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Win a Full Conference Pass at Blog World Expo!

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of July 2008 ProBlogger Site News 65

Blog-World-ExpoOne of my biggest regrets of 2007 was not being able to attend Blog World Expo.

The reports that came out of BWE from thousands of bloggers were quite amazing. Rich networking, great teaching, showcases of services and tools for bloggers and much much more.

This year Blog World Expo is on again (20-21 September) in Las Vegas.

I’m hoping to attend this year (I’m 50/50 at this point as we’re waiting to see how our new baby settles before I travel again) as the list of people that I know who are attending is quite amazing. They’ve started compiling a list of speakers here. If I’m going I’ll be involved in at least one panel and probably another session.

I emailed the Rick Calvert CEO of BWE earlier in the week and asked him if they’d be willing to put up a couple of free passes to attend – he generously agreed.

The passes are worth $400 each – there are two of them to go to two separate winners.

So here’s how we’re going to give them away – it’s time for a commenting competition.

Before entering – you need to know that these passes do NOT include travel or accommodation they simply give you free access to the conference once you’re there. Please don’t enter if you’re not willing to cover your other expenses or be there as I’d love for someone to win them that are actually certain to use them!

  • In comments below I’d like to invite you to leave a comment telling us why you’d like to attend Blog World Expo in 250 words or less.
  • Rick and his team will select two comments that they think are deserving of winning. They’ll judge the winners based on your comments.
  • This will run for one week from the time this post goes live. I’ll then close off comments and get Rick to select the winners.

Looking forward to reading your entries and the possibility of meeting you in Vegas later in the year!

update – entries for this competition are now closed and we’ll announce a winner shortly.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. I want to receive this pass because I am the first to leave a post :)

  2. Las Vegas? I really want to go there, but it will cost me a lot for airline ticket and hotels.. I think I pass :(

  3. I would love to receive a pass to bring someone along who can’t afford to go- but would greatly benefit from the experience.

  4. I would love to receive a pass to bring someone along who can’t afford to go- but would greatly benefit from the experience.

    Plus, to meet you Darren!

  5. apologies for the multiple responses- received error message, I swear! but nice that I got to add the Darren-love. ;)

  6. This spring I thought I really deserved to go to BlogHer too. We saved money and worked harder. And especially after I miscarried a baby and lost our dog a week later, I was really hoping not just to go to the conference but also was looking forward the getaway. However, two weeks before BlogHer I was hospitalized for blood clots, 12 of them in my lungs, and I had to cancel the trip. Fortunately I was able to sell my BlogHer ticket, but the airlines gave me a voucher to be used later. I would love to use it for a trip to Las Vegas to Blog World Expo and learn more about blogging and meet bloggers face to face.

  7. I am new blogger, learned lots of cool blogging tips here on, if i could get the passes for BWE then there will meet lots of others bloggers………..speciall with Darren

  8. Wow- scratch mine. I’ll pay for my fellow blogger to go on my own and hope you award a ticket to Katja. That’s a rough streak of luck. Hope all picks up.

  9. Hey, would love to attend. Here are my reasons:
    1. I’m a kickass blogger.
    2. I’ve never attended any kind of blog function.
    3. My plan is to be a pro blogger within 2 years. This could be a big step!

  10. A little over a year ago my husband closed his company and has since been unemployed. We both have been doing piecemeal consulting jobs to make ends meet. We would like to develop our blogging skills to allow us more time with our twins, work fewer hours, have the ability to purchase health insurance, and have an income greater than “making ends meet.” Passes to BWE would help us achieve our goals.

  11. Okay first off …I vote that Katja get one of the passes…she deserves it!!!!

    I would like the other pass!!! Why…. because I’m new to the blogging world…and I have a lot to learn!!! I’m a beta entrepreneur who could benefit from just a brush with the experience of bloggers at BlogWorld Expo. My goal with my business blog is to use it as a vehicle to educate our users by connecting them with talented bloggers around the world.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  12. I might take you on this one Darren, since I was planing to go anyways but thing is, right that week my family is coming over from Germany and I must stop them before they get tickets. Not that BWE is more important than my family but if they can do me a favor to come either week before or after that would make big difference.

    2008 is very important for all bloggers, I mean you miss such meeting and you missed a lot, of course if you are passionate blogger.

  13. Why should I receive the pass?
    – I could write 250 words telling you all about what it would mean and how it would help my blogging but that is a given.
    – I could go into detail of how much I feel I need to attend a blogging conference to learn more to get to the next level.
    – I could go entail to detail of how much it would mean to me to go and listen to top speakers in the industry
    Yet, these are things that you might already know. What I can say is that I am stand up guy who tries to live by the motto: Driven In Life

  14. I am brand-new to the world of blogging and trying to learn everything I can as I get my blog started. I am also a stay at home mom, with limited time to research. This conference would be an excellent opportunity to gain some much-needed advice and information to help jump-start my blog.

  15. Great opportunity to get in touch with plenty of great bloggers in the world. To a blogger get to the next level is very important to attend to a event where everybody is talking about the same issue and intend to meet some interesting people.
    I’ve never attend a blog event and I think it’d help me to learn a lot of good things and be able to become a professional blogger.


  16. For the past four months I have been a student of this blog among many others. I must say, you have brought over into a world where I am entirely new too, and I love every minute of it.

    I subscribe to 10+ blogs and read them avidly! I bought ProBlogger the book within the first few days of its release and finished it within one day. I love to promote the book and this blog because of the great ideas and guidance they possess.

    I am putting together my blog as we speak and I think by attending this expo I will become even more enthusiastic about blogging, and it will be a great way to learn from the best minds on blogging from around the world.

    Creating those relationships will help me create a better blog in the long run, and my goal in writing is express my passion for life and inspire others to live their passions as well.

  17. I would like to attend in order to make new friends, grow in my blogging and apply it to helping more people with my website.

  18. 1. I love learning
    2. I’m just starting out, what a great time to learn what NOT to do.
    3. I’ve got a free travel voucher for the plane
    4. It would be nice to meet other bloggers.

  19. I think I should win a ticket because…

    1) I’m prepared to travel 17,000+ miles (return) from Bangkok, Thailand

    2) I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years and only have 21 RSS subscribers (I need some tips!)

    3) I’m about to launch a really cool blogging app that will help every blogger on the web!

    4) I’ve been playing poker since I was 15 (10 years) and have never had the opportunity to play in Vegas

    5) I want to network with like minded people

    6) I’m a fun guy to hang out with (so I’ve been told)

    7) I can handle my drink :)

    8) I’d blog about the conference from my 21 subscriber blog!

    9) I’d buy Rick (and you Darren) a cold one if I got the chance

    10) I haven’t been away for a year and need the break

  20. Hallo Darren,

    I just started just a couple of weeks ago my blog The aim is to bring valuable audio and video on entrepreneurship to the German speaking audience on the net. The pass to the expo would be an great opportunity to produce some unique content on blogging, SEO, etc. for Germany.

  21. Hi,

    My name is Jack, and I’ve been blogging professionally for a few years now, most recently with Gizmodo and GamePro News. In my my full time job (SEO Marketing), I manage a small blog network of 14 professional poker players. Writing isn’t my problem; I get decent traffic from my writing gigs, and still enjoy blogging on a daily basis many years after I started doing it “for fun.”

    My problem is taking that next professional step and managing a group of bloggers. Taking a backseat, if you will, and helping other bloggers grow within a network I created. This includes everything from assigning topics, “coaxing” them to post when they’re feeling lazy, the metrics side of things (as well as increasing traffic through SEO), and everything in between.

    So, that’s why I need to go to Blog World. To network, to become more mature, and to start putting some value in the networks I create. And forget about Vegas–Blog World could be in Siberia and I’d still see value in this show. So, I want to go.


  22. Having wanted to be a writer since I began writing bad poetry at the age of 5, I’m finally living my dream: I blog for both fun and profit! I’d love to take things to the next level, and learn from the pros how to master monetization, credibility, and self-marketing. Even more, however, I’d like to make the inherent community and interactivity of blogging a real-world experience, and connect — in person — to all my fellow bloggers. Who else will understand my compulsive Twittering and self-narration?

    As connected as my blog and my Twitter make me feel, not all the Blogger Meetups in the world could compete with the chance to attend the Blog World Expo, and see my blogging gurus and colleagues in person.

  23. I’m not going to make up some soppy story to try and convince you guys but I would love the opportunity to go to Blog World Expo. I started blogging only 3 months ago even though I have been developing websites and online businesses for years I don’t know why I waited so long to get into blogging but now that I have I love it. I am a full time student in College taking Business Admin in my third year and I would be willing to take a week off or how ever long to go to Vegas and attend BWE. I have enough saved up to pay for flight and hotel and again would LOVE this opportunity. Thanks for taking the time to read my entry.

  24. I’ve blogged as an amateur / semi pro (part of a bigger job, but no direct pay) for over three years. Since I just got back from a year long working holiday in Australia I’ve come back to North America completely lost as to what to do for a living.

    I was at a cross roads a few weeks ago, learn how to be a java programmer, or do something I’m really passionate about. Since I’ve come across the professional blogging community, now there is NO doubt in my mind that I’ll be blogging professionally for my career.

    I’m extremely broke right now, but attending this conference has to happen. Hopefully I can save $400 through

    I have to learn what the best have say. :)

  25. I’m Alex the Freelance Twin, and here’s I need to go to Blog World Expo! I’ve been living as a freelancer / blogger for over a year now, no more day job for me! The first year was about getting my websites up, traffic and loyal readers. In the last couple of months I’ve been networking with my fellow bloggers a lot more. I started to share my journey, and I recently got Twitter and Plurk to continue networking with people like me.

    Networking has been one of the most rewarding, but more difficult things to really get going. A lot of bloggers are really open, but a lot of them are not open to new bloggers with new ideas. Meeting these people in person as the Blog World Expo would probably change their opinion about some people who are new to the game.

    Networking with other people in this field is going to be the thing that takes me to the next level blogging, and the Blog World Expo would be the perfect event for me to jump start my networking.

  26. Any good blogger knows that networking with other bloggers is the only way to become a truly successful blogger, and I could definitely use some networking with other bloggers.

    I’ve been blogging for three years now, but have yet to attend a single conference (of any kind for that matter). I’ve made it a personal goal to attend a conference, but passes are always so expensive!

    This is a great opportunity for me because I live just 5 hours away from Vegas, and I would gladly spend money on a hotel+food if it meant I could attend Blog World Expo for FREE!

    Help a wanna-be-pro blogger out, pick me for a pass!

  27. I’ve been blogging for about 4 years or so and never attended a conference like this. Right now I’m early in starting my own company for internet strategy and blogging. It would be great if I were able to attend in order to learn new ideas for my new business and network with some of the key bloggers around.

    Thanks for the consideration.

  28. I have a BA in Communications and have been doing some freelance writing work for several years. But that market is shrinking due to competition from online media, so its getting harder to support yourself in it – especially if you are just starting out and don’t have a long resumé, since the work will go to more experienced people than you.

    Since I’m fairly geeky, I decided to forge my own road in new media instead – go where the market is growing instead of shrinking. I took the one website (Scrapbook Update) I had been writing for several years and started an online media company – Balalaberry Media LLC. I added a second website (Café Autism) and a family technology podcast (True Tech Life) that I host with my husband.

    I have been working extremely long hours but I know that I have a lot to learn to make my efforts the most productive. It’s important that I learn as much as possible as fast as possible because my husband was laid off his job (our family’s primary income) in March. Of course, that means I can’t afford the investment to go to Blog World with all the expenses. But a free ticket would make it feasible I believe.

  29. I’m relatively new to blogging, but have been a writer since I was old enough to use a pen/keyboard. Blogging is definitely the way of the future in publishing.

    Winning a pass to the Blog World Expo would allow me ample learning and networking opportunities. In particular, I’m looking forward to Social Media & The Writers Strike, Journalism Content & Style, Bloggers & PR, and Business Blogs for Small Business.

    With all the knowledge and connections I’ll gain this year, my blog will pay for my pass for next year!

  30. Bloggers in Vegas? That’s a dangerous combination. Would love to go but travel expenses would prevent me from going this year. Perhaps another sponsor can step up and donate airfare and hotel! (hint hint).

    While blogging is my passion right now, I’d gladly donate the pass if I won the contest to someone who is already in the Vegas area who wanted to go.

    Thanks Darren for this contest. Love the ProBlogger site and book!

  31. I want to win the prize because what happens in Vegas will definitely NOT STAY in Vegas!

    I will bring it back to my blog and share it with my international audience — even if it’s technical, behind-the-scenes stuff my readers won’t see on the surface.

    From another IM conference I attended in 2006, five of us formed a Ladies Mastermind Group which has proven beneficial for all of us — learning, resources, support and lasting friendships. I expect to find that in Vegas as well.

    Plus I really want to meet the bloggers I’ve admired and gotten to know online — that would be the icing on the cake! Please Cct me!

  32. I would love to attend this conference because in the last year, I have truly found my niche in blogging. I am a year out of college and blogging professionally full-time for, doing some freelance blogging and recently launched a personal blog, I would love to attend this conference to network and meet others in the field — because blogging is done all through computers, you never get to see the faces on the other sides of the posts and comments. I would love to learn more about this medium and how to sharpen my skills and learn about what’s new on the horizon, in addition to meeting fellow bloggers face-to-face. Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. I had been blogging only four months when I attended last year’s inaugural Blog World and New Media Expo in Las Vegas. I arrived a novice blogger, but departed for home confident I had acquired a sound and fundamental understanding of what to do to make blogging a fulfilling experience. The topics were so inviting that it was difficult to choose which session to attend as sessions ran concurrently.

    Of note was the session “PR Do’s and Don’t’s,” in which two speakers – Joe Beaulauier from PR WEB and Brian Solis from Future Works – provided interesting insights for integrating web 2.0 technology into a corporate PR campaign.

    The session led by Scott Allen, co-author of The Virtual Handshake, titled “Maximizing The Benefits of Small Business Blogs” was another session with lots of take-a-ways to put to practical use. A lively five person panel conducted a session called “Podcasting as a Revenue Stream,” which I found fascinating. Of the five presenters one young man, in particular, Jason Van Orden, did an excellent job of articulating the unique value proposition of podcasting. And, finally, two very talented fellas, Chris Brogan and Jeremiah Owyang, led a superb session on “Creating a Coherent Social Media Strategy”.

    For me, personally, what was really cool, is that I am 60- years old. It was great being with so many young, innovative and smart people. The energy was terrific and contagious.

    Why do I want to attend BWE? To recharge, reengage, and revisit.

  34. Hmmm, no sob story here, I’m actually really good at blogging, and SEO in general, I’ve been to every other conference in the world and usually worked the checkin desk just to meet everyone (Webmasterworld especially, awesome way to meet the right people). I know when to buy drinks for someone, when to ask questions, and when to shut the hell up because someone is about to spill a secret. I know the best conversations take place outside of the conference rooms, and you should never turn down an invitation to attend a private party. Bottom line, Blog World Expo isn’t just a great ticket to win, it’s a chance to take our business to the next level.

  35. I would enjoy going to Blog World Expo to meet with other bloggers and share success stories and strategies.

    It would also be a great learning opportunity for advanced blogging ideas, traffic building, link exchanges, and content building.

  36. I would like to go to Blog World Expo because this is the first time I’ve had the chance to attend. Finances and family issues have kept me from every event I’ve wanted to go to, and for once my schedule is open.

    I’m very much so looking forward to the chance to learn from the conference and to network with other bloggers.

  37. When I was eleven, I entered a contest to win a pony and, uh, I won it. Here’s the evidence.

    To be fair to others, I have learned to be more discriminating about the contests, I enter because I am one lucky woman and win almost everything I go for!

    Like Tanner, I’ve been working at blogging for several years and haven’t met my goal of attending a blogging conference yet. Also, like Tanner, I only live a few hours’ drive from Vegas and would love to join in the bloggy fun this year.

    Good luck to everyone entering, and thanks, Darren and Blog World Expo for the opportunity.

  38. Sierra Night Tide says: 07/31/2008 at 6:04 am

    The term Blogger does not (in my opinion) do justice in conveying what a blogger does. Blogging is an entirely new world available to everyone and contains an interest, hobby and opportunity for anyone who seeks it. It encourages thinking, communication and improving ourselves.

    Blogging has brought people together, it has rallied us into taking action against a wrong and it has educated us. It has been bloggers who have faced the trials of revealing what sponsored news sources would not. It has been bloggers who have placed the newest greatest product into the hands of consumers.

    I want to hear how Stephanie Agesta developed her skills in online marketing and what could be around the corner in online commerce. I want to know how to best maximize the ROI in the next generation of blogging. What are some of the best ways to use blogging as a method of addressing community issues and collaboration? What are next in social networking communities and what part will blogging play in them?

    These are the things I want to know, listen to and learn. I genuinely love researching, promoting and writing blogs. I have the passion, drive and some skills but now it’s time to take it to the next level. I see the vast opportunities blogging offers, but my current income does not support the financial necessities to take me to the next level, which I know is where I belong.

  39. I deserve a free pass because it took me 20 minutes to write this haiku:

    Vegas I should go
    Better blogging would be nice
    Free ticket nicer

  40. I would love to attend the Blog World Expo because I am starting to really get into blogging. I started this past spring, and have since become addicted to the whole idea of it. I want to learn as much as I can from those who are successful and this would be the perfect opportunity to network with some of the best bloggers around.

    Good luck to everyone entering and thanks again for having this contest!

  41. I have been blogging for about a year and love it. Your blog has helped me along the way and now I think it’s time I start networking and learn all I can.

    I’m currently living in Spain but my husband travels every year on those dates to work on a charity music show and I was thinking of going with him…and the passes would just be perfect reason to book the trip!!

    Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to all!!

  42. I think I deserve the pass. Just plain simple eh.

    NAh. I would like to meet up with the fellow bloggers from all over the world specially Darren. I would like to see what other professionals are doing and tricks. I would personally like to ask questions to the speakers so I can expand my knowledge.

    I think this will be a great experience. I normally don’t win any of these but I try anywayz…

    Let me know if I win

  43. I would love to go to this convention. Please pick me. I love blogging, video, social media, all the stuff everyone else said. I am very friendly and speak to everyone and ask questions. I want to learn to give more to the planet. I want to share with everyone what I would see and hear by video/blogging everyday. I love Las Vegas, its my home, so I will be here to attend faithfully everyday. Please let me win. I want to be part of the successful world of bloggers and internet business people. I am single, kids are gone mom, second half of my life. I was born to do this. Thanks Darren and Blog World Expo. Remember – “What you give away you get to keep”. Michele

  44. In short, I have been earning a full-time income off of the internet since 2006 and I have yet to meet any business contacts outside of my niche (entertainment).

    Blogworld expo would be an excellent opportunity to fix this.

    In addition, I’m sure I have a few things to teach some fellow bloggers along the way.

  45. Aaah, this sucks I just booked a trip to Vegas for next week and I don’t think I can swing two of them.
    Maybe next time, Thanks Darren,

  46. There are some great stories on here, I do not envy the task of picking 2.

    Here is why you should pick me.

    1. I live in Los Angeles and can easily get there (drive or fly) and will definitely attend.

    2. I have over 2 years of blogging experience with a successful sports blog and am dedicated to the business and culture for the long haul.

    3. I want to add what I have learned over the years to the knowledge base of the world of bloggers and to learn from them. My sports blog won Sports Illustrated’s Blog of the Week 2 years ago when I first launched and I built it up to a peak of 8,000 visitors a day, averaging 3,000 uniques a day the last many months. Due to the popularity of my blog, I was interviewed on ESPN Radio and Fox Sports radio many times and quoted in sports sections and sports blogs across the nation. I know how to build traffic and a devoted fan base and can contribute to the knowledge in this area. (I closed the site because after 2 years I was done with sports day to day.)

    4. I also want to learn the latest and greatest techniques to make my soon to be launching blogs long term successes. I will be launching 2 new blogs in environmental products and comedy in the coming month. These follow more my day to day passions and are areas that I will always have a great interest in. I feel I have ideas for each that will change the way we look at these subjects and therefore contribute to society in some small way.

    5. I want to create blog institutions that will last. To that end, I will constantly network at Blog World to ensure that I can build the best and strongest community around my blogs that I can, a community that will grow and help each other over time. I want to build a group of serious and innovated bloggers that can help each other and learn from each other over time.

    6. Because I want this and I will use it to the fullest while Im there and make your investment last long after its over!!

    Thank you for the opportunity and consideration.


  47. Wow…I would love to go…I love expos…and I love blogging….

    Can’t enter though…too far away! Goodluck to everyone else.
    Darren are you going to fly qantas??!!


  48. I am a poor college student who continually thinks outside the box. I am looking to build up my network and contribute a young mind to the blogging world. I started a blogging about six months ago and I am looking to gain an understanding on who is blogging and what is everyone blogging about.
    I currently help small businesses learn new concepts about how to use the Internet as well as Social Media to their advantage. It would not only be a huge benefit for me to go, but also I would be able to share my knowledge with the business groups I am involved in the local community. Thank you for this opportunity and thanks for writing such a good book. I enjoyed reading it and reference it often.

  49. Good competition by the way.
    I would really love to win these tickets because I am a starter blogger at the tender age of 18, and this expo would be the experience I am looking for, it will help me gain so much information an knowledge for me to grow my blog and become a presence one day in the blogging and web design field. I have never visited any type of expo before, so that would be an experience in itself, especially such a high regarded event, I couldn’t think of anything more I would want to do. I am highly unlikely to be accepted, so I wish whoever wins the best of times, as I am sure they will have the time of there life.

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