Do you Blog for any Blog Networks? – Poll of the Week

This week’s poll of the week (it could actually run for two weeks while I’m away) asks:

‘Do you Blog for any Blog Networks?’

I’ve just left two options for answers, yes and no.

I’ll leave a definition of ‘Blog Networks’ up to you to define for yourself. I’m not interested in a debate on the issue of what is and isn’t a network except to say that if you think you are a part of one then please answer yes.

If you want to discuss the poll or share why you answered what you answered – feel free to do so in comments below.

Blog Network List

If you’re into watching Blog Networks (and it seems an increasing number of bloggers are if the news aggregators I’m watching are anything to go by) you might be interested in the Blog Network List a site by Blog Media which is designed to watch and list the statistics of many blog networks. They are currently tracking 58 networks and 1140 blogs.

They’ve obviously put some work into it as they are listing networks and blogs in a number of ways – ranking them by size, value, inlinks and total traffic just to name a few methods. They are having a few problems by the looks of things with some of their stats – especially from Alexa with traffic but it’s interesting just to see the vast numbers of blog networks (of all shapes and sizes) that are emerging all in the one place.

Sports and Mommy Blogs Launch

Blog herald reports that there’s a new sports blog network launching at Sports Cartel with NHL, NFL and NBL blogs – lots of them.

And for something a bit different but still sure to be popular – Duncan also emailed me a link to a press release of a new Mommy blogging collaboration over at Mommy Bloggers.

Yahoo to Distribute Gawker Blogs

More big blog network news today with Yahoo agreeing to distribute Gawker Media’s Blogs. Reuters reports the news:

Yahoo said it will post “dozens” of stories per day from Gawker Media’s blogs, including New York-media gossip blog Gawker, U.S. political gossip-focused Wonkette, Hollywood insider’s guide Defamer and popular technology blog Gizmodo.

The deal follows Yahoo’s decision in October to begin displaying commentary from online journals or blogs alongside traditional news stories.

Pretty significant news.

More on this here

Freshdaily Blog Network


Yet another new blog network is launching – this time a Canadian (and rather pink) one called Freshdaily. No real details of what the network will include but so far they publish four city blogs. One to watch – if only to see if the whole network will be in pink!

found via one degree

What Blog Networks Look for In Potential Bloggers

Blogging.wurk has a post with this ‘inside word’ on what blog networks are looking for in bloggers. He asked network owners for their opinion and got responses from 4.

b5media merges with About Weblogs Blog Network

We just announced our bigger announcement for the day over at b5media.

b5media has just merged with About Weblogs – bringing the network to 50 active blogs.

The full details are here.

The press release is below if you are interested in reading it.

[Read more…]

ProBlogger formally joins b5media


Just a quick announcement that I’m sure will not shock anyone.

As of today has formally joined the network of blogs (which I am a part owner of).

This will mean little in practical terms to this blog except that there will be (and have already been) some minor tweaks to the page in terms of design and advertising. In many regards this just formalizes what has already been as I’ve been linking to the rest of the network from my sidebar for a couple of weeks now.

ProBlogger will continue to provide the same content that it’s always provided, it will continue to be authored by me, it’s hosting will remain the same and it’s design will not change too much (although I’ve been thinking about a redesign for the new year).

The other owners of b5media brought their personal blogs into the network a couple of days ago – but I was a bit behind with getting things organized.

Opportunities at b5

If you don’t follow the RSS feed over at b5media you might have missed a few opportunities that we’ve been advertising for including:

Also we announced a fun new blog – Kapped – a blog that three of our bloggers (Ingrid, Erin and Jayvee) are having a load of fun with – taking screen captures from films, TV shows and video games and adding captions. I surfed through all the screen caps so far yesterday and found myself having quite a good giggle. I’m not sure how commercially viable it will be with Adsense – but I’ve just added it as my home page and think it’ll provide me with some entertainment each day.