A-List Blogging Bootcamp Opens its Doors

bootcamp.pngYesterday I mentioned a free report that Leo Babauta had released on the topic of getting subscribers to a blog (you can get a copy here) and mentioned in the post that Leo was also running a new 10 module training course on the same topic on his new A-List Blogging Bootcamp site.

The ‘Skyrocket Your Subscriber Count’ bootcamp training is now open for enrollment – but only for the next few days as the course actually begins on 18 August.

It runs between 18-27 August and covers these topics:

Day 1: The Psychology of Subscribing
Day 2: How to Use design to Hook Readers
Day 3: Why Usability is the Key to Keeping Visitors on Your Blog
Day 4: Crafting a Killer About Page & Prime Posting Rhythm
Day 5: What Kind of Content Creates Subscribers and How to Write it
Day 6: How to Craft Headlines that Lure Readers to Your Blog
Day 7: What Kind of Images Attract Readers
Day 8: The Art of Guest Posting
Day 9: How to Promote Your Blog: Strategies that Rock
Day 10: How to Leverage Social Media for Super Success

I’ll be involved in the teaching of at least two of the topics as a guest expert. Brian Clark from CopyBlogger will also be involved. Leo will be doing the bulk of the teaching and is someone who definitely has the runs on the board as someone with more subscribers than both Brian and myself here on ProBlogger!

Leo’s included a money back guarantee on the training/

Get full details and enroll here at A-List Blogging Bootcamps.

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  1. Matt Harris says:

    I would if I had any cash to spend at the moment. Until then I have to do things the hard way.

  2. I guess I assumed it was free when I checked it out yesterday (probably because there wasn’t any price listed)! Anyway, sounds interesting, but I already have access to so much free content that I’ll have to skip it. I would be interested to hear someone’s experience though…

  3. This looks to be a very promising course. For those who can afford it, I’m certain they’d have an edge over the competition.

  4. SATISH says:

    Leo is one of the most credible person….So the course will surly be the best.

  5. This is something that bloggers should not miss if they want to be a better blogger since Leo, Darren and Brian are all successful blogger in their niche.

  6. teratips says:

    thanks to admin nad keep good working

  7. youtube says:

    I did not read your blog when it first come out. It’s just my 4th month with problogger though :)

    And I wonder — did you start with WP from the beginning?

    The way is looking right now it shows you’ve started blogging for business from the beginning!

  8. hoteblog says:

    you as an expert, hope I could join the camp


  9. poorblogger says:

    Wow. Good camp..
    I would like to go but there’s a problem that I’ve must solced first

  10. I have just started checking out some of Leo’s blog posts and they are great!

  11. fas says:

    Looks like a lot of membership plans coming on board.

  12. ITrush says:

    Hmm, very interesting.. hope I could join also and learn from this blogging bootcamp.

  13. Awesome post Darren very interesting.Many things I learnt from this.

  14. Just clicked on the given link and reading it.

    I am very much interested in the camp of Day 3, 7 and 9. These are really rare and I am sure we will be able to learn few new things.

  15. jeux wii says:

    Good read … headline catchy … good points, some of which I have learned along the way as well (humility, grace, layoff the controversial stuff). Will share with my colleagues at work as we begin blogging from a corporate perspective.


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