Get Started Selling Electronic Products on Your Blog

Today I explained a bit about the strategy I use to sell electronic products through my blog at Digital Photography School.

I sell ebooks, but as technology evolves, bloggers face a growing array of product creation possibilities.

Just as many hop on board the product bandwagon, so many keep well away from it. But developing a blog product can have many benefits for your blog, so it’s definitely not a business model you should simply ignore.

Importantly, you need to know before you begin where products fit within your overall blog strategy. That will help you to avoid premature product launching, and ensure your product meets a real audience need.

Devising, creating, and launching a product is hard work, so you want to do it carefully, and in a way that rewards you for all the hard work you’ve put in—and the hurdles you’ve overcome.

There’s as much advice about product development and sales as there are blog products available on the internet. But here are a few of our favorite ProBlogger posts:

Have you developed an electronic product strategy for your blog? Share your tips, advice, and resources with us in the comments.

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  1. Dr.Srinivas says:

    As I am more into education, I’m planning to sell tablets and e-readers on my blog.

  2. Ehsan says:

    Thanks for sharing your strategy of selling digital products at Digital Photography School, but I think digital products isn’t good choice for Blogging niche.

  3. Wade says:

    Getting products that your reader wants is the key. There is no smae structure for every blog. You have to fine tune it for each one.

  4. ed says:

    Thank you!!!

  5. Thanks Darren! I have developed a strategy for my blog and I’m having fun as well. :)

  6. Ashok Sharma says:

    Great idea ! Meaking $s out of e-Sale, a strong currency of the moment in India, is really exciting, having your own blog and putting dollar channels is dream with every existing and would be pro-bloggers, Its good move sharing the exact strategy with “live dollar making” example in the most alluring Electroning Sell Marketing.

    I would call it online electronics contract manufacturer, who has tie with community with own independent status, you produce for yourself, sell for yourself but involve and share with community to make a perfect Electronic Products Trading world.

    Watching with curiosity, to follow you, may be in the same line…

  7. Ayaz says:

    Thanks for sharing great strategy and I did not use it before but after reading the article, I am thinking to include or work on it in future for my blog. Thanks again for sharing great tips :-)

  8. Ramsha Afaq says:

    I started affiliate marketing just 3 months back and most of the sales I made were from the WP themes affiliate. People usually don’t buy much expensive stuff online especially in Asian countries.

  9. Rick says:

    Great topic, Darren. As the online space has evolved as well as the proliferation of the e-readers/ipad environment, I believe their are substantial opportunities for all bloggers to profit from selling digital products. Ultimately, many of us would like to sell our own products.

    However, if you do not currently have your own product to market, there are an endless supply of pre-existing digital products available to sell via affiliate marketing. Whether you sell ebooks from places like Clickbank or E-Junkie, or promote Amazon products, you will quickly see that these sales can generate an additional review stream to more than supplement your existing monetization strategies.