Chitika eMiniMalls Plugins has posted a Chitika eMiniMall WordPress Plugin to help you insert eMiniMalls inside your posts.

It’s similar to some plugins that I’ve seen to do the same thing with Adsense which might be helpful.

However keep in mind that inserting ads inside individual posts means that you later on if you want to remove ads or change colors of them that you will probably need to go back to each post you’ve inserted them into to manually change them.

This is why I prefer to use templates of my blog to insert ad code. You might find it slightly less flexible in terms of ad positioning if you do this – but later on if you want to move or change the design of your ads you simply have to change one thing and rebuild your site rather than surfing to individual pages.

Having said this – some people love these plugins because it gives them complete control and flexibility over individual positions for ads on their blogs – if that’s you this might be worth installing on you WP blog.

Speaking of Chitika eMiniMalls – those of you experimenting with them might like to know that you’re not alone. Today I was surfing by the massive Gizmodo and spotted that they are rotating them through a number of their ad blocks also.

Congratulations to Chitika – it looks like their beta test is turning out to be a very successful trial.

Chitika eMiniMalls Tips

If you’re one of the many bloggers who have just signed up for Chitika eMiniMalls after reading my review you might like to check out Quick Online Tips who have just posted tips on running Chitika eMiniMalls & Google Adsense on Same Webpage.

There they give code that helps you to set your eMiniMalls up in a way that is non contextual (and is therefore allowable with Adsense) but in a way that rotates a variety of ads which will help you to get a bit of variety in your ads which will help combat ad blindness.

I’ve been using this rotating ads code over the past day or two and have noticed an increase in earnings already.

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Blogging Stories – How Blogs Change Lives

I just spoke to a reader of ProBlogger on the phone who left a comment on the Chitika Mini-Malls Review that totally knocked me off my feet.

Rachel (not her real name – she is wanting to protect her niche and not go public) has been reading ProBlogger for the past few months and has slowly built her blog earnings up from nothing to $40 per day through Adsense. That was until yesterday when she started using mini-malls. I’ll let her explain in her own words in her comment (used with permission):


I put these (the mini-malls) on my blog after reading this review a day ago and today I’ve earned just under $150 from them in a day! I know this will probably go down a little when my readers get used to them but it’s amazing!!!

Adsense was only earning me $40 a day previously!

Thankyou SOOO much for this review Darren. You have just changed my life.

I cannot express to you what this means to me. if the $150 per day continues I will be able to go off welfare payments at last and should be able to put my two little kids into some non 2nd hand clothes for the first time in their lives.

I’m a single mum and never considered being able to earn this type of money. I am so grateful to this blog Darren, you were the one who got me up to $40 a day, but this is is unbelievable. I’m trying not to count all my chickens before they hatch, but wow.

thankyou so much Darren’

I’m blown away. Not by the figures – or even by the success of the mini-malls – but by the ability of blogging to have this kind of an impact upon someone’s life. This is one of the main the reasons I started ProBlogger – because I saw potential for ordinary people like myself (and Rachel) to find a voice in an area they learn and talk about and to find ways to build an income stream around it.

I doubt Rachel will ever be a millionaire blogger – in fact she has told me that she only wants to do it to a part time level because she wants to spend significant time being a mum to her kids – but the great thing is that she’s taking it to a level that meets some of the dreams she has for her family. She’s someone who a year ago was in a low place and wondering how they’d get by who now has some hope.

I suspect we’ll see more and more stories like this in the coming months and years. They might not be stories that make it into papers or magazines about what the big networks are doing – but they are stories that matter in the lives of individuals and their families.

In my mind they are the stories that really do matter.

I’d love to hear your stories if you have them of how blogging has and is making a difference in your life. Feel free to share them in comments below either with your name attached or anonymously. If you leave an email address it won’t be public but I’ll see it.

Chitika eMiniMalls Review

If you read this review of Chitika eMiniMalls and sign up – you might also be interested in my Chitika eMiniMall Tips Page and my post revealing how much Chitika eMiniMalls earn me.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been a part of a beta testing program of a new ad format for Chitika’s eMiniMalls.

They are a new type of ad that many of you will find quite beneficial for your blogs – I know I have. You’ve probably seen them around. They come in a range of sizes but usually have a picture of a product and then some tabs running across the top that say ‘Description’, ‘Best Deals’, ‘Reviews’ and ‘Search’. As you put the cursor over the top of these tabs they change what the ad shows.

I’ve added one to the sidebar here at ProBlogger so you can see what I’m talking about in the flesh and have added a screen capture of another sized one below.


How do they work?

– ads pay on a per click basis. The value of the clicks depends upon the product being featured.
– left in default mode – mini-malls are contextual ads (ie they look at your content and try to find ads that are relevant with it)
– ads can be set to be non contextual and to target specific keywords (this is helpful when it comes to running them in conjunction with Adsense – more information on this below).

How Profitable are they?
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