Speedlinking – Discount Deal, Jobs, Blogger Group, Free Reports and Interview

Time for a little speed-linking. This time there’s a deal, reports, some jobs, an interview and a new group for professional bloggers.

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  1. Jade Craven says:

    Thanks for sharing these resources. I know David Risely is up to something awesome – I quite liked his second free report. I know he has another product out called 3 Day Money which I’m really interested in.

    Something else I’ve seen recently thats awesome and useful is Upsell 101 by Dave Navarro and Naomi Dunford – . I reviewed their other product here and am in love with this, even though I have no product currently. I’m hoping other bloggers can get something out of it.

    Please share how you’re using LinkedIn in future posts. Its an important part of my strategy as a blogger and freelancer.

    – Jade

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks again for the linkedin group. Expecting a lot from it :)

  3. Well I must admit that I don’t see the point of groups on LinkedIn, there are many many more and better ways of communicating.

    Very interesting about the new jobs though :)

  4. Hey Darren, I came across problogger sometime last year, but only started being a regular reader this month. I want to thank you for all the free advice and tips you offer here – it really helps us bloggers. Thank you!

  5. Darren, I am also gobbling up all the good info you are dishing up.

    I think I might re-visit your 31 day challenge at – and do a bit of speedlinking myself!

  6. You always have such interesting tips. Planning to check them out today. Thanks for the ongoing valuable information.

  7. Kaushik says:

    Great tips, thanks!

  8. Twitter Tips says:

    I’m checking the probloggers group right away! Thanks for sharing these links :)

  9. mlm dude says:

    Great resources! Appreciate those links – they are all very useful for people who are serious about blogging.


  10. ramaraobobby says:

    Thanks for sharing all the useful stuff , especially introducing me to David Risley whom I don’t know before. His free report and free videos are cool and made me subscribe to his blog.
    Thanks once again Darren. Bye.. take care.

  11. manikandan says:

    Once again thanks for ur useful stuff……

    U always rock the blogosphere………

  12. ITrush says:

    Another useful and interesting information here Darren, thanks a lot.

  13. Eric C says:

    I love the speedlinking posts. Please keep them up Darren.

  14. Well I must admit that I don’t see the point of groups on LinkedIn, there are many many more and better ways of communicating.