Your Final Chance to Get Membership for Just $1.95 – 3 Hours to Go

This is just a short last warning that we’re about to increase the price of our ProBlogger Community Forums.

We posted a week ago that we’re doing this but wanted to give a final opportunity. In 3 hours from now (1pm Easter US time) the price goes up from $1.95 USD a month to $5.95 USD a month. If you get in before the cut off you’re locked into the lower price forever.

Update: The introductory offer is now over.

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  1. Just signed up. Last minute as always :)

  2. Personally I’m already signed up, and it’s well worth the money! :D

  3. Well the offer sounds good. A great way to increase sales, but im afraid I wont be able to buy it.

  4. Renz says:

    I’m pretty new to problogger. What would be the benefit of subscribing to problogger’s forum? Thanks.

  5. Leonardo says:

    hi, Darren… i tryed to pay using pay pal, but i will have to wait until next month to active the account in paypal (New Account). Can i do something to use the ?

  6. Renz,

    Spend $1.95 and check it out.That’s almost free. Most people have spent more money in some way before they get out of bed in the morning – there’s no risk here to speak of, IMO. If you’re like me, you’ll probably even find that it’s worth it.

  7. Ms. Freeman says:

    Thanks for the offer, but I’m going to stick with the free internet sources. :)

  8. izzat aziz says:

    joined it, i still waiting actually but then you do this and i have to registered, i think that what we call persuasive.. maybe something you learn from the YES book :)

  9. Renz says:

    Can I still join and get the 1.95 dollar membership fee?

  10. Sire says:

    Looks like I missed out mate ;) No worries though, I reckon I can buy my kids a bag of lollies or something with the money I’ve saved. Good onya for giving everyone a last shot at saving some money.

  11. Austin says:

    Just signed up and it’s definitely worth it. :) I’m glad that I was able to lock in the new price.

  12. free income says:

    Did i miss it? i just got home from school, i hope i can still sign up

  13. sdhc says:

    The community is great! Plain and simple. I’ve met other like minded bloggers, gotten advice, given advice and really enjoy the camaraderie. Glad I joined up when I did.

  14. Prabhu says:

    Hey, I want to join – can plz reopen for 1 day more !

  15. Shashi Kapoor says:

    Damn, I missed this due to being in a different timezone (and being rubbish and not signing up earlier). Any chance I can still get in?

  16. James says:

    I think there should be a stats where we could see how many are signing up and how many members are already in the forum?

  17. Legit Money says:

    hope i am bot to late, just remembered to sign in.

  18. Seems that I’m late to get the $1.95 offer, but $5.95/month is still an affordable price for people who want to learn blogging tips and make money online. I’m going to look more into and subscribe too.

    Thanks Darren for the great forum community.


  19. Penny Stocks says:

    me too think so i am very late for this offer :(

    any such offer in coming days ? i guess i am subscribing to your blog as not to miss such offers

  20. Doh, just missed the cut off, AS ALWAYS! lol