Should Blogs Have Comments?

Should blogs have comments?

It is a question that comes up fairly regularly in blogging circles and one that different bloggers take different approaches to.

  • Most bloggers have them – they’re on by default when they set their blog up and they never switch them off. They see the comments as adding a lot to the blog – making it a place of shared learning, interactivity and dynamic conversation.
  • Other bloggers decide not to have them. Their reasons vary from not having time to moderate them to being frustrated by comment spam.

Between these views other bloggers take a variety of other approaches ranging from:

  • having comments on some posts but not others
  • switching comments off over a certain amount of time (to protect from comment spam)
  • to not having comments in the early days of a blog and switching them on later once there is a big enough audience to justify them (this is what I did on DPS).
  • to requiring membership for comments (thereby effectively switching them off to the general public and reserving the privilege to comment for those willing to sign up).

There are many options – but I thought it’d be interesting to open it up for some discussion.

  • Do you have comments on your blog? Why or Why Not?
  • Do you think a blog is a blog without comments?
  • What are the advantages of having or not having them?

Interested to see where this discussion leads us.

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  1. inorder to have the positive feedback from readers, comments are important

  2. Eric says:

    I view blog comments as a “Letters to the Editor” type forum that clearly encourages interactive communication from a relevant audience. The key is to act like a news editor and carefully review each comment for content, grammar and spelling before publishing.

  3. [m.k] says:

    Yes, i have comments in my blog. And to protect blog from spam i’d insalled plugin akismet and capcha.
    Blog without comments is not blog ;) . IMHO.
    P.S. Excuse me for my English.

  4. Ssquo says:

    Blogs are an extension of one self and if you are maintaining a personal blog, then the posts are not probably not going to appeal to millions around the world. yet, there should be an option for people to share their opinions, I mean isnt a dialogue, learning new things, ideas, and mental stimulation good for us all?

  5. uwak says:

    comment is the easy ways to create large networking……

  6. Search says:

    Comments are a must for any blog, How else are you going to to get feedback from the people that are actually reading your blog! Right now I am actually trying to get a blog started for my site! Good topic i think anyone that has a blog should read this for sure…..