Do you Disclose Affiliate Links?

One of the most common questions I’m asked since the new FTC regulations regarding bloggers came in is around disclosing affiliate links.

As an Australian I’m not directly impacted by the FTC and its regulations so I’ve not really had to change my own approach to disclosure – but I’d be interested to hear a bit of discussion on the topic – particularly around these questions:

  1. Do you disclose affiliate links on your blog in some way?
  2. If so – how do you do it (every time you use one, in the bottom of posts, site wide disclosures…. something else)?
  3. if so – has the FTC regulations impacted what you do?

My personal approach for the last couple of years has been to have a sitewide disclosure rather than a per post one (although here on ProBlogger I have been noting affiliate links in posts more often lately).

What about you – do you disclose affiliate links?

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  1. Ravi Ahuja says:

    Mostly I try to hide affiliate links.

  2. axel g says:

    “Be Transparent And Personal”

    That rings true to me.

    You have everything to win by being good to your readers.

    Great read!

  3. I’ve got this addressed in my T&Cs in my footer.

  4. Champe says:

    Yeah i totally agree with what has been expressed here. What I do is outline for people what work and what doesnt and leave them free to make their own choice. A great a example would be what Iv done with my blog, you can check it out if you want but yeah be transparent.

  5. Darcy says:

    I don’t often use affiliate links, but when I do I try to remember to disclose them. I think I may put up a site-wide notice some time though, so I don’t need to worry about remembering…

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