Aweber to Add Twitter Updates Feature

I just found out that later this week Aweber (the newsletter delivery service that I use) is adding a new feature that will allow their publishers to automatically send an update to their Twitter account when they send a new broadcast/newsletter. The tweet will link to an online version of the newsletter so that your twitter followers will get to see what you’re sending out to newsletter subscribers.

This new option will appear in the ‘Syndicate’ section of the admin area of sending out new newsletters.

Picture 1.png

It’s a cool little feature that should help publishers extend their newsletter reach.

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  1. Bruno Auger says:

    Well thats a pretty cool feature there I must say. Just one more way of sending people you stuff.

  2. Eric Hamm says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m starting to use Twitter more and finding it to be a very powerful, as Tim Ferriss puts it, ‘micro blogging’ tool. Eric.

  3. Dan Mihaliak says:

    I have always thought that a newsletter is one of the important things required to drive traffic to my site. I will enjoy using this tool.

  4. Mana Tulberg says:

    WOW, Twitter every where!! I love it. Thank you for the information.

  5. Jarret says:

    Wow that is pretty darn neat.

    Thanks for the heads up Darren!

  6. A Dawn says:

    I know newsletter is very important; however, I am not sure how realistic for a not so high traffic site to venture into this option. It looks like Twitter is taking over the internet slowly.
    A Dawn

  7. Wonder if it will change the feedburner count too.

  8. Greg Ellison says:

    That is very cool feature. I think we are going to see this from a lot of different people on Twitter. Thanks Greg Ellison

  9. Armen says:


    Are they planning on linking to a full version of the newsletter, or only an excerpt/headline?

    I like keeping the content of my newsletter exclusive…that’s the benefit of actually subscribing. I wouldn’t want to give people access to content without the commitment to subscribe. Know what I mean?

  10. Bad Credit says:

    That aweber is the front runner in innovation. Have known them since 1999…mortgage leads and it works beautifully…

  11. axel g says:

    Hi Darren!

    Haven’t tried Aweber as of yet but I understand that they’re offering quality services…

    Sounds like a great feature!

  12. Kok Choon says:

    Cool! Aweber is always adding more features and value, I wish their support can be better…:(

    Seems like Twitter is the next wave, but I just don’t use it much…

  13. Sad to say I don’t use either service yet. Maybe it is time to look into it. I just feel spread so thin as it is. I think I might need to get into a good groove with what I am doing before I sign up for any more services.

  14. I use GetResponse, but it’s good that Aweber are adding that function. Just got started on Twitter this month and it’s pretty cool.

  15. I can see using this once in a while to help drive subscriptions. Thanks for the heads up, Darren.

    PS – everyone come to Remarkablogger and sign up for my Remarkanotes email newsletter right now! LOL.

  16. Alice says:

    I personally think the newsletter thing has gotten totally out of hand. There are very few that are worth anything, and everyone and their dog is publishing them.

    I haven’t found a good use for newsletters yet with my own sites. Maybe that will change, but until then I won’t inflict one on people! ;-)

    The folks that seem to use newsletters the most are the MMO people – at least judging by what I get offered to sign up for. Are there regular affiliate marketers using newsletters effectively? By that I mean selling products like furnaces and iPods and camping gear. How do you interest someone who just wants to buy a camp stove into signing up for a newsletter?

  17. well, a very good feature from aweber.

  18. Hannelore says:

    I am sending newsletters since long before blogging (was used to it from my off line business). Almost 90% of my blog subscribers don’t have a clue what RSS could probably be… They subscribe via (aweber)email combined with feedburner and the chicklet shows the sum of all subscribers.
    This aweber twitter feature seems interesting to me. Have to think about, what exactly I can do with it. My readers of course are not familiar with twitter either *LOL*

  19. @Alice – Outdoors people never just buy a piece of gear. They are constantly buying gear, all year round! People almost never just buy products–they live a lifestyle. A newsletter has to “feed” that lifestyle image.

  20. Dennis Edell says:

    How did you hear of this, I can’t find it on Aweber.

  21. Now, you see…

    People wonder about Aweber versus Get Response, and here’s yet another reason why Aweber is superior.

    But I always knew that…

    This new feature tells me finally…that Twitter isn’t just another Web 2.0 tool that wastes a lot of my time.

    To me, this makes Twitter a legit, long-term business tool worth using.

    Thanks for the update,


  22. DiscoStu says:

    I’m just glad mortgage rates are dropping here in Australia, after the constant rises under the previous conservative government, it’s nice to be paying a little less at last!