Online Consumers Spending Up these Holidays – How are Your Earnings?

Clickz reports on the latest stats of online spending this holiday season.

Spending online is up 24% (with last month totaling $11.75 billion) on last year and traffic is up 13% (it seems people are buying more per visit this year).

Obviously those taking the majority of this income are the big online retailers – but I’m wondering how many entrepreneurial bloggers are enjoying an increase in traffic and earnings?

As I analyze my own earnings for the last couple of weeks I’d estimate that they are up about 50% on two months ago. Particularly performing for me are Amazon Affiliates (up by about 70%) and Chitika’s eMinimalls and Shoplinc (up by as much as double across Chitika’s different ad types) (aff) and to a lesser extent AdSense (up around 20%).

How have others earnings been going in the last few weeks of this holiday period? What’s working for you? What’s not?

YouTube Comes of Age

We’ve recently been playing with video blogging more. Darren has done several in the past weeks and I’ve got a couple buried around too. The most popular video hosting service around, YouTube, has come under fire recently for performance and availability reasons. It’s a big service. They have done a reasonable job, in my opinion, of scaling well with astronomical growth. Truth is, serving up video is a massive undertaking, especially on that scale. I don’t really fault YouTube for having growing pains. AOL did back in the mid-90s when they made the bold move of offering, wait for it… unliited dialup. MySpace seems to experience “glitches” regularly. It seems natural for a growing service to hit some bumps.

This graph was posted on the Qumana blog today (originally from Read/Write Web) charting Yahoo Video (Green), Google Video (Blue) and YouTube (Red) visitors.

My question is how much more can YouTube grow without self-imploding.

College-Startup for Sale!

College Startup is a wonderful little blog that I was turned onto some time ago by Darren. Since then, it has been a notable little item in my Bloglines account which was where today I found out that its owner, Ben Bleikamp, has decided to sell. The auction is being held over at the SitePoint Marketplace and he is taking bids. Opening bids start at $1000 with a Buy it Now of $6500.

This really is a gem of a website and if I had the cash I’d make him the offer he can’t refuse. Hopefully, someone else will find the value in this site and give him the offer he can’t refuse.

Non English Posts make up over Two Thirds of Total Blog Posting

What is the most common language used by bloggers?

It might surprise some to know that it’s not English but Japanese according to David Sifry. English comes in second with Chinese third.


The interesting thing is that Japanese is on the rise in the last six or so months. In November 05 it made up 31% of posts, in January 06 it made up 32% and now it’s up to 37%. English makes up under a third of total posts.

Of course this measures total numbers of posts in these languages and not numbers of bloggers – perhaps Japanese write a lot more posts per day than English speaking bloggers but I suspect it says more about the international state of the blogosphere – something that doesn’t get a whole heap of attention.

Anyone want to translate ProBlogger into Japanese?

BBC Continues to Explore New Media

The Guardian reports that the BBC is redeveloping their online presence to be much more new media focused:

‘The BBC today unveiled radical plans to rebuild its website around user-generated content, including blogs and home videos, with the aim of creating a public service version of’

Cory Doctorow Speaks

Tonight I heard at the last minute about a lecture that Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing was giving here in Melbourne (thanks to a ProBlogger reader for letting me know about it)

His topic:

‘Offering a remarkable global perspective on the future, Cory will discuss his view that technologies which seek to restrict the copying and use of digital works suppress creativity and treat honest users like crooks. The session will cover the tension between corporate imperatives and end-user experience, the current state of Digital Rights Management, online book publishing and more.’

The focus wasn’t directly about blogging and the written media but he’s an interesting guy and it was well worth the $15 to go along and hear him present.

Perhaps the quote of the evening (or at least the one that connected with some of my own thinking over the past few months) was along the lines of:

‘Content isn’t King – Conversation is King’

Cory is also presenting tomorrow night in Sydney.

Mark Pilgrim Gets Back in the Game

Mark Pilgrim is back. Mark Pilgrim was actually one of the early shapers of my philosophy on blogging and left me somewhat disappointed when he left the game a few years ago. It looks like he’s back though, based on his entertaining (as a parent) entry on bath time with his child, one cannot be sure what shape his blogging will take this time around.

Hat Tip: Blog Herald

Web 2.0 Spam

It seems spammers are getting a little web 2.0 in their design.

The last few days I’ve had the one below quite a few times. Large fonts, rounded corners, shiny icons…. Almost (not quite) looks like something from a collection of Web 2.0 logos.


A Negative Blogosphere?

Fascinating post over at Scobleizer on The new A list – some reflections by Robert on how he sees the the new breed of bloggers coming through treating his mate Dave Winer who recently announced he’s looking at stepping away from blogging. He describes this new ‘A-list’ of bloggers as a lynch mob.

“No one kept their head – the knives and guns just came out in this street fight. No one called both sides and did some real reporting. No one added any value. Built anyone up. No, all I read was “Dave’s an a++hole” kind of comments…. Ever notice that the new A list only tears down people and ideas but never puts new ideas, new products, new tools, out there to attack?”

My reaction to Robert’s post is mixed:

On the one hand I disagree that the new A-list never puts new ideas, products, tools out there. I see a lot of new bloggers developing interesting ideas and products. This is one of the things that excites me about the space we’re in at present – a new wave of fresh and creative sorts pushing into new space (not just in blogging but in it’s surrounding space also).

On the other hand I connect with the main thrust of Robert’s post.

I’ve noticed a change in the ‘vibe’ of the blogosphere over the last 12 months.

While there has always been arguments, fights, flame wars and snarkyness in the wider blogging community I wonder if it’s gone to new levels in the last year. Perhaps it is just me or the types of bloggers that I’ve been reading lately (and it could well be) – but I’ve noticed a significant increase in the mob mentality among some bloggers of late. Link baiting with ‘attack’ and/or ‘shock’ tactics has been used quite successfully by some bloggers to build their own profile with little (if no) regard for the impact that these strategies have upon those around them.

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