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Discover the Secrets of 9 Productive Bloggers: Blog Wise

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of February 2012 Featured Posts, ProBlogger Site News 72


79% of ProBlogger readers identify ‘finding time to blog’ as one of their biggest challenges.

Last year I ran a survey among ProBlogger readers to identify what the biggest challenges that bloggers face are. A number of common themes emerged – one of the strongest can be summed up in these comments from readers:

  • I just don’t have time to blog like I know I should
  • I can barely post once a week… how do you guys do it?
  • After a day of work, kids and keeping a house running my blogging is getting neglected

‘Finding Time to blog’ was a massive emerging theme among ProBlogger readers. Other issues around productivity, effective use of time, questions about out sourcing and more were also common.

As a result I immediately sat down with my team here in Melbourne and we began to plan for a resource to help bloggers become more effective with the limited time that they have available to them.

The Creation of Blog Wise: How to Do More with Less

ProBlogger editor – Georgina Laidlaw – began a series of interviews with successful bloggers. We put together a list of 9. The criteria was that we wanted to find people who had full lives yet who also managed to create great blogs and social media presences.

The result is a fantastic new PDF eBook – Blog Wise.

Featured Bloggers in Blog Wise

We ended up with a fascinating mix of bloggers who not only had great blogs but who also managed family life, other employment, extensive travel, other businesses and more. Here’s who you’ll find contributing to this eBook:

  • Heather Armstrong: Founder of Dooce, author of numerous books, mother of 2 kids (and 2 dogs)
  • Brian Clark: Founder of CopyBlogger Media which includes CopyBlogger the blog, StudioPress Themes, Premise, Scribe and more.
  • Amy Porterfield: author, prolific on Social media, contributor to numerous blogs, speaker, Mom and much more.
  • Abby Larson: Founder of Style Me Pretty – a network of 12 sites which she manages with her husband Tait.
  • Matt Kepnes: Founder of Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site – constantly on the road travelling
  • Jeff Goins: blogging at Goins Writer, writing a book, husband and…. he works a full time job
  • Gretchen Rubin: Founder of the Happiness Project blog, author of 4 books, wife and mother of 2 daughters.
  • Leo Babauta: Founder of Zen Habits and numerous other projects, author, minimalist and father of 6 kids.
  • Darren Rowse (me): owner of Digital Photography School and ProBlogger, author, social media addict and husband and dad to 3 boys.


This 18,000+ word eBook is divided into a chapter for each blogger in which Georgina pulls out the nuggets from each interview. She has also pulled together a 10th chapter which wraps it all up.


Bonus Productivity Problem Solver

And as an extra bonus we’e included a ‘Productivity Problem Solver’ PDF which covers 21 common productivity problems for bloggers and quotes from each of the above bloggers on how they overcome those issues. For example:

  • Can’t Get Motivated? See what Jeff Goins has to say
  • Having Trouble Focusing? Gretchen Rubin shares a tip
  • Can’t Keep Track of Post Ideas? Amy Porterfield shares her quick tip
  • Got Writers Block? Darren Rowse and Heather Armstrong share what they do
  • Got an Opportunity that you’re not sure what to do with? Abby Larson gives you some questions to ask yourself
  • Thinking of Building a Team but unsure how to Keep it Productive? Brian Clark shares some thoughts
  • Feeling Overwhelmed? Leo Babauta will get you on track with his wisdom
  • Been Putting Stuff Off? Matt Kepnes tells you how he gets things done


I’m really excited by Blog Wise because it not only pulls together some great bloggers into the one resource – it gives you a unique insight into how they go about what they do.

Reading it will give you some great ideas to apply to your own blogging but also some inspiration and motivation through hearing the stories of these bloggers too.


Grab Yours Today

Blog Wise and the Bonus Problem solver are PDFs and easily read on any PDF reading device including an iPad (you’ll just need to download it to your computer first for uploading to your device).

Normally priced at $19.99 for a limited time and to celebrate its launch it is $14.99 USD.

Feeling a little dry? Can’t fit all the blogging tasks in? Learn more about Blog Wise here or grab your copy directly from the button below.


About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. This is awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on it next week. I’ll definitely be reviewing it on my blog.

    • I will check out your review once you post it.

      I have read other time management and productivity books that were great. I’m curious if this is another typical how to become effictient book or one that definitely benefits bloggers.

      • Ooooh… No I think this is a great deal, I am getting more quality information from this book. So dont just look at the price but also the valuable book you are getting :)

  2. Looks like a great book but the “deal” doesn’t look that “great”. Couldn’t you drop it to $9,99 for the first week or something?

  3. Wow, I have never had this problem though. My problem was finding time to relax and do nothing. Killer price for so much content, shouldn’t pass this opportunity up for struggling bloggers who need to manage themselves better.

  4. having time to blog shouldnt ever really be an issue if you take your blog seriously. You only need a couple of hours once a week to write a new blog post so it shouldnt be difficult at all

    I usually do a new post around every 7 to 10 days but over the next days im going to be doing my 30 day challenge and make a new post each day from the 1st march to the 31st march

    i find that having goals and tasks written down keep you on track far easier rathen if you just keep things in your head

    that ebook looks interestig though will have to check it out

    good post

    paul :-)

    • I think Heather’s quote really sums up the whole concept of taking blogging seriously. “If I don’t update my website, I don’t make money and we don’t eat!”

      Its often really hard to find time for things, but looking at it this way should really reinforce the importance of dedication and consistency. I find that writing a list of important tasks really helps me to focus on them and get them done.

      If I don’t write my list, then I’ll find myself spending way too much time reading various blogs online and just “surfing” from one link to the next. When there’s so much interesting content to read each day, this becomes all too easy to do!

      Blog Wise sounds like a great read, I’ll definitely have to check it out!

    • Hey Paul,
      Why don’t you make your 30 Day Challenge public? I’d really love to participate and post results from all the participants. We all learn, and improve. So it’s a win-win.

  5. This is a amazing. I am sure will get the book in next week. I will specially thanks to Darren Rowse for sharing the amazing book.

  6. If your business website is a blog style site, it’s very important to update it. Each post means more recognition on search engines, and of course it’s also important to showcase your work as it progresses. This book looks great – thanks for the post!

  7. Hey Darren,

    Just read it and I must say I’m impressed. These guys (including you) are not unlike me, well maybe Leo :-). But the whole process of mixing up essential family life with work, business and blogging really blew me away.

    I picked up some great time management, motivational techniques and productivity tips.

    It’s nice to see the real guys behind the blogs.


    Dan Sumner

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    1. How many people do you have in you contact manager.
    2. What is the quality of the relationships you have with the people in your contact manager? (Do they like you and do they trust you?)
    3. Do those people in your contact manager remember you? can help you with your contact organization.

  9. This is an awesome eBook. I have just read it. For newbie bloggers, the eBook is good investment. Thanks Darren!

  10. Thanks! This is exactly my problem, I know what to do, but no time to do it!

  11. I would try to get this book soon. I am one of those who dont find time to blog. Unfortunately blogging doesn’t benefit you greatly in terns of money.

  12. I’ve never been big on schedules it’s not how I function best. I think it’s always great Darren how you create products that serve the needs of those who visit your blog- good job.

  13. Thanks Darren,
    I visit your site for other article but like one also ;)

  14. This is a great article. I actually have problems finding time to blog myself. I have only been able to post once a week, and would really like to get that up to about 3-4 times a week. I just got to cut some things out and manage my time a little better I guess. Good to see others are able to do it.

  15. I hope this book will change my whole blogging game. By the way I know Amy porterfield. She is the owner of FBIofluence product which I have promoted on my blog.
    Anyway thanks Darren for sharing such great information like this one.!

  16. Great and very inspirational ebook. I’m reading it right now. Will write a review on my blog. Congrats to the team!

  17. Darren,

    As a struggling blogger trying to help distance runners I’ll be willing to purchase the book. Thanks.


  18. I hope this is a good read. But I like to see some more reviews before buying it.I am a professional coder but a newbie blogger.I like to buy this ebook . But want to see some positive reviews first.

  19. Sincerely, Darren, this is one of the best blogging ebooks I’ve ever read (and I’ve read a lot of them.)

    You’ve done a great job. Congratulations!

  20. Just gonna buy it whenever available for purchase. Can i review it on my blog.

  21. Its often really hard to find time for things, but looking at it this way should really reinforce the importance of dedication and consistency. I find that writing a list of important tasks really helps me to focus on them and get them done.

  22. Thanks for introducing such a great book. I might consider getting one!

  23. I am blown away by the ebook, its amazing. Thank you so much.

  24. Hi Darren,

    Always great to read what expert bloggers have to say. Will have to agree with Brian, we need to know where are we now, where are we going and how will we get there.



  25. I did not read the book yet but it sounds like the rockstars come for the hall of fame and perform online :) I wish my blog had the same number of e-stars doing it online!

  26. Another Great Book

    I recommend it to Bloggers :)

  27. Okay… that’s it… I need to get this!

  28. I need to buy it now… i totally screw on time management….

  29. ok just place and order! will start reading it from tommorow

  30. thing should have that one to?

  31. Fantastic book, I would recommend the book to any blogger.

  32. nice post..these people always get me motivated…so that I can keep up the good work..

  33. Very timely! This ought to be a treasure trove for bloggers who find themselves scattered all over the place :P

  34. Am I the only blogger who can’t wait to get to the next story? :)

    Sounds like a very interesting read!

  35. I make it a must to post at least an article a day. If I can’t do that and I’m low on numbers, I get guest bloggers to fill up the space.

  36. This looks like an amazing book. The one thing I don’t have a problem with is time, fortunately. Since my kids started school I have at least a few hours during the day to dedicate to blogging. MY problem is getting sucked into Facebook LOL.

  37. I barely found the time to write this comment actually….I am very time productive in my “real job” so I’m trying to pass this across to my blog……it’s a work in progress x

  38. Would this book be good for more seasoned bloggers who struggle to write from time to time?

  39. Looks like a great resource.

  40. Planning to buy all Problogger’s book series!

    Thanks Darren.We really want to gain success like you & others did!

  41. As a wedding photographer whose business depends on regular blogging of recent weddings, this book seems to be the way of reducing my working day down from 16 hours during the peak season. Definitely on the “to buy” list!

  42. Looks like great information. I often times lose focus and do not write for long periods of time. I find that I lose motivation when I feel like no one is reading, hope to get the book soon, maybe it will help to hear what other bloggers do. Thanks for the great blog.

  43. In my opinion, the book must be a good one. The problems that are shown indeed are very common and most annoying.

    For the beginners the price is fare, but for more advanced bloggers – I am not sure.

    Personally, I’ve been following Darren and other popular bloggers for about a year and most of the help I got out of guest posts and all. :P

  44. Ok just place and order! will start reading it from tommorow

  45. This is perfect for me! Ive got the time to blog, but struggle with other things, such as, how do you guys keep coming up with new/fresh content. Looking forward to reading this

  46. I guess the key things are effective time management, staying focus and taking action.

    To success!

  47. Thank You For The Great Book Once Again..

  48. Debt Advisor makes a good point in saying that low readership, or the impression of it, really discourages bloggers from writing content. If that’s the case with some writers, it would help to focus on SEO first before uploading content.

  49. The beauty of blogging and how it can earn anyone a full-time living on the world wide web. Thank you Darren, for just being you =)

  50. The same principles seem to always be mentioned that contribute to success. Thanks for the great book Darren

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