Who Designed Your Blog?

Poll time – who designed your blog?


Who Designed Your Blog?
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If you’ve got more than one blog – choose the one you consider to be your main blog. Tell us more in comments below!

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  1. Headless Mom says:

    Karen from Amusing Designs did a great job with mine!

  2. I won a a prize of a membership site for premium themes, so my current themes is a premium themes. It’s a premium themes, but it’s FREE.

    Davis Lee

  3. DK says:

    My husband and I did everything from scratch on our own. Learning every small bit and realizing that so called trivial stuff turn out to be the biggest pain (u know where) was some of the benefits of this process!

  4. DK says:

    My husband and I did everything from scratch on our own. Learning every small bit and realizing that so called trivial stuff turn out to be the biggest pain (u know where) were some of the benefits of this process!

  5. tasarhane says:

    designed myself.. still working on it ;)

  6. Shay says:

    I used to run a heavily-modified version of the Mimbo theme but just recently launched a new theme designed and coded by myself. It feels good to finally have my own creation =)

  7. yonasu says:

    At the moment I’m using a highly customized premium template, the only thing that’s left of the original template is actually only the sidebar. I’m working on a new design which should be up and running in about a week or two though!

  8. completely Designed it Myself :D… So it’s worth to see my PRemium Unique WP Theme like John Chow Dot Com WP Theme buy mine more beautiful…. -)) if you want I can share it with you -)

  9. I used a Free Template, then designed details.

  10. Tall Blogger says:

    I completely designed it myself too. I like it this way because I know every little peace of my site and can change it how I want and where I want at any time.

  11. a friend of mine designed it in exchange for free publicity/recommendation

    A good deal :)

  12. I used to use the pre developed themes from different sites but now I developed my online tool for making highly customizable themes for any kind of website. Do try!

  13. For the moment I’m using a free default template, partly because I’m a new blogger. I’m more than likely to tweak a template or design my own in the future. But for me to do that at this moment would take considerable time away from my blogging. But a unique design would help me to draw more readers in.

  14. Opal Pendant says:

    Its better To get a Free Theme which Is good For Your Niche And Work On Content too,
    I did a little Css Tweaking after watching some tuts and similar things and i saw some improvements in clicks so Kept that theme From more then a month, Will try a new theme sooner too see what diff i get

  15. jay ess says:

    unfortunately i don’t have enough experience with css, html, or php to create my own theme so i had to get a free theme. however, it is an excellent theme (hybrid) and am quite pleased with it. it’s very customizeable and has plenty of space to put whatever you need to where ever you want to put something. and for someone like me, that makes it nearly perfect. also, it is very simplistic so people don’t get distracted with too much going on.

  16. Roberta says:

    My boyfriend designed mine and it’s the most unique theme I’ve ever seen…he’s a genius :)

  17. jackssparrow says:

    Really great ideas. I like every example. Just might have to try these… So cute! Thank you!
    more templates easy to download

  18. rohlinge says:

    This is interesting to know that compared to the rest, those venturing to design their own templates are a considerable minority !

    I now should be proud of being one of them !