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How We Increased Organic Blog Traffic by 203.5% in Less Than 3 Months – And You Can Too

This is a guest contribution by Kristina Allen, marketing consultant for AdEspresso.

Over the past couple of months my team at AdEspresso has increased our organic blog traffic by 203.5% and I’m going to share the secret of exactly how we did it!

Step 1: Conduct Keyword Research

When we first started working on driving (more) organic traffic to the AdEspresso blog our team began with keyword research. We used SEOmoz but you can easily get a keyword list using Google’s free Keyword Research Tool.

When using Google’s keyword tool simply type in  a couple of relevant key phrases and then Google will search for related keyword ideas along with their search volume.

Because Facebook advertising is a really popular topic the overall keyword list is pretty gigantic so I immediately sorted the list by highest number of searches.

I then went through and highlighted in green the keywords that I thought I could easily turn into blog post topics. (I also highlighted in yellow keywords that I thought would be good for us to try and use as anchor text in link backs to our site – but that is for a different project).

The keywords I did not highlight were skipped over because they were either too generic or would not have made a good blog post topic for us. For example, “facebook ads coupon” was skipped over because we do not have any Facebook ad coupons to give away and a blog post about Facebook ad coupons wouldn’t have helped us drive the right people to our blog.

Most people who use Facebook ad coupons are first-time social advertisers who are looking to experiment with Facebook ads. Our software is made for Facebook advertisers who know what they’re doing and are looking for an easier way to create ads and also deeper insights into the performance of their campaigns.

It’s really important to select your keywords carefully because the goal of increased traffic shouldn’t be about getting a bunch of people to visit your site for a few seconds. It should be about driving high quality traffic.

Step 2: Include Keywords in the Post URL

Once you have your list of keywords it’s time to get to writing! Simply start going down the list and turning keyword ideas into blog post topics.

For example, one of the keyword phrases we researched and deemed appropriate for our blog was “facebook ads on mobile” since AdEspresso can help you create and analyze mobile Facebook ad campaigns. With the keyword phrase “Facebook ads on mobile” in mind I wrote a post called 5 Tips for Rocking Facebook Ads on Mobile Devices and published it to the AdEspresso blog. I made sure to include the keyword phrase in the URL of the blog post like this for SEO purposes:

Another keyword phrase we want to rank for is “Facebook Suggested Posts” I wrote a post called How to Run Suggested Posts Like the Pros. The URL for the post includes the keyword phrase of course:

However, you will notice the title of the post does not include the word Facebook in it at all. That is because I thought How to Run Facebook Suggested Posts Like the Pros didn’t sound quite right. However, the body copy does include the word Facebook quite a bit and we are still able to rank for the phrase in Google:

This leads us nicely into step three…

Step 3: Include Keywords in the Post

When you’re putting together your post be sure to include your targeted keyword phrase in body copy of your blog post frequently but naturally. Do not keyword stuff your post as this will likely get your penalized by Google and will definitely turn away intelligent readers.

What I do is write a post draft without thinking about adding the keyword phrase in at all. This allows me to focus on creating high quality content without worrying about the technicalities that come along with SEO.

After the post is finished I go back and see if and where I included the keyword phrase naturally. Usually I’ve included it enough times naturally that I do not need to make any edits. Sometimes I’ll have words flipped around a little bit and just need to make small adjustments with phrasing.

For example, using the keyword phrase “Facebook suggested post” I might have written “when putting together a suggested post on Facebook you should…” in my article. If so, I’ll just adjust it so that it reads, “A Facebook suggested post should include…” allowing me to get my target keywords in while saying essentially the same thing in a natural way.

Step 4: Stick to a Posting Schedule

One of the top rules for building up readership for any blog is to stick to a posting schedule. Whether you’re running a business blog or a personal one, frequency + high quality content will get you far.

Sometimes the hardest part of sticking to a schedule is wondering what you should blog about next – that’s the beauty of having a keyword list. You’ll never run out of great ideas! You can quickly go down your list and find a topic that people are actively searching for and help them out!

If you have a business blog, research shows that the more often you post the better your customer acquisition results will be:

Since we started actively trying to increase organic traffic to our blog we have been posting twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. While we would love to post more frequently, we’re a small startup team and we all have a million things to do. Posting twice per week is a schedule that we know we can manage and stick to, so that’s what we’re doing for now – and the results are positive!

Step 5: Understand that Growth May Be a Slow Process

When it comes to increasing organic traffic for your blog, understand that it may be a slow process.  Unlike posts that go viral through social media channels, organic traffic takes time to build; however, it is often the gift that keeps on giving for years down the road.

A post that goes viral will likely send you a lot of traffic over the course of a day, week or even a month and then die down. A post that drives organic traffic will continue to send you a steady stream of visitors over the long haul. That’s precisely why organic traffic is highly important for any blog. While you are building up your organic traffic you should also be sharing your posts via social media and bookmarking sites for the biggest boost.

And there you have it, the step-by-step process we followed to grow our organic blog traffic by 203.5%! We’ll continue to follow this process (and stay up to date with trends in SEO) to provide high quality content for our blog readers on topics we know they’re searching for information about.

This post was written by Kristina Allen, marketing consultant for AdEspresso, a Facebook ads manager that allows you to quickly create and a/b test Facebook ads for maximum campaign results!

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  1. Some great basic tips but really worth if followed properly. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Wow, Kristina, this is a really good read! So well-written, organized and clear. Thank you for the tips!

  3. Thanks for the post Kristina. I found it really interesting. I’ve got a question for you though. How many searches should the keyword you’re attempting to rank for be getting every month? It’s easy for me to rank 1st for a keyword that’s only getting 10 searches a month, but when I go for medium size keywords that are getting 5,000-10,000 searches a month I end up on the 3rd or 4th page of google.

    I’ve only been blogging since February and I’m still somewhat of a newbie so I’d appreciate you guidance here. :)

    • Am not the author of the post, just a fellow blogger and reader like you. In response to your question, you have to realise that effective seo is not just getting traffic but getting the ideal traffic that can be converted to customers, most seo experts advise that one should target long phrase keyword than generic keyword because it convert better. 2ndly concerning the issue of appearing on the 3rd and 4th page, i believe with effective placement of your keywords, it will rank well. Such place like the title, title url, headings, img alt etc. Here is a tip that has helped me, create a post (about 1000 words) with that keyword, then using mindmapping, create other posts around 5 posts similar to the main post and link to the main post using anchor link of that keyword.

  4. Patiently working through a list of keywords is super advice Kristina. Love the tips!

    I am seeing 3,500 page view days on my new blog….not even 2 months old…..using these strategies. Zone in on your niche, use SEO, post frequently and join tribes.

    Small, actionable steps taken on a daily basis produce the most amazing results. Keep at it and you will see astounding growth in the long term.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Wow Ryan! That’s an epic fit! You are really lucky. I wish I started like you. Before I got those kind of rankings, I was already going months into blogging already.

    • Ryan i find you to be an incredible writer that connects with your reader on an emotional level.
      I hope we can talk soon. I visited your site and I must say your an Awesome marketer and a genuine person. Trustworthy too.
      Thanks for all you do.

  5. Hi Kristina, very interesting post, thank you.
    How long did it take from posting the “… like a pro” post to getting it on the front page? And how much social promotion of your posts do you do?

  6. Kristina: I really like the graphics you provided with this post. I’ve read about keywords as they relate to SEO but it’s always seemed really overwhelming. Your graphics combined with your explanation really made sense to me. Thanks!

  7. A great case study! Yes, organic works for a long time. Slow and steady wins the race. I need to do better keyword research and this post just proves that :)

  8. Hi Kristina. Do you do any outside promotion of your blog post once it’s done? Or are you saying your posts will start ranking because of the consistent posting schedule? I

  9. Keyword is vital to any blog it is the life stream that fuels a blog. Thus, inculcating this words in a strategic position would definitely place your blog the search engines.

    This is a great post !!!!!!

  10. Thanks so much for this article, Kristina! Had no idea about the relationship between posting frequency and customer acquisition. Great to know!

  11. Keyword research is imperative to the success of any blog, as well as providing high quality content… I use Market Samurai and LTP to do my keyword research and try to post regularly!

  12. Keyword research is the primary aspect of Organic traffic. No matter how many backlinks you gain, without proper keyword, the traffic would be limited.

  13. Hey Kristina, thanks a lot for sharing this insight with us. longtail keywords help a lot for getting organic search traffic and overtime you will rank in many more related searches. It just gets better as your individual posts age and people keep sharing.

  14. Your last point “growth may be a slow process” seems to be contradictory with the title of your post that claims to get us make 200% rise in organic traffic in three months; I think we should not talk about number and focus on quality, organic traffic will itself come but gradually.

  15. Google Keyword research tool are effective way to increase your blog traffic and if you do it right way according to search engines point of view then your blog will surely grab a lot of traffic.

  16. I used to find liberal but natural use of keywords to be a great way to rank high on Google. But over the past year, the relative value of keyword density seems to have gone down while calculating SERP ranks.

    In my experience, relevant external links as well as update frequency of the blog/website as a whole have gone up in relative value in the same period.

    Moreover, synonyms and even distantly related words are being used by Google to compensate for inexact matches.

    Nevertheless, using the right keywords is still one of the most important factors – SERPs are based on the keywords!

  17. I don’t know if this post will help your SEO efforts but what I do know if this is a must-reading post for any blogger. Great post!

  18. This is very motivating. I learned few tricks!

  19. These are some very useful tips Kristina. My blog is only 2 months old, so at the moment I am targeting mainly the long tail keywords for which my blog is showing up on the first page of Google, as the competition is low.

  20. Very informative post. I am doing the same thing but generally find myself stuck somewhere in content creation process. Organic traffic is one of the best method of natural and targeted traffic which converts better than any other methods. But, this post only mentioned about ON page site optimization and with on-page SEO, OFF-page SEO can’t be ignored. Another thing is, relying only on organic traffic can be fatal when search engines are constantly changing its algorithm and a slight hit can reduce traffic, sales and ultimately profit. So, being active in where your visitors engage probably in forums, communities is also inevitable.

  21. Great article. I highly agree with you on making a schedule and sticking to it. It is amazing how something like posting an article can easily be put on the back burner for something more urgent. Congratulations on the success.

  22. Kristina,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your post. Well written and you have explained almost everything in the post.

    Thank you,Amrik Virdi

  23. Great tips for using keywords to increase blog traffic. I am new to blogging and have not yet used Google’s Keyword Research Tool. I think I will for tomorrows blog post. Thanks for inspiring me!

  24. Today i followed your Steps And i will also follow them in future i hope i will get Organic Traffic.

    Thanks for Share :)

  25. Hey Kristina,

    That was really wonderful article. Right after reading your article, I went ahead and opened Keyword Research tools and pinned down couple of keywords. My next article would definitely put some light on how I conducted this keyword research. Also, I look forward to writing some awesome articles on the keywords which I’ve just discovered.


  26. From the last 6 months I am trying hard to get traffic on my Travel website but still I am getting only 12-30 visits per day. This post is really motivating and I am going to try this to increase the website traffic. If I got something interesting I will definitely share my experience. I will be very happy if I find something on fast Google caching for the new blog posting.

  27. I do the same every Monday and wait my organic traffic :-)

  28. Thanks for the great post sharing. I am very happy that this simple step you suggested can make a big difference in blog posting. Keep it up kristina.


  29. Surely the mentioned practices can make the growth of your blog incredible. I have done the same and in 3 months there is increase of 178 %

  30. Earlier i didn’t know about this wonderful tool known as google keyword tool in adwords. Now i know about it and it’s working for me. every blogger should plan keywords for a post before he writes it.

  31. Every time i want to learn about keyword research first go to Google search and type “how to make keyword research?”.But it doesn’t give better results because i cannot understand the process.But here i find very useful article with easy steps and learn some good points about it.Thanks kristina.

  32. Thanks for sharing this informative post……

  33. Thanks for the article. Agreed that this is a fairly basic overview of how everyone should work with they organic traffic. I think it still gives newer community members inspiration, and proof that it is possible.

  34. Tried, Tested and TRUE!!! Great article and I can definetly say that all the mentioned tips and tricks work GREAT!!

    Thanks for the blog!


  35. I’ve only just started my blog and I think the information that you have given here is fantastic. I will be trying out your tips for my self. Thanks Kristina.

  36. All the time I am doing keyword research and also use appropriate keyword in my post still in my not getting visits form that keywords. My blog has more than 500 visit per day but all are referral traffic. I want to get some organic traffic from search engine. Plz give me some information regarding same.
    Thank you.

  37. Yes those are some good tips to get good quality organic traffic to your website. I have been following some of the strategies that you have mentioned to recieve blog traffic.

  38. Hi,

    I agree that you need to patient and don’t expect to see instant results with this guys.

    The thing I’d like to add though is that if you’re producing regular content on a regular anyway; you may as well add these strategies to your arsenal and take advantage of all the hard work you’re putting into creating content.

    Like Darren explained in the post, you only need to focus on adding the keywords in a natural way to the title, actual post, adding main keywords and so on.

    There are WordPress plugins that can take the load off and help you out with ranking your blog posts a lot more easily.

    Thanks again Darren you’re always seeking to help others I like it!

    All the best
    [email protected]

  39. Kristina,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your post. I am going to follow the same steps you have mentioned and See If I am going to get any good results for my niche sites.

  40. Kristina-

    Great post. I recently looked at my 3 month numbers from my site and my organic search grew 175% by simply doing the keyword research and increasing frequency.

    I did not work the keyword list as you suggested. Thanks for the tips!


  41. Kristina,
    I have full read out your blog post. It is well written and well explained too, almost all informative guide. Glad to read it, thanks for sharing it.

  42. Great tips. I am also following this method and I have seen increase in my traffic.

  43. This was a great reminder for myself. Actually 75% of my main website traffic is organic, which is fabulous. Thanks for the reassurance and tips!

  44. Hey ,I m just started my blog and I really need this information which will help my site get free traffic from using long tail keyword .thank you!!

  45. I did everything you say, but, I have same number of visitors for 5 years. For sure, it’s not working for me. I have to find new way to get free traffic.

  46. The fifth one is probably the best one – there are so many people that think you can “Get Rich Quick.” It happens sometimes but it usually doesn’t. Do the small things each day so that you’ll have tomorrow what others won’t.

  47. Hi Kristina,

    Great read and the results speak for themselves. We use this technique ourselves for our clients and it works nicely however time is the essence with this, but the momentum does start to pay off if your continue the momentum though.

    You mentioned you naturally draft your content so it doesn’t look like your optimisation for SEO purposes. I totally agree sometimes we only mention the keyword just the once if that is the case. We try and include it in the title because this will set the content to rank well.

    Great idea Kristina, Thank you

    Danny Howard

  48. Good pointers and excellent for beginners. However, it would be better if you can provide more depth to No. 1, which is keyword research via Google Adwords. Like any research software, there are metrics that beginners don’t understand, and they probably need guidance on what to look for, like which search volume is desirable, and what does “low competition” mean? A step-by-step would be nice. And a little background on Google’s logic for displaying keywords would also help. Thank you for the article. Looking forward to the next one.

  49. Thank you so much for this – so helpful! My food blog – Panning The Globe – is not quite a year old. I’ve been putting so much time and effort into creating great content. Now it’s time to figure out how to spread the word. Lisa

  50. Great tips….though the tips looks very basic but if applied carefully, you will see tremendous amount of growth. I applied the same and my traffic increased by 190% in 3 months.
    Thanks so much for sharing this info.

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