Lost Your Blogging Groove? Kickstart it with this 2 for 1 Deal on ProBlogger eBooks

Can you believe that it’s almost the middle of 2013 already?

If you’re anything like me you started out this year with big dreams and intentions to deliver on some signficant goals with your blog.

However along the way to reaching ones goals often comes a lot of distractions and challenges to get you off track. Sound familiar?

If so – you’re not alone. A mid year slump is common with many bloggers!

Today I’d like to offer ProBlogger readers an opportunity that might help get your blogging back on track for the rest of 2013.

For the next 7 days we’re offering a 2 for 1 deal on ProBlogger eBooks.

Buy any ProBlogger eBook this week and you can choose another one that is of the same value or less for free – saving up to 50%!

There are 6 eBooks to choose from so the combinations of eBooks that you can pick up are many. For example:

  • if you’re a new blogger (or are about to start) – you might like to get our ‘Guide to Your First Week of Blogging‘ as well as ‘31 Days to Build a Better Blog‘.
  • if you’ve been blogging for a while but have stalled you might prefer ‘31 Days to Build a Better Blog‘ combined with our productivity guide ‘Blog Wise‘.
  • if you’re looking to learn about monetizing blogs check out our ‘Guide to Online Marketing‘ and ‘Blogging for your Business‘.

Choose your eBooks here.

But don’t delay, this offer ends in just 7 days from now.

Final ProBlogger Training Event Tickets Go On Sale Now

The final round of tickets for the Annual ProBlogger Training Event go on sale later today at 1.30pm Australian Eastern time. UPDATE: a limited number of these tickets are now on sale here.

Over the last few years we’ve held 3 training events and have seen things grow each time.

  • Year 1 saw Chris Garrett, myself and a handful of other speakers speak to a packed room of 100 bloggers in a small, cheap suburban hotel.
  • Year 2 saw 200 bloggers turn out to the Novatel to see our first event with 3 ‘streamed’ sessions running simultaneously. Timothy Ferris even popped in for a surprise interview
  • Year 3 saw 300 bloggers come to Etihad Stadium (or rooms at the stadium) with Chris Guillebeau and Aussie Sarah Wilson keynoting

This year is going to be bigger and better than ever and there are lots of changes! Here’s just a few of the developments:

  • For starters we’re moving things up to Queensland on the Gold Coast with the help of Tourism and Events Queensland.
  • This year we are flying in 4 international speakers – Trey Ratcliff, Jonathan Fields, Amy Porterhouse and Tsh Oxenreider will each speak.
  • This year we have our first Logie nominated speaker – yep, Clare Bowditch will be one of our keynotes this year – we might even convince her to sing something!
  • This year Tourism and Events Queensland are offering attendees the chance to be involved in some great ‘pop-up events‘ on the day before and the day after our event (they are free and will be a load of fun)
  • This year of the 20 speakers that we’ve announced so far (and there will be a few more) we’ve got 13 new speakers that have not appeared at the event – lots of fresh voices and teaching!
  • We’re holding the event at one of the most instagramable venues on the Gold Coast – the QT Hotel. It’s going to be a lot of fun…. did I mention they have a spa!
  • This year will be be bigger – we’re not sure how many tickets we’ll sell but 200 Early Bird Tickets sold out in just on 2 hours and we’ll be releasing 240 more today – it’ll be our biggest event yet!

There’s still more exciting (and new) stuff to announce in the coming weeks but I wanted to post today because we’re getting ready to put the final round of tickets on sale later today.

Attendees have largely been from Australia in the past but already we’ve got a few international guests signing up from around the region (New Zealand, Asia and I think even one flying in from the US). If you’re thinking about coming from overseas – please do. Queensland is a fantastic place to see and would be ideal to stay for a few extra days to explore!


The price of tickets going on sale later today is $349.99 (that’s Aussie dollars). This ticket price includes:

  • 2 full days of training (20+ sessions to choose from)
  • Digital Pass – audio recordings and PDFs of presenters presentations – so if you miss a session you’ll get to hear it later
  • a standup networking breakfast on the first morning
  • lunch on both days
  • morning and afternoon tea on both days
  • networking event in the evening of Day 1 (including drinks and some food)
  • an opportunity to network with hundreds of other Aussie bloggers

The Dates of the event are 13-14 September (Aussie, you’ll need to arrange a postal vote for our election that day so as not to miss a minute).

We will be selling a virtual/digital ticket as we get closer to the event that will include recordings/slides for most sessions – but of course you’ll miss out on a lot of the face to face fun – so we’d much prefer to have you there in person if you can make it!!!

Tickets go on sale at 1.30pm – but the best way to get reminded/notified the moment that they become available is to simply add your name and email address to the form below and we’ll shoot you a quick email when they’re on sale.

Otherwise – head to our Eventbrite page at 1.30pm Australian Eastern time and you’ll be able to pick up tickets there.

ProBlogger Training Event: A Last Release of Early Bird Tickets Today

UPDATE: the 2nd round of early bird tickets (100 in all) also sold out in about an hour. We’ll have more full priced tickets in the coming months. Please sign up below to be notified when they go on sale.

This post was intended to let you know that last night we released a round of Early Bird Tickets for our upcoming Training Event on the Gold Coast in Queensland (Australia).

However the 100 tickets we released yesterday all sold within an hour of us releasing them (without really us promoting it beyond the email list of people who’ve attended before and who expressed interest a couple of months ago).

Tickets sold out so quickly that we’ve had a heap of emails and Twitter messages from people who missed out so we’re going to release one last batch of Early Bird tickets today at 11am (Australian Eastern time).

We will release more full priced tickets in the coming months but if you’d like to come to our event and would like to save $50 add your email address to the form below and we’ll email you with a link to the ticket sales page when they go on sale in a few hours.

About the Event

  • Dates: 13-14 September (that’s a Friday and Saturday)
  • Where: QT Hotel Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia)
  • Price: Early Birds today at $299.99 (see what that includes below). Full price is $349.99 
  • What: 20+ sessions of content on many aspects of building profitable blogs, networking events, a digital pass (audio recordings of the event) and much more.

The price for these Early Bird Tickets is $299.99 (a saving of $50 on full priced tickets) which will get you:

  • 2 full days of training (20+ sessions to choose from)
  • Digital Pass – audio recordings and PDFs of presenters presentations – so if you miss a session you’ll get to hear it later
  • a standup networking breakfast on the first morning
  • lunch on both days
  • morning and afternoon tea on both days
  • networking event in the evening of Day 1 (including drinks and some food)
  • an opportunity to network with hundreds of other Aussie bloggers


We’re still locking on our schedule but you can see the announced speakers on our Speaker page. They already include:

  • Jonathan Fields
  • Amy Porterhouse
  • Tsh Oxenreider
  • Shayne Tilley
  • Clare Bowditch
  • Bernadette Jiwa
  • Justine Bloome
  • Darren Rowse

We’ve still got a lot more to announce though!

This year’s event will include a mix of keynote/single speaker sessions, a handful of panels, a few workshops and we’ll also be doing a few short case studies where you’ll hear from bloggers on interesting successes they’ve had in the last 12 months.

What you will Learn at PBEVENT 2013

Topics that we’ve got in our soon to be released schedule include:

  • Building Community and Deepen Reader Engagement on Your Blog
  • Facebook Marketing for Bloggers
  • How to Create Your First eBook
  • How to Create an Effective Media Kits
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • The Keys to Telling your Brand Story and Building an Iconic Brand
  • Blog Design and User Experience
  • How to Build an Editorial Strategy for your Blog
  • Advertising Models – from AdSense to Your own Ad Network
  • What Product to Sell from Your Blog
  • Using Video on Your Blog – Creating, Editing and Publishing
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Selling Products From Your Blog
  • Google Analytics – Understanding Metrics

Plus much more – we’ll have 20 sessions in total!

So if you’re interested in coming along – add your email address below and I’ll shoot you an email when the tickets go on sale:

Lastly – a special thanks to Virgin Australia who have come on as an Event partner this week.

Watch this space for an exciting opportunity to win flights with Virgin Australia!

2013 ProBlogger Training Event: To Be Held on the Gold Coast in Queensland

Today I’m excited to share news about the location and some other previously secret details of the new Aussie ProBlogger Training Day.

Over the last 3 years we’ve held a live blogging conference here in Melbourne that has grown both in attendee numbers but also impact each year.

The feedback from last year’s event was amazing. While there was room to improve in a few areas our team began to stress out a little as we read the feedback surveys at the end of the 2 days because the response was so positive we didn’t know if we could top it in 2013.

As a result we decided we needed to do something big to shake things up and today I am excited (and a little nervous) to announce that we’re taking PBEVENT on the road for the first time and are holding it at the QT Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.


I’ve just posted about the move on the ProBlogger Events blog where you can read more about the plans for the event but I wanted to mention it here on the ProBlogger blog too.

Great Blogger Training and Amazing Experiences of the Gold Coast!

Our ProBlogger Training Events are unashamedly packed with information for bloggers that will help them to grow their blogs (and to make them more profitable). Our 2013 event will be no different.

I’m already talking with a number of international and Aussie speakers about coming along and am excited by how that component of the conference is shaping up.

If you come you’ll return home with a head full of information, inspiration and ideas for your blog.

However this year we’re adding a new component to the event. Working with Queensland Tourism and Events we’ll be offering attendees the opportunity to have some ‘Pop-Up Experiences’ on the Gold Coast both before and after our event.


The event itself is being held on 13-14 September but on the day before and days after we’ll offer some experiences that show off the region. They’ll include opportunities for pampering, adventure, fun and a little indulgence. They’ll be fun, give you an opportunity to meet other bloggers but also hopefully give you some experiences to write about on your blog.

Stay tuned for more information on what these pop-up experiences will be and how you can apply to be involved.

International Guests Welcome

Moving our event to Queensland also makes this conference a little more accessible to international guests. Last year we had attendees come Asia and a number of US readers seriously considered making the trip – this year the flights are shorter and we hope by offering the pop-up experiences before and after that we can tempt you to come along (and perhaps stay a little longer for a vacation).

There’s some exciting things happening in the Aussie blogosphere at the moment so coming to be a part of our event will hopefully give you some fresh perspective and inspiration for your blogging – wherever you are. Plus, us Aussies love to play host and I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

Sign Up to Be Notified When Tickets Go On Sale

In the coming weeks we’ll release more information about the pop-up experiences but also begin announcing speakers in the lead up to releasing tickets.

To keep informed of when tickets go on sale simply add your details to the form below and we’ll notify you of future developments!

The ProBlogger Evolution: Our Halt on Guest Post Submissions

This week, I had a day-long blog strategy workshop with my team. We covered a lot of ground in that time and we have an exciting year ahead!

Among the decisions we made was one to shift the way we handle content here on the blog at ProBlogger.

Some years ago I opened up to guest posts as a means to give the blogging community a stronger voice, and help us gain from each others’ experience. I think that approach worked well, especially in the days before social media, when it could be difficult to find and connect with other bloggers.

Today, though, we’re in a different world. It’s much easier to find, connect with, and even meet other bloggers in and beyond your niche. There’s a plethora of information available on all types of topics related to blogging, and here at Problogger, we want to meet your needs as they evolve.

And that means a few changes in the way we present our content.

Guest Post Submissions Closed

Our strategy for 2013 means that we can no longer accept unsolicited guest posts on the blog. Our submission guidelines page  has been updated to reflect this change.

If you’ve been given a publication date for a guest post submission, don’t worry: that date stands. We’ll be publishing those guest posts over the next month or so.

If you’ve already sent us a guest post submission, but you haven’t heard back about it, Georgina will be in touch with you. We may be able to accept some already-submitted posts, but probably only a handful.

The reason for that is that we’re very excited to shift into a new gear for 2013, and while it’ll take some work, we’re keen to do it a.s.a.p. And of course there are plenty of excellent blogs where guest posts are well and truly welcome.

Looking Ahead

This change won’t meant that I’ll be the only person you’ll ever hear from on—far from it. But where we need content, we’ll be getting in touch with bloggers we’d like to feature on the blog and inviting them to participate.

If you’re already working with us, we may well be in touch with you soon! But of course, we’ll also be looking beyond our existing pool of contacts to bring you fresh voices and unique ideas every week.

Watch this space…

Will our new approach work? Only time will tell. We may find once we put it into practice that our new strategy has room for more posts from guest bloggers, and reopen submissions.

We’ll be keeping to our regular publishing schedule for the next few weeks, but after that, you can expect some changes to the blog!

I can say that my team and I are very excited about our plans for the blog this year, and I look forward to sharing more of those ideas with you as they’re ready.

Free Webinar: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Blogging When I Started

It’s time for another ProBlogger webinar, and as part of my 10 days of celebrating my 10 years of blogging, I thought in this next webinar that I’d do some reflecting upon the big things that I wish I’d known when I started blogging.

Register to attend here.

The last ten years has been a pretty amazing journey. I’ve learned a lot about creating content, building an audience, building community, and monetization. Much of what I’ve learned I’ve discovered the hard way through making mistakes and loads of experiments (many of which failed), so this webinar is about trying to communicate some of those lessons learned in the hope that you won’t need to make the mistakes I did.

I’ll be pitching this hour-long webinar mainly at the beginner-to-intermediate bloggers, and will be including time for Q&A at the end.

The webinar is scheduled for 8pm US Eastern time on Tuesday 4 December. For our international audience this means it is at:

  • Pacific Time: 5pm Tuesday 4th December
  • London: 1am Wednesday 5th December
  • Delhi: 5.30am Wednesday 5th December
  • Singapore: 9am Wednesday 5th December
  • Melbourne: Noon Wednesday 5th December

If you can’t make it to the live call, I’ll record it and will send out the recording to all who register to attend.

Join Me at the ProBlogger NYC Meetup this Sunday

This week, I’m off to the States, and I’ll be hosting a little blogging meetup in NYC while I’m there.

If you’re in the area, why don’t you join us?

The meetup’s on Sunday 28 October, and it’s sponsored by Zemanta, and will be held at Black Door.

The last two times I’ve been in NYC I’ve held a little meetup for bloggers. They’ve been fun evenings of meeting others in the ProBlogger and Digital Photography School communities.

Register to attend—and get all the event details—here.

I look forward to meeting you in NYC!

Free Interview Webinar with Tsh Oxenreider from SimpleMom

529429_10151910238930385_1351166577_n.jpegThis Thursday evening at 10pm US Eastern time (international times below) I will be running a free webinar with a blogger I’d love you to meet – Tsh Oxenreider from Register for the webinar here.

I know many of you know Tsh already as her blog has a big readership and those of you who followed the ProBlogger Tourism Queensland trip that we did earlier in the year will know that she was one of the winners of that prize.

I have to say that one of the highlights of that trip for me was having the opportunity to meet and get to know Tsh (we even got to do our first scuba dive together).

There are some people whose approach to blogging you just click with – Tish was one of those. I learned a lot from those chats and wanted to share some of what she’s done with ProBlogger readers.

About Tsh

Tsh began blogging in 2008 on Simple Mom so has only really been at it for 4 years but has not wasted her time since then. Simple Mom is a productivity blog for home managers which she describes as ‘like Zen Habits wearing an Apron’.

Since 2008 Tsh has grown her blog incredibly – not only in terms of audience and influence but in other ways. In those four years Tsh has anded a publishing deal and released a book, released a successful eBook, started a podcast, expanded her blog into a blogging network (currently 6 blogs with numerous writers and editors), spoken at many events and gone full time as a blogger.

In many ways Tsh is living the dream that many bloggers aspire to yet she’s one of the most grounded and humble people I’ve met in this industry. She blogs with authenticity, passion and a genuine interest in her readers.

In this week’s webinar I will be interviewing Tsh about the last 4 years and what she’s learned. We’ll cover:

  • how she’s grown her blogging from hobby to full time endeavour
  • how she expanded from a single blog into a blog network
  • how she monetizes her blog
  • how she manages her time and gets it all done
  • how she grew her audience
  • much much more

There will also be time for Q&A with attendees.

Register for the webinar here

Note: this isn’t a ‘selling’ webinar. We’re not going to pitch you anything at the end – it’s purely a chance to meet Tsh and hear about her approach to blogging.

Register for the Recording

The most commonly asked question that I get on these webinars is whether we will be recording them for those who can’t make the live webinars. The answer is YES. However to get the recording you need to register for it. All registered people will get an email about 24 hours after the webinar with a link to the recording.

Note: registering doesn’t get you on any email list or lead to any ongoing emails. It purely gets you into the call and access to the recording.

International Times

I know this time won’t suit everyone – we’ve made it a little later this time to make it more accessible to people in Asia but I understand those of you in Europe are going to struggle to make it (which is why we offer the recording option). Here are the times in a few parts of the world:

  • Los Angeles – 7pm on Thursday 26th
  • London – 3am on Friday 27th
  • Delhi – 7.30am on Friday 27th
  • Singapore – 10am on Friday 27th
  • Melbourne Australia – Midday on Friday 27th

I hope to see you on Thursday/Friday (depending where in the world you are)!

Register for the webinar here

PS: if you’d like to be notified of future ProBlogger webinars (we do them every 2-3 weeks) please add your email address to our notification list here.

Early Bird Tickets On Sale for Melbourne ProBlogger Event—#PBEVENT

pbevent12.jpgOver the last few years I’ve hosted two events here in Melbourne for bloggers. What started in 2009 as a quickly pulled together and very cramped and crowded event for 150 bloggers has grown considerably.

Today, tickets have gone on sale for our October Event and it is going to be big—both in terms of attendee numbers, the venue itself, and what we’re setting out to achieve.

This year’s Problogger Training Event will be held over two days at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium (or rooms within the stadium). The dates are 12-13 October.

Great speakers

The majority of our speaker lineup is from Australia’s amazing blogging community (we have some innovative and entrepreneurial bloggers here) but we’re also flying in Chris Guillebeau to bring a little international flavour. Chris will be presenting twice—once as a keynote and once in a workshop.

Other speakers and panelists include myself (I’ll be involved in three or four sessions), Sarah Wilson, Shayne Tilley (Web Marketing Ninja and regular contributor here on ProBlogger), Nicole Avery, James Tuckerman, Jules Clancy, Stan Lee, Mrs Woog, Valerie Khoo, and a load more (see the full list of confirmed speakers and panelists here).

A focus upon building profitable blogs

The focus of this year’s event will be much more upon monetization and building profitable blogs. While we’ll touch on some more general topics in the course of the event, the feedback from last year was that attendees wanted training on how to monetize.

As a result, we’re featuring sessions that are very much on the topic of making money through a variety of methods. This will include sessions looking at the different models available to bloggers, advertising and working with brands, ebook creation, courses and membership areas, selling your services, sponsored posts, and much more.

Solid training

The style of teaching at this event is a combination of keynotes, panels, and interactive sessions. However, based on feedback from last year we’re including more keynote presentations than previously, to allow for more intentional training that leads attendees through processes.

While there will be plenty of time for networking, discussion, and a little fun at this years event, the feedback from our second event last year was that we’d put on the most solid training event in Australia for bloggers—we only want to strengthen that.

My intent for this event is that bloggers not only walk away with theoretical teaching, but with practical advice and strategies that they can implement immediately.

You can see our preliminary schedule here.

Secure your tickets today

Tickets for the event this year will be price at $299.99 AUD but we currently have a limited number on sale for $249.99 AUD.

This price covers the two days of training, a networking breakfast on day one, all lunches and morning/afternoon breaks, drinks and food at a networking event (at one of Melbourne’s finest eateries) on the evening of the first day, as well as a Digital Pass to the event (where you get access to audio recordings of the event and PDFs of the presentations).


This price is as affordable as we can possibly make it, thanks to the support of some amazing sponsors—a special thanks to our Gold and Silver sponsors MYOB, Yellow Pages, Curtin University.

We do have a limited number of sponsorship spots still available for brands wanting to reach out to the Australian blogging community and beyond.