ProBlogger Email Newsletter Sent… I think

I just sent this week’s ProBlogger Email Newsletter. During the sending process there seems to have been an error so if you didn’t get it please let me know and I’ll shoot you a copy.

For those that are new here at ProBlogger and haven’t hear of it before – my newsletter is simply a way of getting an update on:

– the hottest posts for the week just gone
– a few exclusive ProBlogging Tips
– my earnings (depending on how private or open I’m feeling from week to week!)
– ProBlogger News (I sometimes break news about to the newsletter before posting about it)

For instance in this week’s newsletter I talked about some of where I’m focusing my time this week and about a couple of ProBlogger related projects that I’m hoping to launch in the coming months. I also gave a little more specific information on that May Adsense Cheque.

I see the newsletter list as the inner community of readers and would love to have you subscribe.

You can do so simply by submitting your email address to the field in the top left hand column of this blog. Your privacy will be valued and your email address will not be used for any other purpose than to send this newsletter. You may unsubscribe at any time.

On submitting your email here you will be sent an email asking your to confirm your subscription. Let me know if you have any problems.

Earning Milestones

Today was a mini milestone day for me in my blogging.

I went to the PO Box this morning to grab my mail and found my monthly cheque from Google’s Adsense had arrived for earnings in the month of May. May was my biggest earning month since I started blogging (June was a little lower due to me being away for the full four weeks).

The cheque was the biggest cheque I’ve ever held onto (well the biggest I’ve held onto that has my name on it). The amazing thing is that in the month of May I earned more than I earned in a whole year in 2003 from a ‘real job’ (of course at the time I was only working a 3 day week while I studied part time) and well over half as much as I earned from Adsense in the whole of 2004.

It predominately came from two or three blogs which worries me a little (the worry is that if just one or two of them fell over it would have significant income. However on the up side the past couple of months have seen a number of my other blogs experiencing significant growth in traffic which points to plenty of potential for the future.

If you’d told me I’d be doing what I’m doing 2 or 3 years ago (and that it would be earning me a good living) I would never have believed you. I sometimes think it’s all just a dream – if it is please don’t pinch me, I’m not ready to wake up.

I’m quite amazed and am enjoying every moment while it lasts (because on the web you never quite know how long it will). Here’s to as good a second half of the year as the first!

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Update: For those readers coming to this post via Slashdot – welcome. I’ve posted a few points here that answer some of the many comments that are being made at Slashdot about me and my blogging here. I try to clear up some of the misconceptions. I hope it is helpful.

If you’re interested in Adsense you might be interested in Joel Comm’s What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense – otherwise take a surf through my own Adsense category to read my own tips.

If you want to see some of my other blogs you can check out my Digital Camera Review Blog, my Camera Phone Blog and Laptop Review blog as just a few of those I work on.

New Bloggers Join ProBlogger Network

Paul over at Blog Logic announces that his network has a couple of new authors helping out on his blogging. This is great as over the past couple of months we were unsure if the network would continue – looks like things are on the up and up there.

I also am really happy to announce that at least two of my guest bloggers from June are staying on as permanent authors. Stan from the Daily News Blog will continue posting at the SEO blog and BJ from Adventures in Net Marketing will continue posting over at Camera Phone Blog.

Both BJ and Stan are great bloggers who have numerous blogs of there own so I’m very happy to be working with them and am looking forward to growing those two blogs to the mutual benefit of us all.

A number of other bloggers are set to continue also as I slowly work through touching base with the guest blogging team from June.

ProBlogger Returns to ‘Normal’


After 4 weeks of travelling around Turkey, the UK and Singapore V and I stumbled back into Melbourne this weekend.

Whilst the trip was amazing, it’s very nice to be back also to familiar sights, sounds, tastes and smells.

I’m still not quite on Melbourne time (jetlag is still taking its) toll. I’m probably a day or two away from resuming a regular posting here but will gradually get back into the rhythm.

Katie-Darren-1Meeting Shiny Media

A couple of days ago (what day is it anyway??) I was fortunate to meet with Ashley Norris and Katie Lee (pictured left) from Shiny Media in London. It was in my last hours in London and a fun way to ease myself back into ProBlogging world. Ashley and Katie both moblogged pictures of our booze up meeting here and here.

I’m really impressed by Shiny Media and hope that one day soon we can work on a project together. Their journalistic background is part of their real strength and they are also brilliant at getting the attention of the mainstream media with their PR – quite inspiring.


I wanted to thank those of you who have left comments and sent emails in response to my request for feedback about the guestblogging here over the past month. Your thoughts have been greatly appreciated and I’ll do a little more thinking about them over the next few days. In the mean time there are three things I want to say:

1. I think the experiment was a success on a number of fronts. For starters it brought together a diverse group of bloggers who produced some interesting and high quality posts. Secondly it kept my blog ticking over (in fact the first two weeks it increased readership and the second two weeks it kept things at over 75% of what they were).

2. Having said this I also hear the feedback from many that they come to ProBlogger not to hear the voices of many but the voice of one. I feel humbled by it but for some reason many of you have found my thoughts to be helpful on the topic of ProBlogging – as a result in my absense a percentage of you have checked into the blog less whilst I’m away.

3. I’ve had a number of emails expressing concern over the idea that perhaps ProBlogger will permanently become a group blog. Whilst I’ve given it a little thought, after reading the feedback I’ve decided not to go with it. Instead I may invite single bloggers to join me from time to time for short periods, but except for holidays this blog will remain largely a single author blog. Sorry – you’re stuck with me!

Anyway – I’m back and I wanted to say hi.

I’ve been working on a few ideas for ProBlogger this past week that I’ll gradually share over the next month. I’ve come home feeling reasonably rested (although I had to go straight to a conference yesterday) and really keen to continue to improve what ProBlogger can offer. As always I’m open to your ideas about how to make it better.

Stay tuned for normal blogging shortly.

ProBlogger – Reflections on Guest Blogging

I thought I’d give a quick update – we’ve finished our tour of Turkey (amazing) and are back in London for a couple of days. I’m slowly leaving holiday mode as I have a couple of meetings lined up over the next day or two. Some are blogging related, others are not.

On the blogging front I’m trying to hook up with some of the gang at Shiny Media tomorrow (update – just heard from Ashley and we’re doing it). I’ve been a big fan of some of their blogs for a while now and am looking forward to picking their brains and perhaps having a beer with them.

We’re only here for a couple of days so I’m also trying to fit in a bit of sight seeing and relaxation. I’m going to see Coldplay tonight which will be fun.

Tomorrow night we head for Singapore for a few last nights of holiday before heading home at the end of the week when normal blogging here at ProBlogger will resume.

In the mean time I’m left pondering my ‘guest blogging’ experiment over the past month here at ProBlogger and am interested to hear your reflections both as readers and guest bloggers. Have you enjoyed the change? How have you found the group blog experience? Has it added to the value of ProBlogger? Would you like to see it continue in some way?

A couple of people have already emailed me to say they’ve both appreciated the new voices and to say that next time I go away perhaps I should only have one guest blogger. I’m interested in others opinions either in comment or via email. One person suggested I continue to allow this blog to be a group blog – another suggested I invite one guest blogger to join me each month so there is some rotation of new voices. I’m unsure as I’ve barely been online to follow how its gone. My only initial impressions have been:

– unique readers are a touch lower than normal (I suspect this is largely due to a slightly lower posting frequency than normal)
– comments levels are up (on a per post level) – the blog seems to have been more interactive in my absence. (I suspect this is partly due to less posts per day which means posts stay on the main page for longer – it also says something about the quality posting that has been done over the last few weeks).

Anyway – I’m not thinking too much about it until I get home – but am interested in your thoughts.

I’m also interested in the reflections of guest bloggers from my other blogs who’ve been doing an amazing job while I’ve been away.

ProBlogger in Turkey

Thanks for the many well wishers who have emailed to wish me a good trip.

We’re currently in Istanbul and are enjoying the rich culture and history, the wonderful food, the exquisit sights, the dodgy internet cafe’s keyboards and the company of some fun people.

I’m happy to report that I’ve not suffered too many withdrawal symptoms from blogging – although I’ve spent quite a bit of time the past few days deleting comment spam on my MT blogs – in fact it’s starting to get me down a bit. It seems every time I go away for a holiday the comment spammers seem to find another way to get through my spam catching systems. I’m currently getting 200 – 300 every 24 hours. Deleting them is taking me an hour or so every night which I won’t be able to keep up after today when we leave on a tour. I will need to upgrade my MT version when I get home I guess to combat this problem.

Apart from the comment spam I’m loving the time away and am really grateful for the guest bloggers who are keeping the show running for me whilst I’m away.

A few of you have asked if my blogs have suffered for me being away (or if I expect them to). I guess the answer to that question is yet to be seen but the initial trend I see today is that despite a significant drop in numbers of posts being uploaded per day (with the exception of a couple of blogs where it is higher than normal thanks to a few addicted bloggers) that the traffic remains reasonably steady (it’s a little down overall with some blogs higher and some lower).

I’m suspecting it will drop off a little further as the month progresses with less new content going up – but at this stage the signs are hopeful that the bottom line won’t suffer too much.

Anyway – I just thought I’d drop in and let you all know that we made it to Turkey and are having a good time. Tomorrow we head off to Gallipoli and then down to the southern coast for some time in the sun.

Hope all is well in your neck of the blogging woods.

Toy Time

I bought a new toy today in preparation for our trip and with the hope of experimenting with a bit of vlogging at some stage in the future.

This could be fun.

A lot of fun.

ProBlogger Dream Team – Guest Bloggers Introduced

I’ve been talking about this for the past few weeks but the time has come to reveal the guest blogging team that will see you through into early July here at I approached some of my favorite bloggers who I thought would have something of interest to add to the conversation we’ve got going here and the following bloggers agreed to come on board and do some posts.

Some of them will probably post every day or two – others will contribute just a handful of posts (it could be a posting frenzy some days if all 24 decide to post at once). One or two have already submitted some posts and I’ve advanced posted them under my own name with links back to their sites. Please forgive them if they double up on a few stories – it’s bound to happen and I’m not to worried about that.

All of these people are bloggers that I respect and would recommend you check out. Add them to your RSS feeds and bookmarks because their collective knowledge is quite amazing. They come from around the globe (although I notice there are quite a few Canadians for some reason) and each have their own expertise.

Most of them will be familiar names to regular readers because I am constantly linking to them.

There are a few notable absences from the list – unfortunately a few other obvious choices for guest bloggers either didn’t respond to my invitation or responded with apologies due to other commitments. I totally understand this and am very satisfied with the list that you’ll find below (which may have one or two additions made to it in the next two days as I await two more invited bloggers to register).

So whilst I’m away I encourage you to keep logging in and following the rich discussion that I’m sure this group will generate. I’m here for another day or two – and will post a good-bye hand over post before they all take over.

So here’s the Dream Team listed in no particular order:

Tris Hussey | John Campea | Jim Kukral | Nicole Simon | Arieanna Foley | Susannah Gardner | Chris Pirillo | Duncan Riley | Shai Coggins | Andy Wibbels | Jim Logan | Peter Flaschner | Jennifer Slegg | Toby Bloomberg | Greg Edwards | Trevor Cook | Chrispian Burks | Wayne Hurlbert | Stephan Spencer | Henry Copeland | Jon Gales | Bruce Allen | Adriaan Tijsseling | Rachel Cunliffe | T.L. Pakii Pierce

Thank you to each of these bloggers – you’re not only providing my readers with some great content but giving me a much needed break! I appreciate each of your efforts so much.

Seeking One Good Digital Photography Blogger

I’ve decided to open one more position up for Guest Blogging on Digital Photography Blog.

There are already two bloggers who will be working on it – but I’d like one more blogger to help lighten the load on them.

Ideally you would have an understanding of digital cameras and have some experience of blogging (as this is my main blog).

You would be posting mainly news items (I can give you some RSS feeds to watch) and would be welcome to submit digital photography tips or reviews of digital imaging products.

Ideally I’d love you to post one post per day or more.

Once again you’ll be getting a link back from each post you do (it’s a site with a page rank of 7). These positions are not paid positions but as with other ones I’m open to evaluating how it goes at the end with the view of adding a few bloggers on a revenue share model.

If you’re interested please contact me asap. All applicants will be considered but I’ll be looking for the right person – so it’s not a first in best dressed scenario.