Movable Type 3.16 Released

Six Apart has just released an upgrade to Movable Type – Movable Type 3.16.

The upgrade includes:

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Which Blogging Platform is Best?

Dave (a ProBlogger reader) asks:

I am trying to decide what software to use for a new blog. I have a little experience with blogger, but have looked a lot at WordPress and Moveable Type. But, I sure would appreciate what you think are the pros and cons and even a recommendation on the various blogging formats.

I thought I’d open it up for some discussion. What tool do you recommend and why?

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Squarespace Review

Richard from Pharma Blawg has a good review of the blogging platform Squarespace and writes:

‘If you want to use all of Squarespace’s offerings, it’ll probably take a bit longer to learn than Typepad and Blogger, but in my view the extra time is well worth it. Equally, if all you want is a good looking blog without adding multiple modules (yes, Squarespace operates a modular system where you add different modules as you please), you’ll be able to get up and running very quickly. ‘

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Bloglines is Down

If you’re having trouble logging into Bloglines tonight you’re not the only one. It looks like they are having some sort of database problems. Others reporting difficulties include:

to name just a few.

Unfortunately this is becoming more of a problem for Bloglines – its the second extended problem I’ve had in a few weeks. Perhaps its rapid growth is taking things a bit beyond what they can handle.

I’m going to do some serious looking for a non web based News Aggregator this week – I can’t afford to have my News Aggregator offline like this – it’s costing me money each time it goes down. What do other Mac users use to track RSS feeds? Interested in others experiences.

WordPress 1.5 first impressions

Michael gives his first impressions of WordPress 1.5.

TypePad and Blogger Compared

CNET has a comparative review of the TypePad and Blogger blog platforms. I think they made the right decision with their ratings.

‘We looked at the two top blogging services. Best known, and free, is Google Blogger. But you get what you pay for: Blogger is a basic blogging service that won’t overpower beginners with too many options or choices. For a small monthly fee, however, Six Apart TypePad provides the services we’d like to see offered within Blogger, such as mixed-media templates, built-in photo uploading, and guest accounts. Ironically, Blogger makes it much easier to host your blogs on your own domain; TypePad allows it but also requires a little extra work between you and your ISP.’

WordPress 1.5 Review

The Blog Herald writes a good review of Word Press 1.5 for those thinking of upgrading or swapping over.

‘WP 1.5 builds on 1.2, which in itself was very good, so I’ve got no complaints. The static pages and spam handling abilities are definite positives, and the templating system is particularly useful for new bloggers or bloggers who’d rather not play with script too much. Would I recommend changing from 1.2 to 1.5, yes, but if you’re happy running 1.2 I wouldn’t rush, the new version isn’t an earth shattering change and I’ll personally only be rolling over my other blogs and those I’ve designed for a few others over the coming months, but I’ll add that I’ve got adequate spam protection on the others. If you’re running WordPress 1.2 and are having big problems with spam, make the move quickly. It won’t stop spam altogether, but the built in tools certainly go along way.’

Easy Bake Weblogs E-book Review

Easy-Bake-1I’ve been chatting to Andy from Easy Bake Weblogs (affiliate link) for the past week or so via Skype and am really enjoying chatting with another problogger who knows his stuff. Andy comes at his blogging from a slightly different direction to me – he’s an experienced blogger who is making his blogging related income a little less directly than I do from blogs. Where my income is largely through advertising on the actual blogs that I run Andy has a variety of other income streams including design work, tele-seminars and an e-book.

Today I was chatting to Andy about his ebook (its information page is here) and asked what its focus of – and two seconds later he’d generously sent me a copy for my thoughts and review. I’m really glad that he did because I have really enjoyed reading it over the past hour or so.

I’ll say up front that I’ve never been a huge fan of e-books – maybe its because I had a bad experience with the first one I ever got, or maybe I’m just tight, but my opinion of them has never been great. I’ve heard too many stories of people forking over substantial amounts of money only to get a 30 page document with large typeset with information that you could find anywhere on the net for free.

So you can imagine my suspicion as I sat down in my local cafe this morning to take a look at the Easy Bake Weblogs E-book.

I’m happy to report that my suspicions were off the mark in this case. Let me share how I found it:

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Tabbed Browsing for Bloggers

Arieanna has a good post on why she loves Firefox as a blogger. As I was reading it – especially this following section on tabbed browsing – I found myself agreeing with her whole heartedly – although for me you just need to substitute the word ‘Firefox’ with ‘Safari’ throughout her article. Here’s what she says about tabbed browsing:

‘I use Bloglines to read most of my news. My preferred method of reading is just to open up a folder all at once (I organize my subscriptions into folders so I can prioritize my reading). Bloglines then delivers all new posts for all blogs in that folder in a linear fashion. So, I scroll down the page reading post titles that appeal to me. If there is something I want to read more fully and/or perhaps blog on, I will middle click or Control+click to open that post in a new TAB. I have set my preferences so that new tabs open “in the background,” so to speak. Let me explain this: I tell Firefox to open the tab, but it does so by just opening a new tab behind the one I am currently reading. Non disruptive. I can keep reading without any popup or any clutter in my taskbar.

Why do I like this? Well, I have two stages for reading my blog subscriptions. Approaching 200 blog subscriptions, it is impossible to read everything, nor does everything interest me.

Stage 1: look at titles. If appealing, open tab. Keep scanning down for more.

Stage 2: Go through each tab and read the posts.

Another great advantage of tabbed browsing is the ability to read a webpage fully from top to bottom, while also opening up links you think would be interesting to read more about. No having to press the back button a ton of times. Each link is a possibility for a new tab. Indeed, I think I’ve come close to having 50 open at once. Try that with IE windows. No thanks.’

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