21 Ways to Write Posts that Are Guaranteed to Grow Your Blog

grow your blog

  1. Write something useful
  2. Write something unique
  3. Write something newsworthy
  4. Write something first
  5. Write something that makes those who read it smarter
  6. Write something controversial
  7. Write something insightful
  8. Write something that taps into a fear people have
  9. Write something that helps people achieve
  10. Write something that elicit a response
  11. Write something that gives a sense of belonging
  12. Write something passionately
  13. Write something that interprets or translates news for people
  14. Write something inspirational
  15. Write something that tells a story
  16. Write something that solves a problem
  17. Write something that gets a laugh
  18. Write something that saves people time or money
  19. Write something opinionated
  20. Write something that is a resource
  21. Write something about something ‘cool
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  1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    It’s simply straight the point, great list Darren! I’ve read the “Write a List Post”, and would try to come out a list post this 2 days. Learn something new today. :)


  2. I love lists and this list is outstanding. I especially like the write something opinionated because many people tend to write things that are watered down so as not to alienate the readers.

  3. The brevity is refreshing, especially since it’s useful and not random bits of fluff.

    I hate those lists that are basically just numbered paragraphs–what’s the point.

    ~ Stephanie J. B.

  4. Laskwatsera says:

    great ideas, i’ve been thinking of other niche i can write about aside from travel, i think my domain had limited already the things i can write about but the most important one is to write something that is useful to people.

  5. Kim McGinnis says:

    Great tips. The simplicity with which you wrote this one reminds me of another one.

    Put your tips in a list.

    I think most people appreciate simplicity. That’s why Zen Habits is such a popular blog.

  6. Calvyn Tng says:

    This is a great way to work my way out of a writers block, using this list its easy to prioritize my articles, thanks for the information

    ~Calvyn Tng

  7. Calvyn Tng says:

    Hey i wonder if i added a video introduction to my about me page, would that be much better?

  8. eBloggy says:

    Just stumbled here via SU – great and helpful list :)

    I couldn’t agree more, thanks for posting :)