Start Your Own Blog Network or Community with you’ve ever dreamed of running your own blog network but have been put off by the idea of setting it up and managing it you you’re not alone. As someone who has co-founded blog networks I understand the challenges.

It is for that reason that I’m really excited about a brand new service that has just launched – is essentially your own blog network in a box. It allows you to set up your own type community using the powerful WordPress Multi User platform – this opens up many possibilities both for existing and new bloggers.

There’s a lot to be said about so I’ll let you peruse their site to learn whether it fits with your needs but a few highlights include:

  • Let your readers start blogs or just limit it to starting your own on sub domains
  • Run advertising on it
  • Using it on your own domain
  • Lots of Themes built in
  • Plugins pre installed
  • Import previous blogs into
  • Support forums

The service is free with loads of features but you get extra capabilities and unlock some of the above features (and others) by becoming a supporter. Support packs start out at $9 a month for a 10 blog pack. has been developed by Inscub – a team with a heap of experience using WordPress MU who have helped set up and run some massive WPMU blog networks. I’ll have an interview with James Farmer from Inscub later today to talk more about – but in the mean time it might be well worth your time to sign up and reserve your community name and preferred url before someone else does.


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  1. dofus kamas says:

    This will make things much easier now to start a network of blogs. WordPress does lay it out nicely to get things done with a blog.

  2. Backup says:

    I don’t really see what the advantages of are over I thought is using the mu version as well, right?

  3. Aaron says:

    Now, is considerably more DIY than wordpress, it seems like. I will be keeping what Problogger has to say about blogging in mind, though.