Tips and Techniques for Selling Training on Your Blog

Training and electronic courses are common product offerings for bloggers, and as the range of tools and services available to help us create and market engaging courses has grown, so has the competition in this space.

Jules Clancy talked earlier today about offering classes and training as a blog business model.

Still wondering why you’d choose ecourses over other models? Have a look at 8 Great reasons to add an ecourse to your blog. This post explains the not-so-obvious advantages of this business model.

What does it take to create an online course? Peep Laja explains the basics in Creating Online Courses 101. It’s a great guide for those who are considering dipping their toes into the training waters—but want to know what they’re in for ahead of time.

What about the launch? How to launch a product on your blog (and sell out in 12 hours!) is Danny Iny’s story of the wildly successful launch of his first online course. Also see his post Make money locally—and globally—through your blog—there are more than a few tips in here to help you make the most of your own launch when the time comes.

Finally, Ramit Sethi’s advice on products, focused mainly on the launch of his course, has many tidbits to get you on the road to a great course launch. Even seasoned course sellers would do well to read this one!

Do you sell courses through your blog? What tips or resources can you add to the list?

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  1. Marc Ashley says:

    Thanks for the links, this is exactly what I’m looking for as I’m about to open my membership site pretty soon and want my members to get the best service possible!

  2. Samuel says:

    Hard work. That is a tip I can add if you are looking to release something. I encourage anyone to look carefully into what they want to release and what they want to create.

    I firmly believe it is first important to have a solid “following” of some sort and am sure that is why Iny’s crazy success is to be seem. Networking is key.

  3. beau says:

    after reading this post ….literally i am amazed to know that we can make money in such that way too !!!
    i gonna follow these steps for sure

  4. Rich says:

    Timely advice as I am in the process of launching my first course on information product creation

  5. Thanks for the info for blogging tips its big help for me to grow my marketing business.

  6. Vena Jensen says:

    Great article! Thanks for sharing. I have had success marketing ecourses mostly through engagement and targeting niche markets.

  7. Hello,

    Thanks for this wrap up article. I produced an e-book last year on working with “Multi-Currency” – lot of work & time – sales were minimal.

    I now have a book “Learn MYOB in 7 Days” published through Wiley Business which I sell through my own website.

    It is very satisfying to check my email, and see a sale has come through. It is an extra income boost for the day!

    I spent a lot of time creating both products, and need to probably put more effort into “Promotion”.

    I also wonder whether I should reduce the price of my e-book, maybe people would not think twice if I sold it at $4.99 rather than $19.95.

    Funny though cause people will happily pay my consulting fees to tell them the same information!!


  8. Here’s another link about offering online training courses which just by coincidence I was looking at yesterday. It’s Corbett Barr (always a great read) in a video interview with a guy that set up a site to help bloggers sell ecourses.

    The audio is a bit dodgy in places but it’s a good interview.

  9. Ayaz says:


    For me selling ecourse through blog its been how you arranged and market your blog and especially that ecourse to your readers and if you use the genuine reasons how you course will benefit for the readers that will certainly increase your income. So, the tips for me is hard working and honestly mentioning the features of the ecourse.