Show Off Your Title Creation Skills – Rework These Post Headlines

In the last few days we’ve been talking about how to write good blog post titles here at ProBlogger.

We’ve talked about the theory of it – so now it’s time to get a little more practical.

In the next couple of days I’m going to launch a group writing project that picks up the topic of blog titles – but before that (and to help us ‘warm up’ for the project) I thought it might be interesting to workshop a few reader posts as a community.

I just asked my Twitter followers if they had any old blog posts that they feel had good content but poor titles that we could do a community workshop on.

Here are five of the posts submitted:

  1. My Sister Who Died at 10; Losing a Sibling
  2. 45 Ways to Exploit Bored Teens for Online Marketing Good
  3. Black Women and Preeclampsia
  4. Poorer Individuals Less Likely to Survive
  5. IM Charity & the Children’s Hospital

I had quite a few more posts submitted but decided to use these five randomly (although there are a few themes!) so that we could focus our energy on just five titles.

So what I’d like to invite you to do is to come up with alternate titles for these posts. Don’t just rush it – ‘craft’ the titles using some of the principles we discussed in the theory we discussed earlier. Feel free to come up with titles for each one or just one of them – but please say which one you’re reworking (use the numbers).

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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  1. Big Pumpkin says:

    Some of the titles they’ve come up with are hilarious!!!

  2. Leo Hanes says:

    Number 4

    Do you want to discover why the poor are less likely to survive cancer?

  3. Leo Hanes says:

    Number 1

    It just dawned on me – I survived my family – My sister didn’t, She died at 10

  4. Leo Hanes says:

    Number 2

    Do you want to learn how engaging a teens help your online buisness 45 ways?

  5. Graham says:

    45 Ways to Exploit Bored Teens for Online Marketing Good

    Bored Teens on the Web: How to Exploit Them for Fun and Profit

    Tapping into the Online Teen Market: 45 Methods

  6. Leo Hanes says:

    Number 3

    Are you a pregnant black woman – You are at high risk then!

  7. Leo Hanes says:

    Number 5

    Do You Want to Discover How Internet Marketing Is Helping Save Children?

  8. Neecy says:

    2. Teenagers Know Everything, Put That To Good Use!

    4 The High Cost of Cancer Survival, Do The Poor Pay With Their Lives?

    5 The term IM makes me think of Instant Messaging,and I have never heard of an Internet Marketing Party, so he might have wanted to explain that part a little more. I am very glad that his family is ok, and i am also greatful we have a childrens hospital near us.

  9. Gary says:

    1. I never got to dance at my little sister’s wedding
    2. Teens are not motivated but don’t care-Not yet!
    3. Lower your risk as a Black woman

  10. Angel Cuala says:

    This is a good training for us, Darren. However, I cannot read the first post due to very dark background and small font so I have to skip that one. Here is for the rest.

    2.0 45 Ways on How Bored Teens can help us On-line
    3.0 Preeclampsia and its effect on Black Women
    4.0 Understanding Breast Cancer and Helping the Poor Victims
    5.0 Join the IM Charity Party & support The Children’s Hospital

    I think that’s good enough. So will there be a special prize for winners? Just kidding! This workshop is more than to be a prize.

    By the way, I think number 3 link should be


  11. Hi Darren,

    I see Blogburst was recommenede here and I was as keen as mustrd to get going with it but advised by an expeienced marketeer that:

    ‘Did not increase my viewer ship, they also pull your content
    to their sites…(dup content issue)

    Which means your content is on a high powered site giving
    your own site little chance of beating it within the serps.’

    Do you have any intelligence on this?



  12. GAYATHRI says:

    i was tempted to worked on one caption see if it matches your expectation

    4. pretty lady!!! your attention please!!!
    4. stop! Be aware else you could be the next..
    4. Dear! can i have your attention please.
    4. We need you. take care – Soceity

    you can mail your comments bye

  13. 1. Dying at 10: Remembering my Sister
    2. Revitalize Your Site: Hire a Teen
    3. Black Women: Beware Preeclampsia Risk!
    4. Breast Cancer: Poor Less Likely to Survive
    5. Mark Your Calendars: IM Fundraiser for Children’s Hospital

  14. casey says:

    Shanel Yang’s are the BEST!

  15. 1. One Mind, One Heart: Remembering Loved Ones Passed On
    2. WARNING: New Contagious Viral Disease Affecting a Teenager Near You (TM)
    3. A Black Secret: Preeclampsia
    4. Pinching More Than Just Pennies: The Red Cent and Breast Cancer
    5. Since Your Kids Are Better Marketers Than You, Donate to THEIR Cause

  16. Yu Ming Lui says:

    Another top post, Darren. You’ve broken down a process that most people would just go with their “gut”.

  17. Bonie says:

    Nice tips man :D , go Bloggers :D

  18. 4. Are You Poor? Undo The Pink Ribbon & Clamp Your Hands on Your Breasts

  19. says:

    1. My Sister Who Died at 10; Losing a Sibling

    She Died at Ten and I Live To Tell About It

    2. 45 Ways to Exploit Bored Teens for Online Marketing Good

    NEW Online Marketing Tool -Teens!

    3. Black Women and Preeclampsia

    Baby Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy for Black Women

    4. Poorer Individuals Less Likely to Survive

    In Poverty and On the Brink of Survival

    5. IM Charity & the Children’s Hospital

    IM Charity Party Event for Children’s Hospital!

  20. Mel Menzies says:

    Really makes you think, this one. Here are my suggestions:

    1. How I Faced the Loss of My Little Sister
    2. You Can Alleviate Teenage Boredom: Employ them as Online Salesmen
    3. Is Pregnancy A Threat to Black Women?
    4. Poverty Shortens Your Life
    5. Charity for Children’s Hospital: Count Me In