Save Time By Auto Filling Comment Forms

In this post Jeff Chandlerhighlights a cool tool for auto filling in comment forms on blogs.

Ok Problogger faithful, I’m going to keep it short and sweet this week by telling you about a cool FireFox extension which is sure to save you some time in the long run. Generally, every blog out on the web has a comment form. This form normally consists of Name, Email, Website, and Comment. Having to type in those first three fields time and time again can be annoying and cause you not to comment at all. That’s where easyComment comes into play.

EasyComment Configuration

Easycomment works by looking for the typical fields that are reserved for comment forms and filling them in with predetermined values. Essentially, after you install the extension, you’ll have to fill out the form with your credentials. These values are what will be placed in the blog comment form. After you type that in, filling those fields is as simple as clicking the easyComment button which should look a little something like this.

EasyComment Button

That’s all there is to it. One thing to keep in mind with this or any other extension that fills in forms. The extension will not work on sites that have third party commenting systems such as Disqus or IntenseDebate installed. This is because the form fields are inside a block of code and not in plain HTML which renders the form fields to be indiscoverable.

If you’re looking for an extension that does this and more, check out AutoFillForms. That extension is a bit more complicated to configure but it is used to auto complete entire forms such as user registration areas on forums or websites. However, I’ve written a guide for that extension as well. runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

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  1. Wow – performs exactly as advertised. Thanks for the heads-up – I’m going to post a note about this on my site too – – think of all the time everyone’s readers are going to save.

  2. Bond says:

    Hellow, Anyone know about any programs that can autofill ShoutMix & Cbox Widget.

  3. What a great time saver, I’ve been looking for an app like this for weeks!

  4. ShoutWhat says:

    LoL this auto filling comment forms is awesome, however I’m kinda addicted to typing them(I’ve no idea why). Im a keyboard-typing-addictive!! Cheers anyway for this awesome function.

  5. In contrary to ShoutWhat I am not that kind of a typing-addict, so I LOVE this tool!



  6. Hot Gym Girl says:

    Sounds like something worth checking out! Anything to shorten time spent on the web surfing blogs!

  7. Brian Baulch says:

    Great tool Darren thanks for sharing it all l needed now is a tool that l can automatic fill out all my profile page content for social network sites it be nice to save time adding all my profile details each site on manual mode, may be some one in this group has suggestion on this

  8. What a Time Saver ! …..Now Commenting Will be a Breeze !

    Thanks Jeff !

  9. Belated response as this just popped up in a search of my inbox.. I’m an Opera fan, too, like Phillip (above)..

    Typing in the first letter for the text box at hand, e.g. email address, narrows down the choices from all those stored in one’s Wand.. Because Wand works that way, hoping Opera eventually opens up a few more “Other” slots as it works splendidly for user names when they are saved, too.. :grin:

  10. thanks for this. I have installed the one related to mozilla. This was very helpful.