Tips for Probloggers from Getting Real – the new e-book by 37 Signals

Hi! This is Rachel Cunliffe. I’m a blog designer from New Zealand and I thought I’d share with you some problogger tips from 37 Signals’ new e-book, “Getting Real” (which is selling very well).

If you haven’t come across 37 Signals’ products such as Basecamp, Backpack, Tada, Writeboard and most recently, campfire, it’s worth your time to find out what they offer. I’m finding Basecamp invaluable for managing my blog design clients.

As I read the e-book I realised that there’s also a lot of insight, encouragement and tips for (pro)bloggers. In fact, 37 Signals recommend their book for anyone who is an entrepreneur, designer, programmer or marketer working on a big idea. Their thoughts echo many of Darren’s posts here at Problogger too.

Here are 10 tips from the book along with some comments. [Read more…]

Business Blog Survey

Hi everyone, I’ve been asked to see if I can get feedback on these questions by anyone who is involved with business blogging for a magazine article on business and blogging (as inspired by this article) – so I thought I’d throw these out as a Friday survey (yes, it’s Friday here in NZ and Australia!).

  1. What is the name and address of your business blog?
  2. What is the business it relates to? Are you the owner or an employee?
  3. Why and when did you start your blog? Did you model it on anyone else’s?
  4. What’s the payoff in doing it?
  5. How often do you post to your blog?
  6. Is the content strictly business, or do you let a little of your personal life in?
  7. Does the content focus on your business itself, or on issues of interest for the business sector you’re in?
  8. How do you relate to your fellow bloggers?
  9. Is it important to present as a real human being, rather than simply a company name?
  10. Who are your readers? How many of them are there? Do you communicate with them by any other means apart from the blog itself?
  11. Any other thoughts about business blogging? Is it important? Should more people be doing it?

Should be interesting to us all too!