More on Blog Pay Rates

Duncan writes an excellent piece in response to the criticism of Weblogs Inc’s $4 per post pay rate that was revealed last week. I’ve similarly had quite a few comments here at Problogger on the issue in the past few days – many of them critical at Weblogs Inc. I’ve been trying to work out how to respond to the criticism myself (although I’m not in the habit of defending Jason – he’s a big boy). I think Duncan says it well:

‘You see, if I’d been asked by Jason Calacanis to write for Weblogs Inc 12-18 months ago for a gaureenteed $500 USD starting rate per month I’d be writing for Weblogs Inc., today and I probably wouldn’t be writing the Blog Herald. Sure, if he asked me today I’d be wanting more money because I’m now making more.

But it took me a very, very long time to get to $500 USD per month.

And the reality is that most bloggers will never get to see this sort of money, even if you don’t think its a lot of money.’

$4 per post or $500 per month doesn’t seem like a lot of money – but as Duncan says – it’s more than the majority of bloggers don’t earn this much from their blogging.

You might remember I ran a poll on Adsense earnings a few months back – it found that only 23% of those who responded to the question of how much they earned from Adsense earned more than $500.

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9rules and Weblogs Inc – Contracts and Agreements

After the leaks of Weblogs Inc’s blogger contract Paul Scrivens has published the members agreement that members of 9Rules sign.

Having seen both Weblogs Inc’s and 9Rules contracts/agreements I will say that they are like chalk and cheese. This of course reflects the massive differences between the two blog networks.

9Rules is a network where the content, money and power stays very much in the hands of the bloggers themselves who are ‘members’ of the network. It is more about building community and improving the quality of the members blogs. In a sense there is something of a ‘collective’ feel to it – or a ‘network’ in its truest sense.

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9rules Network Changes

The 9rules network has changed its members agreement to allow member bloggers to keep all of their own earnings – all the 9rules crew gets is a share of any advertising that 9rules finds for you. Scrivs explains:

‘We are also happy to announce that we have a new member’s agreement in which the major change is that all members get to keep 100% of their Adsense revenues (or any other revenues they generate on their own)! Along with the great members forum and the crazy stuff going on inside there is no reason that you shouldn’t want to add your site to the Network.’

In addition to this announcement Scrivs mentions that 9rules will open up the network to blogs written in Spanish.

Making the most of ecto

At first sight, ecto seems to be a simple desktop client that allows you to author content for your blog. There are a couple of advantages desktop blog tools offer over control panels: You can write entries while offline, keep a local searchable cache of published entries and drafts, use spell-check, manipulate images and movies before uploading, to name just a few.

But ecto for MacOSX (and soon also the Windows version) does even more than that, it can help you to raise your blog’s visibility in the blogosphere and even make a bit of profit. This blog entry will show you how to make the most of ecto.

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List of Blog Networks

I’ve just finalised a revised list of blog networks and posted it here at The Blog Herald for those interested, but I thought I might share a few more thoughts on the subject.

Blog networks are growing. I originally wrote the first version of the list on the fly because I’d noticed that there seemed to be more networks emerging lately, and thought it would be an interesting thing to do. I didn’t realise however just quite how many there were, and the amazing diversity available on them.

People talk about the power of blogging but its only (if you’re like me) start seeing numbers that the influence of blogs, even in this case corporate and network blogs, can and are having.

Let me guess a figure: combined traffic for all the blog networks on the least 50-100 million page views per day, if not higher again. If every blog network on this list combined you’d deliver a media company that would potentially have enough long tail influence to be a major, multi-billion dollar company spanning 4 continents, employing hundreds (if not thousands) of people and reaching directly and indirectly to at least half of all internet users on the planet every single day. Hype? look at some of the figures in Alexa for the blogs on WeblogsInc, Gawker and the Ist network for example. Take a look at some of the other networks; Shiny is making big inroads in the UK, some of the non-English speaking blog networks are trailblazers in Europe and making big inroads. And here’s my next prediction: Jason Calacanis is potentially the next Rupert Murdoch of the blogosphere (sure without the famous war correspondent father and without being born in Adelaide but you get the drift…). The blog networks keep getting bigger and bigger and Calacanis is at the top of the pack. I can feel a flame war coming on with this, but none the less as a reader I challenge you with these facts, take out the hype in the blogosphere and look at the figures, blog networks continue to grow, continue to become more and more influential, and as a consequence blogging will change the world as we know it.

Looking For Online Revenue Bloggers – ReveNews

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“I was standing in line at an industry show when someone grabbed my arm and introduced themselves saying they read my blog at ReveNews all the time and wanted to ask a question. Turns out it was a senior developer from Google. He couldn’t say enough about the good things he reads on our site. Pretty cool. And a nice contact to have in the future.” – Wayne Porter, ReveNews Blogger Lives

Paul has decided to keep his BlogLogic Network going after taking on the advice of a number of readers. He’s also going to start a text link campaign across his network in order to help raise more income.

Good news Paul – blog on mate. – Calling it Quits?

Sad news tonight – Paul from the Blog Logic looks like he’s calling it quits with his emerging network due to some pretty full on financial problems.

He’s hoping to raise some cash by selling his blogs (,,,,, and – his starting price is $55,000 ($US) – but I suspect he’ll be willing to negotiate. He does have some conditions (wants to keep the blogs together and ensure Kevin who blogs for him at Turboblogger continues to have a job).

I am saddened by this – Paul was taking a long term view with these blogs and was slowly building up his network but is forced to sell it. Hopefully he’ll find another way or get a decent price for it – either way – all the best Paul.

Why Not to Join Blog Networks

Scrivs has just saved me some time and written a post that builds on my Examining the 9rules Network post (in which I gave reasons to enter into a network) – in it he gives some of the negatives of joining 9Rules (or any network for that matter).

So when is it NOT good to join a blog network like 9 Rules Network? Here are Scrivs reasons and a few comments from me.

  1. You don’t get 100% revenue – if you have a successful/profitable blog already it might not be worth joining.
  2. If the network looks bad, everyong looks bad – I picked up this a little in my post, but when you join a network you’re buying into the values, decisions and ethos of others. Whilst you retain your individuality you run the risk of being guilty by association. Remember that 9 Rules says you have to give 60 days notice to leave it. Whilst I doubt they will do anything to bring down the reputation of their bloggers its worth keeping this in mind.
  3. Design envy – there are some very nicely designed blogs in the network – how will yours look next to them?
  4. Some readers don’t want more people sitting at their lunch table – some of your readers might not like the extra attention being in the network might bring.

Good list – I probably feel more strongly about the first two than the second two.

What would you add to the list of why NOT to joining a network like 9Rules? I have two more:

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