Podcasting Consultants

Last night I fell asleep thinking of Podcasting – ok I know that is a twisted and screwed up thing to admit but its true. I was pondering the podcasting business model question and starting wondering what business applications podcasting could have. When it comes to blogging the business blog is said to be the ‘next big thing’ – as a result blogging consultants are popping up everywhere – so in what ways might the humble podcast be used in business and when will we see the first pod consultant?

That is about as far as my pondering got – I’d been out with some friends at the pub and it was late and I was slurring my thoughts a little. Anyway – this morning I start running through my morning RSS rounds and find Cameron might just have answered the question about podconstultants – it could be him. He’s just written a post titled – My first podcasting client?

‘I don’t want to say too much at this stage, but over the last couple of days I’ve been having a VERY interesting conversation with a senior manager from a tier one US company who is interested in engaging my services to help produce an internal podcast for a certain segment of their staff around the world.

The idea is something like this:

This company has thousands of people around the world all doing the same job. It’s a difficult job and one not really appreciated by other members of the team. So this person has been appointed to bring these staff from around the world into a community. Get them talking, listening, sharing, debating.’

Very interesting.

Just saw this one also. Its an official podcast of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists . We’ll see more of this I guess.

Seeking a Podcasting Business Model

Listening to a good interview with Mick and Cameron from G’day World on a Podcast with the Blog Herald. Of particular interest to me was their comments about finding a business model for podcasting. I won’t quote them directly here (editing out the ‘vulgarities’ that some complain of..hehe) but they suggest that they’d like to look at doing a similar thing to the guys at Weblogs Inc with podcasting – ie provide the infrastructure for a stable of podcasters who each produce quality podcasts on their own areas of expertise.

Sounds like a great idea – I am fast coming to see the benefits of the podcast both as an addition to a blog but also as a medium in its own right.

The challenge is to find ways of paying for it (it has a lot more overheads than the average blog) but I suspect that this wouldn’t be too hard once they become a little more widely listened to.

Mick and Cameron talk about how their latest interview with Scoble was downloading 2000+ times in a couple of days. Sounds to me like their product is getting to a level where some smart advertiser should jump on board and test the effectiveness of promoting their product or service through their next big name interview.