Tell us about Your Blog in 140 Characters or Less

Update – 48 hours has expired and I’ve now closed this experiment.

OK – here’s a little experiment for us to participate in this weekend. Below I’d like you to ‘pitch’ us on why we should read your blog. Read on to find out how.

I get asked these two questions a lot:

  1. Can you link to my blog on ProBlogger
  2. Can you recommend a blog on the topic of (insert topic here)

The answer to #1 is invariably no. It’s not that I don’t want to promote great blogs – but the reality is that if I promoted every blog I was asked to link to it’d take over this blog completely.

The answer to #2 is for me to sometimes give people a link but more often it’s a blank look. You see while I track the feeds of over 700 blogs that is just a drop in the ocean and the blogs I follow tend to be on just a couple of narrow topics.

So – what I want to do is give people an opportunity to promote their blog here on ProBlogger and an opportunity for others to find new blogs to read.

It’s all going to happen in the comments section of this post.

Here’s how it’ll work.

  • Over the next 48 hours I am leaving the comments of this post open for you to give an elevator pitch for your blog.
  • To keep the ‘pitches’ short – you have to do it in 140 characters or less.
  • You can ‘sell’ your blog to us in any way you like as long as it’s 140 characters. Use humor, tell us what it’s about, tease us… what ever you want. Just keep it family friendly please.
  • Feel free to use your blog’s name in the ‘name’ field in the comments section and to leave the URL in the URL section to help you save on characters.
  • Please only pitch one blog to us. If you have multiple blogs just pick your best one.
  • After 48 hours I’ll close the comments on this post and will point people back to it and encourage them to surf through the list and find some new blogs to read. I’ll also encourage people to link up to the ones they find and enjoy reading.
  • I’m not going to do a summary list of all blogs submitted (I suspect there will be quite a few) but I will pick out a few of my favorite elevator pitches to highlight in the 2nd post.
  • updatePlease include the number ‘140’ in the comment. This will help us find any comments that are filtered as spam. The ‘140’ doesn’t get counted in your 140 characters.

Will this bring you tens thousands of new readers to your blog? Probably not – but it could bring a few, and they could bring others…..

I’m looking forward to seeing how you pitch us your blog (I think it’s important to be able to sell your blog in a few words so hopefully this is a useful exercise) but also to discovering some great new blogs! Your 48 hours starts…. NOW!

Subscribe to my feed to be notified when the project ends so you can come back and surf the list!

update: If you don’t see your comment come up immediately please be patient. It will have been queued for moderation – we’ll get to it eventually. There’s no need to add a 2nd comment. Thanks!

Update 2 – thanks everyone – I’ve now closed this experiment off. I do appreciate everyone’s submissions and apologize to those that missed out but this page slowed down so much that I can’t extend the experiment past 48 hours! I’ll post in the next 24 hours a few of my favorite pitches plus some reflections on the project. Wow – over 1400 submissions – thanks!

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  1. David says:

    Blogger, Canadian, Online Marketing, Branding, WordPress, Experience – all of these can be found on by David Peralty ;)


  2. Truth is stranger than fiction. A raucous romp back in time: sea monsters. medical marvels & early medicine. A college history professor, your guide.


  3. Stories, ideas, tips and tricks from a mom of 3 boys, from toddler to teen. Watch us deal with everything From Cribs to Car Keys.

  4. Chez US says:

    She cooks. He critiques. This is our story of what we create in our 20 sq. ft. kitchen nightly. In a nutshell we are all about sustainable eating. Quick, gourmet and easy meals that the everyday cook can make at home. It really is amazing what we whip up in such a small space. Come dine with us soon!

  5. WalkingSpree says:

    No time to exercise? Time to tweet 140 characters? Then get twitterpated about walking. Walking for health motivation and Twitter step tips.

  6. Kalyn says:

    If you love to cook and want to eat without gaining weight, the low-glycemic recipes on my award-winning food blog will make you smile.

  7. TTT is a godsend to anyone trying to educate a child in the 21st Century. It gives the GAMES & ideas away for FREE! The quality is superb! 140

  8. says:


    Bridging The Gaap offers free financial education articles on the subject of personal finance, money management and economics. Drop by and say hello @!

  9. Mentoring for Direct Sales women and work at home moms from the Queen. Learn the secrets from the top in personal sales and marketing.

  10. Marie Walden says:


    I’m a 40-ish mother of six who sneaks away from home to seek adventures abroad. I write of my travels, my awesome hikes, and cultural insights I’ve gleaned on the road.

  11. People are blogging about just about everything under the sun and stars. I wish to share what makes bloggers tick, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

  12. Are your dogs barking? And I mean your FEET! Read reviews and see “on the foot” pix of some of the most stylish yet comfortable shoes for women. Reviewed by Kirsten who has rheumatoid arthritis and knows a thing or two about comfortable shoes.

  13. cherran says:

    A solution for information overloading. We search, monitor and browse current news and bring the interesting information to you.

  14. Philadelphia Social Diary; what’s behind the velvet rope, who gets invited to those parties, what’s the role of the PR? The ugly side of social climbing,

  15. Are your dogs barking? And I mean your FEET! Read reviews and see “on the foot” pix of some of the most stylish yet comfortable shoes for women. Reviewed by Kirsten who has rheumatoid arthritis and knows a thing or two about comfortable shoes. Over 140 reviews!

  16. Professional women’s fashion blog with a political slant. 140

  17. molly balint says:

    daily chronicles of life in fixer-upper farmhouse, 3 little girls & 6 wacky chickens. A little crafty, a little homey, always entertaining

  18. Monica says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m standing still & others I feel like life is whizzing by too fast. Life in the Middle Lane chronicles the journey.

  19. 140 Business isn’t linear anymore…it’s squiggly! How can you make your company more innovative in this constantly evolving environment? Read The Squiggly Blog!

  20. Genesis says:

    Advice, networking and help for work at home moms. Learn how to start a business, balance your life and still enjoy your kids!

  21. C urious
    O nerous
    N imble
    N ice
    E rrors
    C areer
    T actics
    I ntroverted
    N ifty
    G eneration Y
    I diot
    D reaming
    E arning it
    A dult

  22. Mark Riffey says:

    140 I teach retailers & service biz owners how 2 solve marketing, technology & operations probs & personalize their relationship w/their clients

  23. We are the TOP shed blog! Good Looking Sheds – Built To Last. Almost everyone needs a shed! We happen to think so :) At least check us out.

  24. 140

    Simple Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle. Simple and easy recipes, exercises and tips are frequent discussion topics.

  25. Revenews is a marketing industry blog that has been providing insight into business trends through articles / commentary for over 10 years. 140

  26. A place to encourage you to take the next step in your health & fitness journey. Discover ways to get fit at home or at your gym.


  27. Margaret says:

    A Way to Garden delivers horticultural how-to and woo-woo, exploring both sides of the gardening equation from hands-on to touchy-feely.

  28. FOOD IS LOVE…find some here. Cute and small Sydney girl who loves to cook, eat and shoot. Wanna learn how to make Vegemite caramel? Yikes! 140

  29. Mom101 says:


    I don’t know what I’m doing either.


  30. The Journey of a artist, who’s learning to be a writer. The joy, the road blocks, and how I’m working on organizing the creative process.


  31. I hereby pitch my blog [internetsubmitter] to you as a way for me to continue my journey to financial freedom. I have not because I ask not.


  32. We are the TOP shed blog! Good Looking Sheds – Built To Last. Almost everyone needs a shed! We happen to think so :) At least check us out.

    Sorry, I forgot 140

  33. 140 About the music I love, listen to, and would totally go see if I could get a sitter.

  34. Anthony says:

    A hub of great information, humour, news and much more. Trending topics include computers, gadgets, politics, the internet, and much more!

  35. Dawn says:

    Burned out on book clubs? Bored with bunco? GirlfriendCelebrations is the ultimate resource for girls night and girlfriend gatherings. 140

  36. 11minutes says:

    Showcases and reviews Internet start-ups and projects from Eastern Europe, and talk to investors interested in those start-ups and in the region.


  37. Fantasy Baseball, because that’s what geeks fantasize about. Well, that and something else. But I’m not setting you up with my sister.

  38. is in soft launch. Be in first 140 to add a profile, list your events, comment in the forums & we want your pic!

  39. blackysky says:

    The best Internet promoter gives you a chance to discover and learn new trends products and services that you may like or hate for sure

  40. 140
    A happy mix of realistic interior design, simple homemaking and inspiration for authentic living! And its fun.

  41. Laurie says:

    I’d read my blog even if I wasn’t me. : )

    Good photos, the occasional fun fact, attempts at intelligent commentary – like everyone else’s but different.

    Stop on by.


  42. Becky Ford says:

    Earn cashback rebates or points redeemable for gift cards by shopping through a rewards program at stores where you shop already. Learn how! 140

  43. Liz says:

    Spiral scratch is eclectic, I talk about writing, insomnia, music, spirituality, design, & technology. Current & reflective. 140

  44. Dave Mora says:

    I blog for me. I blog about thing and people i like. i do informal video interviews. if i make money or have an audience if just an added perk. will u be the next person i interview?

  45. I teach how to enhance your standard of living without making more $. I share techniques to dine out, vacation, attend theater, shop, etc. for less $ or FREE (not $140).

  46. Car Guru says:

    Car rental news, tips, explanations, destination reviews some fun stuff thrown in for good measure

  47. Miapella says:

    A crafting, shopping and home life blog from a family of 10! I feature great indie designers and artist and chat about what’s going on in my home and studio.


  48. Megan Smith says:

    Megan’s Minute is my quirky commentary on TV, movies, women, race, politics and really groovy handbags.

  49. From one homeschooling mom to another: it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Posting links to free websites and tools on a daily basis – all subjects and ages.

  50. Postcards from Myself at is a collection of my thoughts on life, living, and the way we journey through this world. Can’t promise I will be profound, but I am sometimes amusing.