts (it could be a posting frenzy some days if all 24 decide to post at once). One or two have already submitted some posts and I’ve advanced posted them under my own name with links back to their sites. Please forgive them if they double up on a few stories – it’s bound to happen and I’m not to worried about that.

All of these people are bloggers that I respect and would recommend you check out. Add them to your RSS feeds and bookmarks because their collective knowledge is quite amazing. They come from around the globe (although I notice there are quite a few Canadians for some reason) and each have their own expertise.

Most of them will be familiar names to regular readers because I am constantly linking to them.

There are a few notable absences from the list – unfortunately a few other obvious choices for guest bloggers either didn’t respond to my invitation or responded with apologies due to other commitments. I totally understand this and am very satisfied with the list that you’ll find below (which may have one or two additions made to it in the next two days as I await two more invited bloggers to register).

So whilst I’m away I encourage you to keep logging in and following the rich discussion that I’m sure this group will generate. I’m here for another day or two – and will post a good-bye hand over post before they all take over.

So here’s the Dream Team listed in no particular order:

Tris Hussey | John Campea | Jim Kukral | Nicole Simon | Arieanna Foley | Susannah Gardner | Chris Pirillo | Duncan Riley | Shai Coggins | Andy Wibbels | Jim Logan | Peter Flaschner | Jennifer Slegg | Toby Bloomberg | Greg Edwards | Trevor Cook | Chrispian Burks | Wayne Hurlbert | Stephan Spencer | Henry Copeland | Jon Gales | Bruce Allen | Adriaan Tijsseling | Rachel Cunliffe | T.L. Pakii Pierce

Thank you to each of these bloggers – you’re not only providing my readers with some great content but giving me a much needed break! I appreciate each of your efforts so much.

Seeking One Good Digital Photography Blogger

I’ve decided to open one more position up for Guest Blogging on Digital Photography Blog.

There are already two bloggers who will be working on it – but I’d like one more blogger to help lighten the load on them.

Ideally you would have an understanding of digital cameras and have some experience of blogging (as this is my main blog).

You would be posting mainly news items (I can give you some RSS feeds to watch) and would be welcome to submit digital photography tips or reviews of digital imaging products.

Ideally I’d love you to post one post per day or more.

Once again you’ll be getting a link back from each post you do (it’s a site with a page rank of 7). These positions are not paid positions but as with other ones I’m open to evaluating how it goes at the end with the view of adding a few bloggers on a revenue share model.

If you’re interested please contact me asap. All applicants will be considered but I’ll be looking for the right person – so it’s not a first in best dressed scenario.

Introducing My Guest Bloggers

I would like to pause for a moment and acknowledge some people who have gone out of their way to make it possible for me to have a restful holiday.

The following 27 (so far) bloggers responded to my call for guest bloggers on many of my blogs. None of these people owe me anything – all are giving their time freely. All I promised them was a link back from each post they write to their own blog. Some are even blogging on up to 3 of my blogs!

Between this group of people are some names that many regular readers of ProBlogger will know – most are daily readers here and active participants in comments sections. Among them are some fine bloggers in their own right who I’m honored to have writing on my blogs for the next 4 or so weeks.

I’d like to encourage you all to visit some of these bloggers blogs as a little thank you for their work. In doing so they are enabling me to have a real break from blogging which will help make ProBlogger better when I return. All of my blogs now have guest authors – there are only three positions left (see bottom of this post if you want to be on this list).

To the bloggers listed below – I’ve already thanked you each – but want to publicly acknowledge the time and effort you’re putting in to lend me a hand. I’m humbled by your response and can’t wait to get home early in July to see what you’ve written!

nb: this list does not include those guest blogging here at – I’m still waiting on a couple of bloggers to get registered and will publish this list in the next few days.

Stan Hooker
Stephanie Herman
Scott Randol
Arieanna Foley
Michael Nguyen
Rich Brooks
Dimitri (doing it without links back to his blog)
Ian Pattinson
Rob Lewis
Matthew Thornton
Tom Hanna
Teli Adlam
Cynthia Giles
Chris Abraham
Andy Merrett
Shane Birley
Tim Flight

For those who would like to join this list and be a guest blogger I have three positions still remaining open – one on each of:

Camera Phone Zone

shoot me an email to get involved.

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ProBlogger Network Guest Blogging Developments

I’ve been quiet today here at ProBlogger because I’ve spent the day getting my blogs ready for me not being around for 4 weeks in June.

As I mentioned a week or so back – I am attempting to put at least one guest blogger on each of my blogs to keep them ticking over whilst I’m away. The response to my call for bloggers has been quite amazing to say the least. There are over 40 bloggers involved across my mini network and they are some wonderful people. I’m actually quite excited by some of the conversations that potentially could emerge during June – not only here at but on all of the blogs – I almost wish I could stay home and read them all…. almost.

There are still a few slots for those of you who missed my initial call for bloggers or for those of you who have been wondering if you should do it. If you’re interested in any of the following blogs please contact me as soon as possible and I’ll add you as an author. I’ll put them in the order of what is more urgent to me.

Printer Blog – one position still available
Camera Phone Zone – one positions still available
Laptop Blog – positions now filled
Robotics Blog – positions now filled
PDA Blog – positions now filled
UAV Blog – one position still available
Pharmaceutical News – positions now filled
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ProBlogger Coaching Services

Susannah has posted an interesting post on Getting a Big-Picture Person for your blog. She writes:

‘I was just sitting here feeling a bit dissatisified with myself and with this blog. How can I get more comments? How can I be better motivated to write more? How can I know what my readers really want from me?

And then it hit me: I need an editor.

Oh, not an editor in the traditional sense. I don’t need someone to check my spelling or grammar, or to make sure I’m libeling people. I take all that onto my own head. What I really need is someone who is interested in my focus, and who reads my blog and is tasked with thinking about things on a macro-level. Someone who can say, “Hey, you really missed the boat on that one,” or “I’m desperate to know more about X, Y, and Z.” In a sense I need a coach—a blog coach….’

I think a blog coach is a great idea and it is something I’m seriously considering getting more into myself. I’m probably not interested in coaching business bloggers – rather I’m thinking of starting a service for entrepreneurial bloggers.

I’ve spoken about this before but have not acted upon it for a few reasons. Firstly I’m heading overseas for a month shortly and don’t want to start something just before that, secondly I’ve got a couple of months to go on a non blog related project that takes two days per week of my time and thirdly because I’ve been trying to build up a little more credibility and a broader skill set to offer to potential coachees (is that a word?).

So – when I get back from OS in July – expect me to launch something new – a ProBlogger Coaching service. The details are forming in my mind but here is what I do know:

  1. will continue to run as a free blog (as it has been for the last few months).
  2. I won’t be taking on everyone who asks for coaching.
  3. I will be charging for the service.
  4. I am considering a variety of levels of coaching.

I am interested in what people think about such a service. I have a list of things I’ll offer potential clients that I’m not going to go public with yet – but I’m interested in what those of you as ProBloggers (beginners through to experienced) would be interested in being coached on.

Link Blogs

Steve Rubel has started a link blog. I’ve been wondering about doing something similar as there are so many stories that I see each day that I’d love to link to but don’t – for fear of cluttering things up too much here. Any thoughts friends?

Would you prefer it all together? A new blog? In my side bar? A bloglines blog? Interested in your opinions as it’s you who reads it.

ProBlogger throws a Sick Day

Please don’t expect anything too profound here today – I seem to have caught a stomach bud – it was a long night to say the least. I don’t know why but whenever I am sick I dream very vividly of ‘blogging going wrong’. Glad to log on this morning to see that everything seems ok though. I just wont be posting much unless I get second wind – back to bed for me.

ProBlogger Weekend Round Up

Traffic levels at ProBlogger is much lower most weekends and a number of readers feedback that they often feel a little out of the loop when they come back to the office on a Monday to find I’ve been posting ‘as normal’. This RSS feed can seem a little overwhelming – so I thought I’d try a summary post that recaps what you might have missed if, unlike me, you had a ProBlogger free weekend. I hope you had a good weekend – here are the posts from the last couple of days (first to last):

I know for some of you these were not written on your weekend – but counting for the global audience of ProBlogger I hope this helps you work out what you missed and which you might like to catch up on and enter the conversation on.

Wanted – 12 (or more) Good Bloggers

In 15 days I will be on a plane headed for warmer places – a much needed holiday.

It’s been a big year for me – transitioning into full time blogging (although maintaining some other part time research work this past few months) – moving house – exploring new business ideas and making connections with some wonderful people around the world through this blog. Whilst there are a lot of exciting things going on for me at the moment I’m feeling pretty worn out and this holiday has come at just the right time.

I’ll be away for 4 weeks. This of course leads me to ask the question – what do I do with my blogs? I’ve written about this at least once here at ProBlogger and have been pondering what to do. I’ve decided the following:

My main blog Digital Photography Blog will be maintained by a friend who I’m going to pay to run it for me at a lighter level than normal. He should be able to keep it up to date with at least one post per day and to cover any major developments.

I’ve teed up some great bloggers for here at ProBlogger who will each contribute once a week (or more). You might even find this blog is more active than normal. None of these people are getting paid with anything more than a link back to their own blog for each post.

The remainder of my blogs I’d like to invite contributions for. If you’d like to play with one of my blogs while I’m gone then I’d love to have you on board. I’m not expecting heavy posting levels but would love to get at least 2 or 3 posts per week if you can manage it – just to keep the blog up to date and ticking over. The posts can be news, tips or opinion pieces – I’ll suggest a source or two that you might want to keep your eye on if you don’t know where to start. If you’re interested read on and then contact me to let me know which you want to do – I’ll probably limit authors on each to two per blog.

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