Join Me at the ProBlogger NYC Meetup this Sunday

This week, I’m off to the States, and I’ll be hosting a little blogging meetup in NYC while I’m there.

If you’re in the area, why don’t you join us?

The meetup’s on Sunday 28 October, and it’s sponsored by Zemanta, and will be held at Black Door.

The last two times I’ve been in NYC I’ve held a little meetup for bloggers. They’ve been fun evenings of meeting others in the ProBlogger and Digital Photography School communities.

Register to attend—and get all the event details—here.

I look forward to meeting you in NYC!

Free Interview Webinar with Tsh Oxenreider from SimpleMom

529429_10151910238930385_1351166577_n.jpegThis Thursday evening at 10pm US Eastern time (international times below) I will be running a free webinar with a blogger I’d love you to meet – Tsh Oxenreider from Register for the webinar here.

I know many of you know Tsh already as her blog has a big readership and those of you who followed the ProBlogger Tourism Queensland trip that we did earlier in the year will know that she was one of the winners of that prize.

I have to say that one of the highlights of that trip for me was having the opportunity to meet and get to know Tsh (we even got to do our first scuba dive together).

There are some people whose approach to blogging you just click with – Tish was one of those. I learned a lot from those chats and wanted to share some of what she’s done with ProBlogger readers.

About Tsh

Tsh began blogging in 2008 on Simple Mom so has only really been at it for 4 years but has not wasted her time since then. Simple Mom is a productivity blog for home managers which she describes as ‘like Zen Habits wearing an Apron’.

Since 2008 Tsh has grown her blog incredibly – not only in terms of audience and influence but in other ways. In those four years Tsh has anded a publishing deal and released a book, released a successful eBook, started a podcast, expanded her blog into a blogging network (currently 6 blogs with numerous writers and editors), spoken at many events and gone full time as a blogger.

In many ways Tsh is living the dream that many bloggers aspire to yet she’s one of the most grounded and humble people I’ve met in this industry. She blogs with authenticity, passion and a genuine interest in her readers.

In this week’s webinar I will be interviewing Tsh about the last 4 years and what she’s learned. We’ll cover:

  • how she’s grown her blogging from hobby to full time endeavour
  • how she expanded from a single blog into a blog network
  • how she monetizes her blog
  • how she manages her time and gets it all done
  • how she grew her audience
  • much much more

There will also be time for Q&A with attendees.

Register for the webinar here

Note: this isn’t a ‘selling’ webinar. We’re not going to pitch you anything at the end – it’s purely a chance to meet Tsh and hear about her approach to blogging.

Register for the Recording

The most commonly asked question that I get on these webinars is whether we will be recording them for those who can’t make the live webinars. The answer is YES. However to get the recording you need to register for it. All registered people will get an email about 24 hours after the webinar with a link to the recording.

Note: registering doesn’t get you on any email list or lead to any ongoing emails. It purely gets you into the call and access to the recording.

International Times

I know this time won’t suit everyone – we’ve made it a little later this time to make it more accessible to people in Asia but I understand those of you in Europe are going to struggle to make it (which is why we offer the recording option). Here are the times in a few parts of the world:

  • Los Angeles – 7pm on Thursday 26th
  • London – 3am on Friday 27th
  • Delhi – 7.30am on Friday 27th
  • Singapore – 10am on Friday 27th
  • Melbourne Australia – Midday on Friday 27th

I hope to see you on Thursday/Friday (depending where in the world you are)!

Register for the webinar here

PS: if you’d like to be notified of future ProBlogger webinars (we do them every 2-3 weeks) please add your email address to our notification list here.

Early Bird Tickets On Sale for Melbourne ProBlogger Event—#PBEVENT

pbevent12.jpgOver the last few years I’ve hosted two events here in Melbourne for bloggers. What started in 2009 as a quickly pulled together and very cramped and crowded event for 150 bloggers has grown considerably.

Today, tickets have gone on sale for our October Event and it is going to be big—both in terms of attendee numbers, the venue itself, and what we’re setting out to achieve.

This year’s Problogger Training Event will be held over two days at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium (or rooms within the stadium). The dates are 12-13 October.

Great speakers

The majority of our speaker lineup is from Australia’s amazing blogging community (we have some innovative and entrepreneurial bloggers here) but we’re also flying in Chris Guillebeau to bring a little international flavour. Chris will be presenting twice—once as a keynote and once in a workshop.

Other speakers and panelists include myself (I’ll be involved in three or four sessions), Sarah Wilson, Shayne Tilley (Web Marketing Ninja and regular contributor here on ProBlogger), Nicole Avery, James Tuckerman, Jules Clancy, Stan Lee, Mrs Woog, Valerie Khoo, and a load more (see the full list of confirmed speakers and panelists here).

A focus upon building profitable blogs

The focus of this year’s event will be much more upon monetization and building profitable blogs. While we’ll touch on some more general topics in the course of the event, the feedback from last year was that attendees wanted training on how to monetize.

As a result, we’re featuring sessions that are very much on the topic of making money through a variety of methods. This will include sessions looking at the different models available to bloggers, advertising and working with brands, ebook creation, courses and membership areas, selling your services, sponsored posts, and much more.

Solid training

The style of teaching at this event is a combination of keynotes, panels, and interactive sessions. However, based on feedback from last year we’re including more keynote presentations than previously, to allow for more intentional training that leads attendees through processes.

While there will be plenty of time for networking, discussion, and a little fun at this years event, the feedback from our second event last year was that we’d put on the most solid training event in Australia for bloggers—we only want to strengthen that.

My intent for this event is that bloggers not only walk away with theoretical teaching, but with practical advice and strategies that they can implement immediately.

You can see our preliminary schedule here.

Secure your tickets today

Tickets for the event this year will be price at $299.99 AUD but we currently have a limited number on sale for $249.99 AUD.

This price covers the two days of training, a networking breakfast on day one, all lunches and morning/afternoon breaks, drinks and food at a networking event (at one of Melbourne’s finest eateries) on the evening of the first day, as well as a Digital Pass to the event (where you get access to audio recordings of the event and PDFs of the presentations).


This price is as affordable as we can possibly make it, thanks to the support of some amazing sponsors—a special thanks to our Gold and Silver sponsors MYOB, Yellow Pages, Curtin University.

We do have a limited number of sponsorship spots still available for brands wanting to reach out to the Australian blogging community and beyond.

Register Today for a Free Podcast With Ana White

299610_10150315920656615_192123916614_8411641_2044386906_n.jpegThis Wednesday at 9pm (Pacific Time in the US) I will be spending an hour with a DIY carpentry blogger I’ve admired for some time now by the name of Ana White—and you’re invited to listen in via a webinar (register here).

Ana is the blogger behind the popular Ana White Homemaker blog and she has a great story to tell. Here are a few highlights:

  • In just over two years Ana, has grown her blog from nothing to one that gets around 3 million unique visitors a month.
  • Her blog is now generating enough income to support her family and she does it all from her home in Alaska.
  • Ana will be releasing her first book with Random House/Potter Craft later this year.
  • Her #1 source of traffic is Pinterest.
  • Over 90% of the content on her facebook page is written by Fans.
  • Ana gives away hundreds of furniture plans to her readers.
  • She is regularly featured in popular magazines.

All in all, I think Ana’s model is fascinating and I’ve been wanting to spend some time with her for a while now to hear more. I figured we might as well open it up to readers here at ProBlogger to listen in on the conversation.

In this free, one-hour webinar, I’ll be asking Ana about all of the above (and more) and you’ll have opportunity to submit your own questions, too. This is not a “selling” webinar—just 100% free and hopefully useful information.

I hope you’ll join us! Register for the webinar here.

Note: here are the times in different parts of the world

  • US Pacific Time—9pm Tuesday 8th May
  • Australian Eastern—2pm Wednesday 9th May
  • Alaska—7pm Tuesday 8th May
  • London—5am Wednesday 9th May
  • Tokyo (Japan)—1pm Wednesday 9th May
  • New Delhi (India)—9.30am Wednesday 9th May

PS: I know that this time will not suit everyone, but when you get an interview between an Aussie and an Alaskan (both with busy schedules and family commitments) and have a blog with an international audience, timing can get tricky!

And the Winners Are … #QldBlog

As promised earlier in the week, today I’ve got great pleasure in naming the winners of the Great Barrier Reef Queensland Blogger Correspondent competition.

106347-634.jpg767 bloggers entered the competition. They came from an amazing array of counties (52 in all)—from the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Spain, Malaysia, Belize, Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, Mexico, Italy, France, Brazil, South Africa, Israel, India, Romania, Argentina, Phillipines, Indonesia, Hawaii, Pakistan, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Denmark, Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand, Belarus, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, South Korea, Costa Rica, Moldova, Japan, Kuwait, Madagascar, Bangladesh, Chile, Mauritius, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, UAE, Hong Kong, Ukraine, and Greece.

Interestingly the vast majority of entries were from those in the USA, and from women. This is reflected in the winners list.

Choosing the winners was no easy task. The entries were of a high quality, from some amazing people, and many of the submissions were very attractive to the judging panel who were seeking to find bloggers that they felt were a good “fit” in promoting the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

We saw some very creative submissions and I myself spent a whole day looking through them all—and loved the experience! But without further ado, here are the winners:

Thanks again to those who entered and to Tourism Queensland (connect with them on Twitter here or on Facebook here) for their sponsorship of the competition. This experience has been a lot of fun, and you’ll hear more about it in June when the above crew gather together in Queensland with me to have an amazing five days together.

UPDATE: sadly we recently heard the news that Elizabeth was not able to join us for this trip. The result was an opportunity for us to add another blogger.

We went to the next person on our short list and Australian Jess Van Den from Epheriell Designs was our next target. Luckily Jess was available at very short notice (just 5 days out) – being a local helped heaps!

Congrats to Jess and our best wishes to Elizabeth – hope to see you next time!!!

Come Help Me Celebrate My 40th Birthday with @CharityWater

Tomorrow is my birthday, and it’s one of those big ones: I’m turning 40!

Life’s been so busy lately—with blogging, three kids, my photographic obsession, and the other organizations I give time to—so I’ve not had a lot of time to ponder what being 40 years of age really means (or what shape my mid life crisis should take … I’m open to suggestions).


Image courtesy stock.xchng user kwod

However I do feel very fortunate on many levels and I’ve been wanting to use this little milestone to do something special.

So I’ve decided to give my birthday to Charity Water.

Our world is facing a crisis around the issue of water—something we all need, and which most of us living in developed countries take for granted.

Yet for around a billion people water is something that they’re constantly thinking about—in fact, their lives revolve around the logistics of getting it for their family.

Millions who are unable to access clean water simply don’t make it to their fifth birthday.

It’s a massive problem with many complexities that make my head spin, but my hope is that this birthday we can do something small to make a difference.

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 10.38.35 AM.png

If you’d like to join me in tackling the problem and/or you’d like to celebrate my birthday tomorrow I’ve set up a Charity Water page to do just that. I’d love to raise $5000 (although I’ve probably left promoting this a little late) but really anything we can raise would be fantastic.

I know not everyone is in a position to give as much as $40—or anything at all—but if you are, I’d greatly appreciate it. If not, please spread the word or consider pledging your own birthday to tackle the issue.

Great Barrier Reef Competition Winners Have Been Notified #QldBlog

I’m really excited to announce that the ten winners of the Great Barrier Reef Competition that we’ve been running here on ProBlogger the last couple of weeks have been chosen.

Over 700 entries were received. It was no easy task to shortlist them and choose the final winners because there were some amazing bloggers. As I looked through the entries I just kept saying to myself, “I’d love to have them on the trip!”

In fact, my wishlist of winners probably numbered over 100 so the job the team at Tourism Queensland had in selecting the final ten was a huge challenge.

But only ten can win and I received the list last night from the judges at Tourism Queensland. I simply can’t wait to meet all of the winners in June.

As outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the competition, winners will have received an email in the last few minutes letting them know that they’ve won and asking them to confirm that they are accepting the prize (so if you entered, check your inbox now!).

Winners have 72 hours to confirm that they’re coming and on Friday (Aussie time) I’ll publicly publish the names of those winners so we can all see who is coming on the trip!

If you’ve won, please don’t celebrate publicly yet. We’ll do the big announcement Friday (Aussie time) where you can share the news with your own audience.

If you were not selected, I can only say that I’m sorry you won’t be joining us and that I hope we might do something like this again in the future (tell @Queensland) if you do, too). I also hope you’ll follow along with us as we blog/tweet the trip in June.

Thanks to everyone for entering. This has been one of the most fun things I’ve done so far in my almost ten years of blogging … and the best part is still ahead!

24 Hours Left to Win a Trip to The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia #QldBlog

Update: this competition is now closed to new entries. We’re now narrowing down to find our 10 winners who will be contacted and then announced here on ProBlogger on 23 April. Thanks to all who entered!

Ten days ago I excitedly announced an amazing opportunity for ProBlogger readers to enter a competition to win one of ten trips to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

As I write this post, the deadline for entering this competition is less than 24 hours away, and those of you considering putting yourself in the running for this once-in-a-lifetime trip need to get your skates on!

Since launching the competition, we’ve had hundreds of entries from some wonderful bloggers. Hundreds is a lot, but considering we’re giving away ten trips, those who have entered currently have a one in 50 chance of ending up on the reef with me in June. They’re pretty decent odds!

Since announcing the competition I’ve posted the full five-day itinerary—there are some amazing experiences included in the prize:

  1. meet and get up close to some of Australia’s cute (and not-so-cute) native animals
  2. eat at some of the finest restaurants in the region
  3. participate in two blogging workshops with me (with just ten participants, I’ll be able to give your blog some personal attention)
  4. sail, snorkel, and explore the Great Barrier Reef
  5. experience one of the world’s oldest rain forests
  6. on the last day, you can choose your own adventure and explore an aspect of the region that relates to your own interests and niche.

Plus much more!

While this is a working holiday of sorts, as you’ll be creating some content based on what you see, there will be plenty of time for fun, adventuring, and a little relaxing.

All in all, this is a trip I can’t wait to go on and I’m particularly looking forward to sharing it with ten wonderful ProBlogger readers.

This competition isn’t a popularity contest or just for big bloggers, and it isn’t just for travel bloggers—we’re looking for entries from a range of blog niches and from bloggers from around the world.

Pitch us your ideas for how you’d cover the trip in the entry form, and you might just find yourself winging your way into Queensland (all expenses paid) in June.

Important links:

Please enter today, and if you know of any other blogger who might enjoy this trip, please do share it with them—they’ll be indebted to you forever if they win!

Blogger Correspondant Great Barrier Reef Itinerary: #QldBlog

Update: this competition is now closed to new entries. We’re now narrowing down to find our 10 winners who will be contacted and then announced here on ProBlogger on 23 April. Thanks to all who entered!

Last week I excitedly announced a competition to fly 10 ProBlogger readers into the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. The response has been amazing. We’ve had hundreds of entries and there has been some great interest in the promotion.

With just under a week to go to get your entries in I thought today I might whet your appetite a little by revealing the itinerary of the trip. It’s still being finalised so this may change a little, but here’s what we’re planning to do on the trip so far.

Day 1: Tuesday 5 June

Ten of the world’s most imaginative bloggers arrive in Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and our northern-most frontier city.

Tonight we start our adventure with some up-close-and-personal time with the locals. We’re not talking about the two-legged kind here; we are talking about Australia’s quirkiest and cutest native animals.


After that, we’ll be zipping around the corner to one of the coolest restaurants in town that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Unsurprisingly, the nosh on the menu is fresh Queensland seafood!

Day 2: Wednesday 6 June

At 2600 km long, The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s biggest living organism, and the only natural object that can be seen from space. It’s also on the bucket list of just about every person on the planet with a heart for adventure.

This morning we are getting one step closer to the reef by sailing to a nearby tropical island for a little Crusoe Time—with full Internet access and a private blogging workshop with me. I’ll do a little teaching (based a survey of the winning bloggers’ needs) and we’ll also spend some time workshopping the winners’ blogs together.


After lunch, you have free time to explore the island and get inspired. You may wish to go for a sail, snorkel with the aid of a fun underwater tow jet, take the plunge in a mini-submarine, or laze around the pool with a cocktail in hand. Whatever your story line, the creative juices are sure to be flowing.

Back on the mainland and a little drive north is Palm Cove (one of my personal favourites of the towns along the reef), and the location of tonight’s twilight meal, served with box office views of the Great Barrier Reef through a palm fringed shoreline.


Day 3: Thursday 7 June

Pack up your bags, because today we are trading the world’s most loved reef for the world’s oldest rainforest. This morning we venture north to Mossman River and a stunning rainforest retreat in the middle of the Daintree Rainforest. Here we will conduct our second blogging workshop surrounded by the sounds of cicadas and running water. It will be one of the most exotic locations for a blogger training workshop the world has ever seen!


Afterwards, explore the Mossman River with an indigenous guide and then chill out by the water’s edge. You might even like to take a dip if you’re daring!


At night we change our location and head to Port Douglas, a former fishing village turned star-spotting holiday hot spot that has kept its laid-back, beach town heart. Tonight’s dinner is a special occasion sure to be remembered, held at a secret location.

Day 4: Friday 8 June

After all that brain-flexing over the past two days, now is the time for us to relax and head out to experience the Great Barrier Reef in style.


Whether you’re a passionate diver or more of an above-the-water kind of explorer, there will be an option to suit you. We’ll have the choice of a relaxed day of sailing and snorkelling a pristine coral cay, an adventurous outer-reef trip to discover the glorious Agincourt Ribbon Reefs, and the option to take in everything from diving, to fish feeding, and simply marvelling at nature in the underwater observatory on a floating outer-reef platform.


Back on dry land, we’ll mingle with the locals at an iconic Australian pub and enjoy some delicious tucker (that’s dinner to you and me).

Day 5: Saturday 9 June

Today you have the chance to really choose your own adventure!

With four itineraries to pick from, you might find yourself:

  • learning ancient art techniques and hunting and gathering skills from local Indigenous tribes
  • kayaking along pristine coastline and zipping through the trees in the World Heritage Listed Daintree rainforest on an adventurous tour like no other
  • coming face to face with Australia’s cute (and not-so-cute) native animals, and enjoying a true Australian country experience
  • really getting the blood pumping as you take to the skies, saddle up a wild steed, and finish off with a trip down the river rapids.

Note: on this 5th day we can attempt to tailor what you do to the type of story you’d like to cover. For example if you’re a photographer you might like to spend the day on location somewhere to capture a shot or if you are looking to see something specific or interview someone about some aspect of Queensland we’ll try to set that up for you.

There will also be some flexibility and free time on most days for you to create content or see things relevant to your niche. We’ll do our best to tailor the trip to those on it (no guarantees).


They don’t call Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef “Adventurous by Nature” for nothing!

Make sure you save some energy though, because tonight we’ll enjoy a final celebratory meal together at one of Port Douglas’s most iconic restaurants.


Sunday 10 June

Is it really time to say goodbye?

Enter today

I still can’t quite believe that we’re running this trip—it really is my dream to take some blogging friends to this destination. We’re going to have an amazing few days together.

This trip is open to all bloggers over the age of 18 from around the globe (including Australia). We are looking for bloggers in all kinds of niches. While some have commented that it is a travel blogger conference, we’d love to receive entries from all niches. You can cover the trip from what ever angle you choose. For example:

  • Food bloggers: food will be a big part of this trip. Why not review the places where we eat, and talk about the Aussie food you come across?
  • Parenting bloggers: Queensland is a great family vacation destination. Write about the trip for prospective parents looking to visit.
  • Photography bloggers: You’ll see some of the most beautiful scenes in the world over this week, and they’re ideal for anyone with a camera to document.

There’s no end to the angles you can take as a blogger correspondent on this trip. So get your creating thinking going and include the angle you’d take in covering the trip in your entry.

There is less than a week to get your entry in, so you do need to act now to make sure you’re in the competition.

To enter simply read the terms and conditions of the competition and then fill in the entry form here.