Membership Site Masterplan Report is now Ready for Download

On Friday I posted about that a great free 72 page report by Yaro Starack called Membership Site Masterplan was about to be released.

Yaro’s just old me that it’s now available for you to download.

The report contains some great information on how Yaro uses membership sites to build significant community sites and a six figure income. If you’ve ever considered a membership site as a way to make money online I’d recommend you get the report for a look.

While Yaro will follow this report up with a paid membership site for further teaching (he’s previous ones have been excellent) the report itself contains good information whether you go further in the process or not – Yaro’s approach has always been to create valuable resources and this one is no exception.

Signup to download Yaro’s report here.

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  1. Thanks a lot Darren,
    I’ll definitely be checking this out :)

  2. Haris says:

    Hi Darren,
    thanks for the valuable information. Download is going on. waiting to see more news like this..

    greetings from Jakarta

  3. Jon says:

    Yaro is a great guy… look forward to reading the report!

    Jon – Create Unique Memories

  4. Greg Hampson says:

    I was extremely skeptical of this report when you first wrote about it – I’ve seen so many free reports that really give nothing of value and are just really sales pages for the ‘real’ information.


    Phew! I’m very glad that I got this one. I’m actually preparing to launch a membership site myself and I’ve taken 4-5 really important things from this report alone. I’m not sure I’ll signup for his paid course but I am really thankful for the report.

  5. Thank you darren..I have read his previous book about the blogging. That is really good.

  6. Thank you darren..I have read his previous book about the blogging. That is really good.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  7. Thanks for the update i will definitely check out Yaro’s report.

  8. thank you, I think this report is very useful and I need to download and read carefully

  9. InternetHow says:

    thanx. I was actually waiting for email from Yaro, but I checked your site first. I will download it as soon as I get back to my unlimited Broadband :)

  10. farouk says:

    sounds really interesting, will download it now, thanks a lot:)

  11. Coolwired says:

    Thanks, Darren. This is very helpful!

  12. Avon Blake says:

    Trouble is Darren, that it’s the same old stuff. Listening to the masterplan mp3 is like listening to a condensed version of every problogging blog post over the last year or os.

    It’s old hat. Isn’t it time for some new thinking rather than just inter-blogger back slapping?

  13. Guillermo says:

    To be honest I do not trust this “Win a million without working” kind of things… They seem dishonest or at least tricky… I don’t know… I also do not match in my mind Darren with guys like Yaro…

    My perception of Darren is much different and cannot associate him with this kind of stuff… Does Darren endorse Yaro and his method? Can Darren really say there’s no scam here? It’d be for the only reason I’d give this thing a chance…

  14. Nice Plan, another very helpful article!

  15. I’ve read the report and it’s great! Take in everything – don’t skim it!

  16. @Darren,

    Thanks Darren.. I could finally download it. Let us see what it has and how many “Paradigm Shifts” it is going to create!


  17. Dean Saliba says:

    I’m downloading it now and hope to enjoy reading this report.

    I’ve heard so many great things about it.

  18. Thanks, Darren. This is very helpful!

  19. Jim Bursch says:

    I’m downloading the report now, but I have to say that I am a little skeptical — check that — I’m very skeptical.

    There has got to be a better way to pitch these things without so much hype.

    “How You Can Quickly Set Up A $100,000+
    Per Year Income… Almost With Your Hands
    Tied Behind Your Back!”

    What a crock of BS.

    I’ll give the report a read and glean what value I can from it.

  20. Beth Harding says:

    Thank you for pointing out this report. I’ve come away from reading it with lots of great ideas to add to the site that I’m about to launch. Glad I downloaded it.

  21. Yaro says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone and also to you Darren for posting it.

    I love the skeptical comments – guys, just read the report and then make your mind up. You will see there’s no scam here.

    It’s about membership sites, not blogs, so this is not the same as Problogger content.


  22. FYI, I did a review of the report earlier today on my blog, along with a copy of my personal notes.

  23. Onaga says:

    Everyone, i think it would be wise to give yaro a chance before the criticism. I have personally known him for months, as a suscriber to his site. He has been wonderful with his promises, but go out to make some too-noticable-clever-marketing, but even you would do that.

    I believe that there are strong reasons to grab this report, cos i think it would be a sincere one, devoid of harsh markeing. Try it over.I am going over to grab my own copy FREE from my suscriber link right away! Yahooo!

  24. The report is super. Can’t wait till the doors open to sitematermind next week.

  25. Günther says:

    Almost I overlooked this article in your daily email. Looks like an idea which should be carefully considered. I am runnig a christian blog and I am not sure if such a model is appropriate for everyone. But still it is a great report to read

  26. thnx darren…will check up on tht

  27. I combined the assignment on 31 day challenge with my post as an affiliate for Yaro’s program.

    Took a little different direction with it – out of the usual blogosphere mode.

    Since when is it bad to make money?

    I first discovered Problogger through Yaro.

    I joined his first program and I have nothing but respect for him. He is the real deal.

    He consistantly delivers more than he promises.

  28. Have any of you guys/gals even developed a membership site? ;-)

  29. dev says:

    Look great, gonna download and read

  30. tashfeen says:

    Thanks Darren, this is definitely helpful.

  31. Syed Balkhi says:

    I read the ebook Yaro. You did a great job on it. I might take the course if I decide to start a membership site.

  32. You, Shoe, and JC are all spamming up all over the Internets with this guy’s scam. What’s the truth, here? How is he cashing you up?

  33. elizof says:

    Thanks Darren!
    I will take a look at it and keep an open mind…

  34. Interesting and useful info – thanks for informing all of us. Emily

  35. Matthew says:

    I have downloaded the report but haven’t had a chance to read through it yet. This is just the information that I have been needing; I have an idea for a membership site, but am not sure how to set it up. What a timely resource!

    My long-term goal is to set up the site (or another source of web-based income) so that I can become location independent. This report might be exactly what I need to start the journey!

  36. @Guillermo. You need to read the reports first (Blue Print and Membership Site) before you making any sort of comment. This is not get rich quick bull***t. Both report show you how to do something in right way. If you do it, you will earn money, if you don’t then you’ll earn nothing. Yes, he is trying to sell his product also. But at the same time he is providing you with useful information. Good Luck to him.

    I think you tried a lot of get rich quick scams and think everything people sell over the internet are the same. Although I didn’t buy any product from Yaro, both his reports helped me a lot. I think you should download these reports and read them.

  37. I guess Yaro needed as much publicity as possible as quickly as possible and was prepared to pay whatever. Good for him. Still, I wish he’d have staggered the campaign or something. Seeing three of my favorite blogs spammed-up with false enthusiasm for his $497 info-product is tiresome.

  38. Fachrulx2 says:

    I like Yaro Starak!
    He is very good! and love to share, very useful for beginners like me…

  39. ed hardy says:

    yes Yaro’s an expert on this field. i like his previous report it’s really great. thank you Darren.