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7 Insider Tips To Help You Get Noticed On Blog Directories

Posted By Guest Blogger 15th of December 2013 Blog Promotion 58

This is a guest contribution from Andrea Martins, founder of Story Resumes. 

Okay, so the honeymoon of Aunt Gracie reading your blog posts is over and you’re now looking to accelerate your blogging career. You want to play in the big league but to do that you need to attract more traffic without the need to promise your first-born son.

One way to gain visitors is to get noticed on blog directories. Photography, cooking, gardening, cycling, travelling, meditating and more, there are thousands of directories out there each catering to specific niches and interests. If you look, you’re bound to find some just your size.

Now here’s where you have a choice.

Once you’ve found directories to list on, you can be one of the 99% of bloggers who press ‘submit’ without thinking too much about the potential of that listing.

Or you can choose to be in the 1% who are strategic about what they are about to do and how they are about to do it.

You see, a blog directory listing is not just a blog directory listing and there is more to listing on a blog directory than meets the eye. Your listing could be a unique opportunity for your blog to get noticed and receive a valuable shout out from the blog directory owner and/or successful peers on the directory whose high traffic blogs could skyrocket your visitor numbers. You may even luck out with a media request. It happens.

Having personally approved most of the 2,265 blogs on a global directory that’s been running for over six years, here are my top seven insider tips to boost the chances of your blog receiving valuable shout-outs and traffic spikes from blog directory listings.

1. Did You Have Me At Hello?

If you don’t have a strong, catchy title for your blog, how will you ever stand out in a long page of blogs listed on a directory, or grab the attention of the blog directory owner who sees hundreds if not thousands of submissions?

2. Do You Make Me Feel Good?

If you walked into a café that sold last week’s leftovers and was void of atmosphere, would you stay? Neither will your audience.

Content might be king over time, but no one will hang around to read your content unless your ‘look and feel’ instantly attracts. You don’t have to spend a fortune on design. Quality templates work just fine as long as there is something on your page that hooks possible influencers and inspires them to give you a big shout-out.

3. Did You Mean What You Said Last Night?

The most critical blog post is the one we see first. If you usually blog about entrepreneurship but you couldn’t resist blogging about baking your daughter’s birthday cake last night, we’ve already left before the candles are lit.

When you list on blog directories, make sure you have your best and most relevant blog post right at the top of your page before you submit.

4. Do You Inspire My Trust?

It makes no sense to bring people to your blog, get them excited and then lose their trust with broken links on your site. That’s akin to submitting a resume for your dream job without supplying the correct contact details for your referees.

You get just a few seconds to inspire trust and prove you know what you’re doing. Don’t blow it.

5. Can I Tell My Friends About You?

Online influencers are busy people. If they like what you offer, they usually want to quickly shout out about it and notify you of their good deed all in the same action. They can’t do this unless you’re on Twitter and your handle is easy to find on your home page. The same applies for their audiences who can ‘pay it forward’ for you if you make it easy for them.

Facebook and Google+ work well too, but nothing beats the ease and speed of 140 characters.

6. Is Your Love Genuine?

If the blog directory requests that you display their hyperlinked badge or text link on your blog, then display it loud and proud.

If you try to outsmart the blog directory owner and hide these on zero page rank URLs and/or on pages that no one will ever intuitively find, you destroy your goodwill immediately and risk not being accepted on the directory at all.

7. Will You Remain Faithful?

Finally, if you put a blog directory’s badge or link on your blog and then remove it after your listing has been approved, that’s just bad karma. It may not be noticed for a while, but it will be noticed. And you wouldn’t want to mess with karma, would you?

If you’ve never thought about the potential of gaining traffic by getting noticed on blog directories, today’s a great day to start. Somewhere out there is a directory owner or peer influencer who desperately wants to discover something new to shout out about. Put a bit of thought into your listing, brighten their day and they might just brighten yours!

Andrea Martins is the founder of Story Resumes: Visually Awesome Resumes That Tell Your Story and Get You Noticed. Prior to that, she co-founded Expat Women and its global blog directory. 

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  1. Thanks for the Unique Explanation about Blog Directories. But I have noticed that Blog directories do not Drive as much traffic as it is expected, I have found that most of the Newbie bloggers use them for searching blogs to comment on, So how we can really make them to grab focus on Blog Directories?

    • I don’t know if anyone is expecting to get traffic from blog directories.
      I mean, the main reason for that someone put his blog in a directory is ti get a backlink…

  2. The main issue I have with blog directories is their insistence that I put a link or their badge on my site. It is alright if it is just a few directories but when you have to put at least 10 batches then it becomes a problem for me. I however appreciate the points you have raised in your post and we all need to take them into account when submitting our blog to directories.

  3. That is a great checklist for someone with a new blog like mine looking to get it on directories!

  4. In my opinion, blog directories are more for backlinks. Also, before submitting, need to check the blog directory as well, whether it is quality.

  5. This is great information and I will certainly use it back in 2005.

  6. This is great information for marketing through blog directories! Thank you!

  7. Hi… Dear,

    Thanks you very much to Explain about these directries. these are very helpful for new bloggers to Get Success .!

    I’m also New in blogger but i’m trying to get succes. :)


  8. If you want to attract more traffic than make sure you are noticed in the blog directories.

    With so many directories out there finds the specific niche that interest you. Look something that is just within your goals. Now when you have the directories, it can either break or make you.

    But with these 7 tips being shared above, one can be sure that they are on the positive track.

    Learn all of them by heart and stay positive along the way.

    Thanks for the post!

    I also leave the same comment at

  9. Great Post Andrea,

    All your tips are helpful to get noticed in blog directories are great. I will definitely try those tips while submitting my blog to blog directories.
    Thank you for your Post.

  10. it’s always when we take the creative and interesting approach to being innovative as bloggers and setting ourselves to stand out from the average that we get noticed in our own unique way. I never took consideration into submitting a blog to blog directories, as I only knew to create unique content and share it on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. I might possibly look into blog directory submissions in the near future, now that you mentioned it.

  11. Hey Andrea, very nice and comprehensive article. As someone above mentioned, I am not sure about the badge thing. I have added them in consistently but not sure if this is really worthwhile.
    The real problem with directories is knowing which ones to use as there are so many. This can get overwhelming. Can you touch on this and which one’s you think would be more compelling for a tax and estate attorney blog?

  12. I need my blog to get noticed. Sometimes I feel like giving up because I don’t have that many viewers but I have over 600 twitter followers. If I can find some good directories to insert my blog info that would be great!

  13. Awesome advice. I’ve always had trouble getting my blog listed on blog directories – I’ll certainly bookmark this post for the future.

  14. Thanks for the tips Andrea!

  15. To my mind, blog directors are VERY busy people and it’s next to impossible to get an answer from them if you’re just an common reader. But still you can try.

  16. One of the greatest advantages of blog directory submission is that this service drives a targeted traffic to your blog. Submission of your website with the high page ranking websites would help your website in gaining good ranking as well.

  17. Hello andrea

    Great Article and Its really readable article now i know how blog directories help use for notice thank you so much for sharing valueable content with us

  18. Wow this is really useful article for new bloggers like me I tried some directories.
    And I have a question about that they gave some code to include in my blog
    It is safe to include..?

  19. In other words, don’t one night stand your readers! ;) lol

  20. Thanks so much for your comments. I agree that blog directories are unlikely to ever be your main form of traffic. But they do have the power to produce bonus traffic (depending on the quality of the directory and the quality of your blog)… if you’re savvy about it. The choice is yours. Best wishes!

  21. Wahed, if you trust the directory/site, you can usually trust the code. (But of course, there is no guarantee.) The code is usually for the logo/badge. If you’d prefer not to use their code, you can usually just include a hyperlink to their site instead. Maybe check with the specific site you had in mind?

  22. Matthew, very clever. :)

  23. Hi Steven, Not specifically, unfortunately. Try searching on Google for keywords/industries from your perspective, and also try keywords/ hangout places/ issues/ interests from your clients’ perspectives?

  24. You wrote a very good article and I only have one question. Wouldn’t submitting your link to a site with a bunch of other, possibly low quality, links be a sin in Google’s eyes?

  25. Google has said getting links from Blog directories can be counted as spam?
    Blog directories are not good for Search engine optimisation.

    • Argree with you, Today there are only some directory that is white hat and the rest is considered black hat link building strategy.

  26. This is an amazing explanation about the Blog directories. I have tried a lot of times to submit my blogs to various directories but for some reasons I have failed to get listed in there. This post really will help a lot in getting the proper info before getting to blog directory submissions.
    Thanks for sharing the article with us :)

  27. This is a great article!

    I hadn’t thought of listing my blog on a blog directory until now. Also, while reading your post I gor inspiration for a new blog ;)

    Many Thanks for posting this :)


  28. The overall content of this post attracts me the most.This is one of the highly attractive, informatics, well-written and highly crisp blog that has been explained in fabulous manner to help out reader and visitors. All information found here is genuine and realistic.

  29. The first number reminds of one blogger. He leaves a reply to commentators that says ‘Hi!” or “Hello” and his name comes after. And the other commentators that point directly about their views wasn’t noticed. And I guess, that is one good example.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  30. Thanks for the information. I have my blog setup for few months and I am trying to get my blog noticed on the internet. This information would be useful for me. I will look for the blog directory of my niche and try to list in the blog directory.

  31. Some awesome tips, thank you!

    My blog is fairly new and I’m struggling a little to be honest. I hadn’t considered blog directories, but I’m going to try and find some now and put your wise words to good use :)

    Thanks again

  32. Besides blog directories, this is an excellent pre-publish checklist for every blog post, for the sake of readers both new and returning!

    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

  33. Great article and you speak of useful tips but only if you can find a blog directory worth submitting to. I actually remember when directories were useful. Nowadays, there are there for gaining back links. I can’t remember the last time I searched a directory to find websites. Google doesn’t even associate DMOZ into their services anymore, that alone tells me that directories are now like top sites and site rings…a thing of the past. You also want to be very careful with directories. Sure, they can give you a back link but will that back link be relevant? Google may not see it that way and it could do more harm than good in terms of Page Rank and overall SEO for your blog. Also, most directories will either not approve your listing or set it as “No Follow” (meaning no back link) unless you pay them for a sponsored listing and it really isn’t worth the cost for what little if anything you will get out of it.

  34. Hi Shawn, Anchit, Mike, Azmir and Ben. With regards to blog directory backlinks for SEO… I can’t answer for sure how Google currently treats links in or out of blog directories, so I don’t suggest you list on a directory only if you’re trying to boost your SEO. I can say that I often received emails from listers on our blog directory that thanked us for providing a central place for blogs in our niche because they: (a) found and connected with other bloggers in our niche via the directory and/or (b) other bloggers in our niche found them via the directory. So, I’d suggest using blog directories to help you connect with and/or get noticed by other bloggers in your niche (and potentially by the directory owner who might also give you a shout-out). Focus your SEO efforts elsewhere. :)

  35. Sarah, you’re absolutely right. Most of these tips apply to a great blog even if you don’t list on blog directories. :)

  36. Steve, I love it when that happens! Good luck with your new blog. :)

  37. No regret in accepting mistakes, I was from one of those 99% bloggers who just hit submit button and I never thought in such deep. This may be the reason of less exposure of the blog. But now I know what exactly I have to do in a right way that may be good for business. Thanks for sharing and correcting me.

  38. This is an amazing article, Guest Blogger!

    I hadn’t even thought of listing my blog on a blog directory until this moment. Also, while reading your post I got inspiration for a new blog and I will list it too!

    Many Thanks for posting this :)

  39. hi ,

    Great post . I never thought that submitting our blog to blog directories is so important and very good source of traffic. Thanks for such a nice idea next time when i submit my blog to blog directories i will try to follow your tips.

  40. thanks for the tips…now i know the the dos and donts of blog are great..simple still workable and awesum…!!!

  41. H Andrea,

    Thanks, that’s a wonderful helpful post. Keep it up…!!

  42. Thanks for sharing your views on blog directories. I think it will definitely help me to get some exposure for my blog.

  43. Hi,

    Thans for sharing this wonderful tips for getting you noticed on the blog directories. I will be using this tips immediately.

  44. fabulous tips.these tips are really usefull..i will try that…!!

  45. Great article and its really a readable article.

  46. again nice…tips are really worth try,,,try it guys…!!

  47. Those are good and useful tips. I’m just not sure if Blog Directories are still as great as they used to be few years ago. I mean the backlink pagerank from them.

  48. Great article. I did’t consider directories. But thanks to you to make it clear. No regret in accepting mistakes, I was from one of those 99% bloggers who just hit submit button and I never thought in such deep.

  49. Nathan Brook says: 12/26/2013 at 10:54 pm

    Great post and loved the shares. Good examples and easily understandable. great information for marketing through blog directories. Thanks for the share.

  50. This is one of the highly attractive, informatics, well-written and highly crisp blog that has been explained in fabulous manner to help out reader and visitors. All information found here is genuine and realistic. thanks…!!!!

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