Examining the 9rules Network

Scrivs has been writing some interesting information about the 9 Rules network and how it all operates. People want to know the ‘catch’ and Paul is doing his best to show that there is no catch.

There are not rules about having ads on your site, no rules about how many post you have to write, no rules that say the ownership of the content is anyone’s but the blogger. Interesting.

The main requirement is that you link back to the 9 Rules main page – which in turn links back to you.

Ok – so what IS the catch? Is there one? Where is this headed? What is the point?

I’m sure Paul will post more on this as it goes but here are a few things that come to mind as I ponder the 9 Rules Network.

How do the 9 Rules Network Owners gain?
Obviously there would be little point in starting a network if there wasn’t anything to gain from it – this is just human nature and good business sense. I don’t have an issue with people gaining things so lets not knock Paul and his gang for wanting to profit from this. But what is in it for them? Here are a few suggestions: [Read more…]

New York Times on Gawker

The New York Times Article on Nick Denton and Gawker has an array of interesting titbits in it that will make a good weekend read for any aspiring ProBloggers. Here are a few tasters that peaked my interest:

On Editors and their daily goals:

‘Each editor is under contract to post 12 times a day for a flat fee, Mr. Steele said. (Gawker has two editors and now posts 24 times a day.) It is best to have eight posts up before noon, if possible, to keep readers coming back, he said….

12 posts per day is a pretty high posting rate for a blog. We’ve had the ‘how frequently should you post‘ debate here from time to time and I’ve been interested by the fact that most people seem to argue for a ‘less is best’ approach for fear of overwhelming readers. Obviously there are multiple posting rhythms. Gawker does well in this because it generally posts shorter posts – so 12 isn’t as overwhelming as one might initially think.

[Read more…]

Blog Network News

Chrispian H. Burks is proposing a new Indie Blog Network and wants your opinions and feedback.

Duncan has registered Weblogs Empire as a domain and is blogging about his new network’s developments.

9 Rules Network has been busily adding blogs to their network this week – with a total of 22 blogs now involved.

Due to the increased talk of blogging networks I’ve added a Blog Network Category to this blog – this being the first post. I’m sure it will be a busy category over the coming year as new networks are born and push into new territory.

Nick Denton and Gawker Media are featured in the New York Times today in an article on his network.