Learn How to Create Your Own Membership Site – Free Report

If there was one emerging trend spoken about more than anything else in the Make Money Blogging track at Blog World Expo it was ‘membership sites’. A number of sessions were directly on the topic while quite a few others touched on the topic (including the ones I spoke on).

It seems more and more bloggers are looking to expand in this way – whether it be by setting up teaching courses, starting paid forums or setting up areas where they offer subscribers exclusive content to paying subscribers.

By no means is it the only model to make money online – but it is one that more and more bloggers are looking towards and one that we’re even seeing more mainstream media doing also.

Yaro has this week relaunched a free report on the topic of Membership Sites – The Membership Site Mastermind Report.

The reports shares how Yaro uses membership sites to make a six figure income, how he runs the technology side of things, gives insights on how he gets members to stick on his sites and more. It’s a free report to anyone who gives an email address.

Yaro will be relaunching his Membership Site Mastermind course in the next week or so – but this report is free and contains useful information even if you go no further than downloading it and not going on with the full course.

PS: Get more free teaching on Membership Sites from Yaro in these two videos here and here. Also check out an interview Yaro did with Daniel Scocco on his $10,000 a month membership site.

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  1. Thanks for the link on this. My site is growing and with the increase in traffic, I’m always looking for ways to create more revenue while still providing great value to my community. A membership site can be a great way to do this. I’ll definitely jump over and grab Yaro’s report on this.

  2. Such a beneficial Report, I have read it more than 3 times and I am just waiting the right time to implement it and I hope it works out!

    Thanks Darren.

  3. I think paid content has a big future. I have been playing with this idea for one of my sites, but didn’t know where to start. Now I finally found a referral that I can trust. Thanks Joe.

  4. CJniche says:

    This is a great report…I read the first one, too..
    I think Readers are more engaged and loyal when comes to these kind of sites.
    If there is a growing community around a blog it would be waste of many and ideas(lets be ethical:)) not starting a membership site

  5. Željan says:

    Brainwash would be the best word.

  6. Great Article. I never thought to start a membership site. I heard it requires lots of uniqueness and should be updated every now and then…

    thanks for the great post :)

  7. I recently studied about the Yaro’s story on the blog.I am really surprised and eager to know his methodology to run the Membership site.

  8. Mrugesh says:

    I have my own blog. I’ll try a membership site and see if it helps. Nice article though

  9. Wow, its quite amazing to see that you people are really bound with each another. Almost in every blog I saw the post of Yaro and his latest outcome.

    Certainly this pattern really works.

  10. Wooo the report is very nice.Thank you for sharing this.

  11. Thank you for this article. However, there is one area of membership forums that has always seemed tricky to me.

    How do you get enough individuals to participate in the forum to make it valuable? If not enough individuals participate, there is little value to the other individuals. Then, your members that try it out don’t come back and you potentially get bad press. If you give it away for free in the beginning to make it valuable, and then charge later, you sort of betray your members (in my opinion).

    I’m just trying to figure out how it works in the beginning. Still, thank you for the article.

  12. HomeBiss says:

    Good recommendation. Yaro Starak is a legend in the making, wonder what he’ll be in another 10 years. My only hope is that he can lower the price of some of his products. ;)

  13. Celeng Lewat says:

    Thanks for the link on this. My site is growing and with the increase in traffic, I’m always looking for ways to create more revenue while still providing great value to my community. A membership site can be a great way to do this. I’ll definitely jump over and grab Yaro’s report on this.

    Such a beneficial Report, I have read it more than 3 times and I am just waiting the right time to implement it and I hope it works out!

    Thanks Darren.

  14. Anna McMahon says:

    the report is awesome. I have always wanted to build my own membership site and it would be much easier having this report to go back to. Thanks for the link!

  15. Ms. Freeman says:

    I am no where near this stage of my blogging, but this is truly valuable info to hold onto for future growth. :)

  16. Joi says:

    Membership sites are growing in popularity. While I, personally, have had very minor experience with membership sites, I can see how they could be huge for the right person with the right market.

    By the way, the Wish List Member plugin makes membership sites relatively simple to set up and run.

  17. Awesome article. Your report provided me with great points to create a membership site. I didn’t realize it could be that simple. Looking forward to reading more posts.


  18. Brandon Cox says:

    I’ve looked over this report and think membership sites are excellent business models, but they do require a commitment to staying fresh and working very, very hard. Gotta offer more than the value people are paying for, imo.

  19. Joe says:

    I think it’s kind of a shame that critical comments get removed from this blog. I posted on yesterday on a different blog, and the moderator never sent it through. I personally don’t believe in filtering comments so they all sound extremely positive. I wasn’t trolling and I expressed myself in a respectable manner. Sorry Darren, but I lost respect for you and your blog when you control your reader responses like that.

    • Darren Rowse says:

      Joe – I’m not sure what your previous comment was – however we only filter comments that are spammy or unreasonably aggressive. We do however queue comments for moderation and as I’m in Australia it can take a while for some comments to be moderated. The only other explanation I can give is that perhaps you used a keyword that triggered our spam filter. I apologies if your comment didn’t get through – feel free to leave it again and email me through our comments forum and I can track it down for you. I can’t see any others in the queue at this point though – apologies if it was deleted.

  20. gbk says:

    Looking forward to see how much money will you be making as Yaro’s affiliate

    Yaro is one of the best nevertheless :)

  21. work at home says:

    Thank you for this information. I have read many article on how to make money on membership site. This article is really awesome. As I am working alone so it is hard for me to manage everything. I will really try to build membership site for make money.

  22. Jade Craven says:

    I’ve gone through the program and I must say, it is one of the best membership sites I’ve been a part of. Sure, its expensive, but its well worth it when you consider the income potential.

    I’ve seen lots of my friends offer membership sites where they offer weekly audio content. They offer this considerably cheaper than their other information products so they provide value while still being considered a bargain.

    Chad – just check out case studies of those who have had a successful membership site. I guess it depends on having a very passionate community or a very successful launch.

    SW – thats actually one of the side effects of a good launch – you see it being talked about everywhere. I read his module on launching again recently and now I know how he does it ;)

    Its a great report and really awesome program. Thanks for recommending, Darren

  23. Thanks so much for posting this information! We appreciate the time you must have taken to present this information so clearly.

  24. Great Article, if you don’t know Yaro, Michael Dunlop interviewed him on – well worth a read, Yaro is an amazing and creative guy.

  25. webcam says:

    This is a great review with some honest feedback. Most people tend to do nothing but praise someone else’s items, especially if they are affiliated with them in any way. But you have always seemed to offer a fairly objective approach to your reviews, which I certainly appreciate.

  26. sony says:

    Hi Daren, I wanna ask you how to create a forum for my wp blog and how to maintain it?

    Please write an article on this platform, I am very eager about creating a forum for my wp blog.

    And tips to maintain it.

  27. Yes Darren Yaro is certainly a master in this kind of project and its nice to see that you are also on same way … :)