What Blog Platform Do You Use Most? [POLL]

It’s been a couple of years since we ran a poll here on ProBlogger about the blogging platform that readers are using, so I’m keen to see the results on this one.


What Blog Platform Do You Use Most?
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Please answer for the platform you use most if you have multiple blogs (one selection per person). I’d also love to hear some of your “why?” responses below in the comments, along with mentions of any other platforms not listed here.

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  1. Audirs says:

    You make good points, Abe, especially about the Comments being buried beneath miscellaneous you-name-it.” Personally I don’t look at how many comments have been made on other blogs so I’m going to stop sweating it with mine. WordPress the best!

  2. Anna S. says:

    I’ve used Blogger for about 6 months and really like it. I use Windows Live Writer to interface with it – makes formatting posts a lot easier. I like that Blogger gives you access to the css/html of your template, so if you want to modify, you’re free to do so. I enjoy working and learning “under the hood” of my template code.

    I work full-time besides blogging, so appreciate that Google/Blogger takes care of all the updating/security. It allows me to spend my (limited) blog time on other things, like writing. I know that has great features, but am also a bit of a skeptic about some bloggers pushing it – knowing that some of those “move to self-hosted – it’s awesome!” blog posts contain high-paying affiliate links to web hosting companies.