Our Top Tips on Monetization: The Most Popular ProBlogger Posts of 2015

Our Top Tips on Monetization: the Most Popular ProBlogger Posts of 2015

If you were here yesterday, you would know I’m rounding up the most popular posts on ProBlogger this year in the categories of content, social media, general tips, and today’s crowd favourite: Monetization! I hope if you missed them the first time around, that these posts push you in the right direction (or you learn something new you missed on initial reading!) Go forth and earn, my friends.

The Full Blog Monetization Menu: 60 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

60+ Ways to make money on or with your blog

Yes, sixty. Sixty whole ways of making money on or because of your blog. If standard affiliate/ad/sponsored post fare is not for you, you are almost guaranteed to find something on this list you’d rather do to earn some cash with your blog. So comprehensive! It’s a must-see.

Make Money Blogging For Real: 3 Must-Know Factors


  • How do you make money online?
  • How does AdSense work?
  • Should I attend this “make money online” course?

I’m sure you’ve asked or been asked these questions at some point in your blogging career. And while we can’t all be raking in millions of dollars every year, the fact remains you can make good money on your blog… if you heed these three tips.

5 Advanced Techniques I use to Make Money on My Blog

5 Advanced techniques to Monetize Your Blog on

The wonderful Erin from Travel With Bender pulled back the curtain to show us all that there is money to be made on travel blogs, and exactly how she does it.

Make Money Blogging: Start the New Year by Increasing Your Income Streams


Well, it is that time of year! Darren outlined tons of great advice on how to make a legitimate, sustainable income on your blog by diversifying. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Monetizing Brand-Blog Relationships

Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Monetizing Brand-Blog Relationships

Louisa Claire stopped by ProBlogger HQ to spill all the secrets she’s learned from being both a blogger and the conduit between bloggers and brands. What are brands looking for? What kind of blog do you need? How do you get on a brand’s radar? What’s the first step when you think you might want to work with brands in a sponsored or ambassadorship capacity? Louisa tells all.

Special Mention:

So what do you think? Are you inspired now? Were you surprised by any of these? Which monetization model works best for you?

Stacey Roberts is the Managing Editor of a writer, blogger, and full-time word nerd balancing it all with being a stay-at-home mum. She writes about all this and more at Veggie Mama. Chat with her on Twitter @veggie_mama or be entertained on Facebook.

Our Top Tips on Creating Content: the Most Popular ProBlogger Posts of 2015

Our Top Tips on Creating Content: the Most Popular ProBlogger Posts of 2015

It’s been a great year here on ProBlogger, and as I advised (bullied you into?!) the other day – it’s time to look back on the year that was on your blog. I’ve been having a scroll through our analytics to dig out what posts you guys found most useful this year and I’ll be publishing the top five in the categories of content, monetization, social media, and the general tips we’ve shared across the rest of this week. Check back tomorrow for the next instalment!

Our Top Tips on Creating Content: The Most Popular ProBlogger Posts of 2015

Four Blogging Tools to Make Your Content Go Further

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.56.13 pm

Tools! You guys love tools. This post has four recommendations – on the subject of visual content, how to keep tabs on those blogging in your industry, how to manage your social media, and growing your influence. They’re pretty solid tips that will help you make the most of the content you create to make more of a mark in the blogging world.

3 Content Tweaks to Increase Your Blog Traffic Without Spending a Penny

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.56.13 pm

Oh how we adore a bargain! And nothing is cheaper than free. Guest contributor Jawad Khan shared three changes you can make to your existing and future blog content, without spending tons of money, to immediately start getting more traffic from search engines and social media websites. All that reward for very little work.

How to Get Top Bloggers to Share Your Content and Boost Your Traffic


This is a solid, lengthy post with great ideas on how to get your content in front of the right people – people with enough influence to send tons of traffic your way.

How to Build Your Blog’s Audience with Longform Evergreen Content

How to Build Your Blog's Audience with Long Form Evergreen Content

Pulling from some fantastic Tim Ferriss advice, this post reminded you all to get back to basics if you want to increase your traffic. Is your content full of useful, evergreen advice? Are you strong on who your audience is and who you are writing to? Why long form anyway? All the answers are revealed…

Google’s Mobilegeddon: The Best Excuse to Repurpose Old Content

How to Build Your Blog’s Audience with Long Form Evergreen Content - on

Google Mobilegeddon (the algorithm change that penalised websites that didn’t have mobile capabilities) frightened many of you into action. It was also the perfect time to reformat your content and publish it in varying ways. Mike gives a few pointers on how to breathe new life into old content.

Special Mentions:

So what worked for you? Which tips did you find most useful? Have you had an extra-good year on your blog content-wise? I’d love to chat in the comments!

I’m also taking bets on what you think were the most popular posts on monetisation, which will be revealed in tomorrow’s post!

Stacey Roberts is the Managing Editor of a writer, blogger, and full-time word nerd balancing it all with being a stay-at-home mum. She writes about all this and more at Veggie Mama. Chat with her on Twitter @veggie_mama or be entertained on Facebook.

Discover How to Turn Your Passion into Profit: 70% Off our Online Marketing Kit

Last week here on ProBlogger I put together a rather impulsive sale on the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog eBook and was overwhelmed by people taking up the offer and shooting me messages of thanks.

So this week we’ve decided to put another of our resources on sale with another week long sale and we’ve made the discount bigger!

See 2015 out with 70 off 4 1024

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing was written with the purpose of helping bloggers who start blogging for ‘passion’ to turn their blogs into profitable businesses.

This week only it’s yours for $14.99 USD – a 70% saving when you use the coupon code BYE2015 during the check out.

Written by the Web Marketing Ninja (a friend who had to keep his identity secret at the time due to working in a pretty high profile position) – this resource is much more than an eBook – it’s a whole ‘kit’ for bloggers which includes:

Bloggers guide online marketing 1

1. A 31 Chapter eBook

This clear, practical ebook includes 31 chapters focused on practical profit-generating strategies. Each detailed, insightful chapter encapsulates the Web Marketing Ninja’s wisdom, honesty, and extensive experience creating profitable and sustainable online brands. There’s also plenty of examples and activities for you to tackle.

Learn more about what each of the 31 chapters covers here.

2. A Comprehensive Resource Library

A downloadable, practical resource library which contains more than 21 documents, templates, worksheets, and examples to help you put the Ninja’s advice into practice immediately.

3. Bonus: 1 Hour Webinar Recording

Early buyers of this kit were invited to a Q&A webinar with Chris Garrett, Darren Rowse and the Web Marketing Ninja where they answered frequently asked questions on the topic of making money blogging.

You’ll get access to a recording of this webinar which goes for around 70 minutes to listen to in your own time.

The Ninja is a friend who helped me to start thinking more strategically about my own blogging. He helped me launch my first eBooks and taught me exactly how to get products from idea to launch.

This kit puts it into a system for you to follow!

Grab it Today for 70% Off

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing is normally $49.99 USD. This week only you can get it for $14.99 USD – a price we’ve never offered before.

My hope is that you’ll use it to create a profitable blog in 2016!

Get yours here but make sure you use the coupon code BYE2015.

How to Make Money as an Affiliate with a Best Seller List

How to Make Money as an Affiliate with a Best Seller List

A quick one today, and something that has helped me earn over half a million dollars with the Amazon Affiliate Program – so let’s get stuck in!

This #TodayNotSomeday task is one I’ve used numerous times and is easily adaptable to other affiliate programs or even your own products, if that’s your monetisation model. The concept of a “Best Seller List” is simple, but effective, and something you can definitely do today to start seeing results.

In this episode I tell you how I came up with the idea, why it works so well, and how you can do it too, right now! I’ll explain how often you can create best seller lists, the different sources from where you can pull together the information, and also a few examples in the show notes of some of the ones that have been successful for me.

You can share your ideas on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #TodayNotSomeday. Good luck!

Further Reading:


How to Increase your Amazon Affiliate Earnings for the Holidays

How to Increase your Amazon Affiliate Earnings for the Holidays

If you’re anything like most of the western world at the moment, you’ve got shopping on the brain.

Chances are, so do your readers!

The peak consumption time around Christmas is usually a peak earning time for those of us who are affiliate sellers. I always have a spike of income around December (and to a lesser extent, November and January), because people are always on the lookout for gift for friends and loved ones, and they find what they’re looking for through my posts.

If you were listening to episode 53 of the ProBlogger podcast, you would know I’ve earned over half a million dollars with the Amazon Affiliate program, which has been bolstered by the work I do over the Christmas period to drive traffic to the Amazon site. In the below video I have a reply of a livestream I did recently about how to really boost your income over the Christmas period with affiliate earnings.

At this time of year I would be putting Amazon affiliate links into at least every second post to help give my readers maximum exposure without overdoing it.

In this video I give five tips on how to make the most of the program in the Christmas period. Briefly, they are:

  • Get people in the door (Amazon is very good at getting people to buy if you can just get them to click over)
  • Promote the sales (sounds obvious, right?! but you’d be surprised!)
  • Bestseller lists (I have a full podcast here on how exactly to create great bestseller lists that successfully convert into sales here)
  • Buying guides (slightly different to the bestseller list, almost like mini-reviews of different items at different price points)
  • Hypotheticals (a little challenge you can issue readers that helps with tip number one – see an example here)

I’d love to hear your thoughts – does the theory hold true for you that your readers are in a buying mood? Are you seeing a spike in your earnings this time of year? I hope these tips are successful for you.

You might also want to check out the other tips I have for affiliates:


5 Ways I Use Habits to Stay Creative and Productive When Working From Home

5 Ways I Use Habits to Stay Creative and Productive When Working From Home: by Gretchen Rubin on

Folks, you’ll know today’s guest contributor author Gretchen Rubin from her bestselling books on happiness, habits, and human nature, her inspiring talks, and her popular daily blog Gretchen also shares practical, manageable advice on her podcast Happier With Gretchen Rubin, which iTunes just announced as one of the best of 2015. We are thrilled to have Gretchen on ProBlogger today, giving us her best tips on how good habits can help you stay sane and on track when your workplace is also your home. 

If you’re a blogger, and you work from home, it can be tough to stay productive and creative. You can always knock off some household chore – or take a nap on the sofa!

5 Ways I Use Habits to Stay Creative and Productive When Working From Home

In Better Than Before, my book about how to master habits, I identify the 21 strategies we can use to make or break our habits. I use many of these strategies on myself, to keep myself on track as a blogger.

1. I use the Strategy of Safeguards to put myself out of the reach of temptation.

To do the serious work of original writing—my most challenging kind of work—I take my laptop to a library that’s a block from my apartment, and there, I don’t connect to the internet. It’s easier physically to remove myself from the lure of my three monitors than to use self-control. Many people accomplish the same thing by using software to shut down the internet for certain intervals every day. Look for stumbling blocks, plan for failure!

2. I use the Strategy of Scheduling to do certain tasks at certain times.

It turns out that working is one of the most dangerous forms of procrastination. So when I tell myself, “at 10:00 a.m., I’m going to write that blog post,” at 10:00 I don’t allow myself to think that while I’m writing, I can also clean my desk, check email, post on Twitter, go over my calendar, or indulge in my personal favorite, do “research.” At the designated time, I do the task that I’ve identified, or I stare at the ceiling. Even when I don’t feel like working, I soon buckle down, out of sheer boredom.

3. I use the Strategy of Foundation to make sure that I move around a lot during the day.

Some days I go to the gym, or take a yoga class, or have a strength-training session. We also just got a new puppy, so I’m going for many more short walks during the day. Research shows that exercise helps me stay energized and focused—and for me, it also helps me keep my rear in the chair when I’m working, because otherwise I get very restless. Plus, as Nietzsche wrote, “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” I often find that I get a big insight or make an important connection when I’m out for a walk.

4. I use the Strategy of Monitoring to keep track of how much I’m posting.

How many posts am I really doing each week? We do a better job with just about everything (exercise, diet, spending, etc.) when we keep close track of what we’re doing.

Weirdly, I’ve found, it’s easier to post just about every day than to post some days. I usually post 5-6 times a week, so it’s part of my ordinary day. I don’t agonize, “Should I write something? I wrote yesterday and the day befofre, shouldn’t I get today off? I have a good idea for tomorrow, so should I take today off? I didn’t sleep well last night, I’ll write better tomorrow”, etc. But if I posted, say, three times a week, I’d go through that every time, I’m sure.

As it is, I just have to post. If you want a daily time log, to help you monitor how you’re spending your time each day, download it here.

5. I use the Strategy of Treats to make plenty of time to read.

The Strategy of Treats is the most fun We should load ourselves with healthy treats, because when we give more to ourselves, we can ask more from ourselves. Reading is my favorite thing to do, and when I give myself plenty of time to read for fun, I feel energized and cared for. Also, my reading gives me new ideas, illustrations, and insights, so it makes blogging easier, too. But I spend a good amount of time each week reading exactly what I want to read, not what I think I “should” read.


Here’s a strategy that I don’t need, but many people do: the Strategy of Accountability. In Better Than Before, I divide people into four categories: Upholders, Questioners, Obligers, and Rebels. (Take the quiz here.) For people who are “Obligers” (which is the largest category, by the way), the Strategy of Accountability is crucial. Key. Essential!

If you’re really good at meeting other people’s expectations, but find it hard to meet your expectations for yourself, you must give yourself outer accountability. Start an accountability group (starter kit here, if you want to start one) where people hold each other accountable. Work with a coach. Find a client. Report to a buddy. Do whatever it takes—because for many people, writing regularly on a blog is something that just won’t happen, no matter how much they want to do it, if there’s no external accountability. Know yourself, and plan accordingly!

If you’d like to read more about how to use habits to make your life happier, healthier, and more productive, check out my book, Better Than Before. It turns out that it’s not too hard to change your habits—when you know what to do.

Bonus Bonus!

The paperback of Better Than Before goes on sale on December 15. To say thanks to people who pre-order before that date, I’ll give you my “21 Days, 21 Strategies for Habit Change” email series for free. Lots of ideas about how to keep those New Year’s resolutions! But it’s only free until December 15. Info here.

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

Reading Roundup: What's new in blogging this week /

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited about the end of the year. I love Christmas, and I love a new year with its promise of a fresh start and new beginnings! If you have started your end-of-2015 blog audit to help you find your focus for 2016, maybe put it on pause for a bit and get stuck into this week’s inspiring links.

Subject Line Comparison: The Best and Worst Open Rates on Mailchimp // Mailchimp

This blew my mind. Everything I thought I knew is wrong!

The 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Content Marketing // Social Media Today

I definitely checked out RiteTag and DrumUp… I already use the Great Suspender for suspending open browser tabs to save battery, but these extensions are pretty bang-on.

How to Better Prepare Your Social Media for 2016 // Hootsuite

Don’t just dial in the dying weeks of 2015, go out with a bang!

How to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ads Manager // Social Media Examiner

I noticed this the other day, the ability to create an Instagram ad from my Facebook dashboard. Kristi runs you step-by-step exactly how to do it. Have you created one there before?

Can Christmas Lights Really Play Havoc with Your WiFi? //

Apparently yes, they can. But never mind, because…

Google’s AMP Will Make the Mobile Internet Faster Early next Year // Wired

In part an answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles, Google will be integrating Accelerated Mobile Pages into search results at the start of 2016. And pages will load faster – because we are ALL on our phones, and we want answers now.

Google+ Changes: What Marketers Need to Know // Social Media Examiner

Are you still on it? I can think of only a handful of people that are still making it work. But as Google is phasing it out, here’s what you should be aware of.

12 Awesome Instagram Features You’re Probably Not Using // Mashable

Upload > crop > brighten > filter. Not anymore! I think my favourite feature is the option to straighten your images. I am always taking photos on the fly and they are never as straight as they should be! Does anyone still use Hyperlapse?

Watch This! Video Dominates Social Media in 2015 // CNet

So what does this mean for 2016? What does it mean for bloggers who are writers and aren’t drawn to video? How do we compete? Have you embraced video or is it just that one more thing you can’t afford to spend your time on?

Why No-One is Reading Your Marketing Content // Harvard Business Review

We all know how much advertising has changed, and content, real-life content written by real-life people has become such a powerful way of connecting with a consumer. But people do tune out (hey, we’re only human), and HBR have nailed the reason why! Really foolproof tips here, I love that one about the value exchange.

After that, I hope you’re still reading this! Can you see where your content might be falling down? Are you going to start editing your Instagram images more? How about those Chrome extensions? Would love to hear what’s sparked something for you this week.

Stacey Roberts is the Managing Editor of a writer, blogger, and full-time word nerd balancing it all with being a stay-at-home mum. She writes about all this and more at Veggie Mama. Chat with her on Twitter @veggie_mama or be entertained on Facebook.

How to Give Your Blog Design a Spring Clean

How to Give Your Blog Design a Spring Clean

In this next instalment of the #TodayNotSomeday series on the podcast, we’re moving away from creating email lists, optimising signups, and creating autoresponder mailouts, and focusing on the first thing people see when they come to your blog: the design.

As you know, the series is working through challenges that help you do things today that you’ve been putting off, even though they have huge benefits for your blog in the long term. One of those things is design tweaks. You know the things that niggle at you that you never get around to – the font isn’t quite right, the sidebar needs work, your header could do with an upgrade – but you’ll sort them out one day. Except that day is today!

The way your blog looks, what it makes people feel, what it calls people to do is vital, and it has a huge impact on your blog and how it’s seen.

Today, with a little work on re-optimizing your design, you have the potential to turn more first-time visitors into long-term readers, you invite the reader to stick around longer, you up the chance of them clicking on affiliate links or advertising, comment more, investigate your ebooks, and have a higher chance of them seeing your offered services. All from just a few minutes’ work on your part!

In this episode I discuss the things you should do today that will help you achieve these gains. Of course it depends on what your aims are for the site, so the advice will be slightly different for everyone, but in general, we go through actual steps to optimise your sidebar, navigation, calls to action, and decisions about your entire design. I also share the top 5 things I think every blog should have to make their design eye-catching and user-friendly.

What changes will you make? Share your progress with the #TodayNotSomeday hashtag, and find the show notes for this episode here.

Further Reading:


How to Do an End of 2015 Blog Audit: Take Stock of What You’ve Achieved and Where You’re Headed

How to Do an End of 2015 Blog Audit: everything to set you up for a year of successful blogging

Hey you there, the one with the blog. Put down that wrapping paper (keep the eggnog, you’ll need sustenance), it’s time for you to take a quick look back at the year that was on your site, even though we’re heading into the busiest season of the year.

Why? Well, blog-wise it’s great to know what’s happened across 2015, give you an overview of your efforts, point you in the right direction for 2016, and give you a case of the warm and fuzzies when you see how far you’ve come in 12 short months.

Doing a blog audit can also help you create content for the months ahead and give you an advantage when it comes to your social media strategy. Who wouldn’t want to start the new year on the right foot (even if it does mean a few hard truths along the way – you don’t really want to hear that you’ve spent hours on Pinterest for little return, but it’s necessary hearing, right!)? Getting a sense of where you’re at is pretty important to help you know where you can expand next.

So where do you start? It’s such an overwhelming prospect when you think about going over every aspect of your blog with a fine-tooth comb, but as always, if you break it down into smaller tasks, it’s totally achievable. A pleasant beverage alongside wouldn’t hurt…

How to Do an End-of-2015 Blog Audit

Grab a pen and notebook, a fresh Google Doc, a spreadsheet if you’re into that sort of thing, or anything else you’re happy to take notes on or in, and go through each section of your blog thoroughly. What worked, what didn’t, what did you hate, what will you change for next year? As science historian James Burke said once “you can only know where you’re going if you know where you’ve been”. True dat.

“You can only know where you’re going if you know where you’ve been.” – James Burke

[Tweet That!]

So let’s get stuck in.


You’re going to have to look at some stats for this, so open your WordPress Jetpack or Google Analytics and be prepared to dive in. First though, a look through the posts themselves:

  • How long were posts? Did you have a variety of word lengths? All long? All short? Which performed better? What would you say your average post word count would be?
  • What were the most popular posts? Overall, and for each category of your blog?
  • What type of posts worked? What resonated with your audience?
  • What fell flat, or just quite didn’t make it?
  • Did you write to your niche? Or did you branch out? Was that a wise choice?
  • Were you helpful?
  • What posts got the most comments/emails? Which one seemed to touch a nerve in your audience?
  • What was shared most?
  • What did you enjoy writing?
  • Where are you sourcing images? Are you making or taking your own? Could you start? What other options are there (you can find a selection of places that have collections of free, no-attribution images here), what program are you using to create and personalise your images? Is it enough or should you try something new? What are your image sizes? Are they optimal? Have you changed blog layout and now some of them are poorly sized? Make a note of them so you can update later with a better image.
  • Which day of the week got the most traffic? What were you publishing on those days? Was it consistent with your brand?
  • Was your overarching theme this year consistent with your brand?
  • What search terms got the most people to your blog? are you providing content for them?
  • Does each post have a good image that’s formatted correctly, a keyword-rich headline, and is it pleasant to the eye? Is there enough white space, and are there calls to action where necessary?
  • Were you providing enough value?

How to Do an End of 2015 Blog Audit: everything to set you up for a year of successful blogging

Back End

The nitty-gritty that we usually ignore unless something has gone wrong. Do a cleanout!

  • Are your plugins still working for you? What can you delete? What needs updating?
  • What do you have as a 404 error message? Can you make it more useful to the reader who finds themselves there?
  • Do you have broken links? (one way to find out is to use a broken link checker, or install a plugin that will do it for you). Can you update them?
  • What is your SEO plan? Are you inserting key words in all the right places? If you have Yoast installed, is there a green light on the majority of your posts? What can you do to improve in the new year? (Moz has a pretty comprehensive post here on doing a full SEO audit if you feel you need that much depth, and a content audit here).
  • Have you filled out the alt-text field on all your images with keyword-rich descriptions? (remember, this is what Pinterest pulls so make it user-friendly)
  • What have you been using to track metrics/traffic? Is it working?
  • Create a Google Analytics report about what has happened on your site, and who is reading it (and on what device!) Darren has a great tutorial here on how to find the most useful stats in Google Analtyics and use that knowledge to set up your next year of blogging on the right foot.


We eat with our eyes, as they say, and readers will make snap judgements about you and your blog based on how it looks when they get there. What does your design say?

  • Is it functional?
  • Is it reader-friendly?
  • Is it pleasing to the eye?
  • Does it describe you and your blog at a glance?
  • Have you stayed consistent with colours and fonts?
  • Are there any widgets that need removing?
  • How is your sidebar working? What can you shuffle around or delete entirely?
  • Are you making the most of the bottom-of-the-blog real estate?
  • Are the ads old? Can you write to the advertisers and offer them a new deal?
  • Are you making the most of your design to point to where you could make an affiliate sale?
  • Are there several points on the page where readers can follow you?
  • Is your newsletter signup box prominent? Do you have more than one?
  • Is that pop-up box worth it?
  • Are your social media icons in the right order (you might want to put your most popular sites at the front). Are they linked to the right place? Are they the right size or colour?
  • Do all the links on your homepage work?
  • What can you remove from the design to enhance the look of your blog?
  • What are you using for social sharing? Do you like it? are people using it? Can you find something that works better?
  • Personal branding: is it recognisable? Have you been using the same branding techniques on your post images?


The umbrella of what you’re about. How’s that workin’ for ya?

  • Are the pages and topics you’ve sorted your content into still relevant? Have you moved onto other things? Can you merge some? Nest them?
  • Did you share content equally across all or did you find you wrote on a particular topic the most?
  • Is the navigation streamlined and user-friendly?
  • Are your pages and topics easily accessed?

How to Do an End of 2015 Blog Audit: everything to set you up for a year of successful blogging

Social Media

Our home away from home!

  • On what platform did you see the biggest growth?
  • Where was the most engagement?
  • What did you enjoy the most?
  • Have you changed profile pictures and bios lately? How current are they?
  • What brought most return for your efforts?
  • Where would you like try in the new year?
  • Is it obvious on all of these platforms what you’re about? What you can offer people?
  • Do all your platforms link to your blog, and are these options obvious and easy to find?

Your promotional strategy

You can’t just “build it and they will come”. Because they’re busy reading someone else.

  • How did you get your blog in front of new readers?
  • How successful was that?
  • What wasn’t worth the time invested?
  • Where will you invest your time next year?
  • What have you got as an opt-in? Does it need upgrading?
  • How are you offering your newsletter or mailing list? Have you been consistent with it, have you been tracking open rates etc?
  • Did you guest post anywhere? Was that worth your time? Where could you try this year?
  • Did you try to get some traditional media coverage?
  • Did you try any collaborations or cross-promotions? Who could you work with in 2016?
  • Did you do any giveaways? How did they work?

How to Do an End of 2015 Blog Audit: everything to set you up for a year of successful blogging


  • What has been your strategy this year?
  • What monetization models were you using?
  • What has been the most lucrative?
  • What hasn’t been worth your time?
  • What will you spend your resources on next year?
  • What programs, ebooks or courses need updating?
  • Can you bundle them together and do a quick lead-up to christmas sale?
  • Can you release something quick in time for christmas or new year?
  • How has your audience reacted to each monetisation strategy?
  • What model have you most enjoyed using?
  • What would you consider for the future?

Your goals

  • Did you create any? did you meet them?
  • Were you too ambitious? Or not enough?
  • What did you have in mind for next year?
  • Have you written your future goals and a plan for how to get there?
  • How could you learn from the mistakes you’ve made this year to help you reach your goals now?

Your feelings

  • How did you feel overall?
  • What did you excel at?
  • Where did you feel you could have done better?
  • Did you enjoy blogging?
  • Do you still enjoy it?
  • Have you thought about quitting, moving on to something else (like podcasting, for example), do you want to write a book, open an online store… did you think about expanding or moving on?
  • What would you like to do on your blog for next year?
  • What will you be leaving behind?

A big job, huh? But worthwhile. I hope you finished your audit feeling organized and motivated for a fantastic year ahead!

(if not, there’s always eggnog…)

Stacey Roberts is the Managing Editor of a writer, blogger, and full-time word nerd balancing it all with being a stay-at-home mum. She writes about all this and more at Veggie Mama. Chat with her on Twitter @veggie_mama or be entertained on Facebook.