Two New Offers for Newsletter Subscribers Next Week

Just a short note to let those of you who have not subscribed to the ProBlogger weekly newsletter know that next week’s edition has a couple of great offers for readers – only one of which will be posted here on the blog.

One is a way to make up to $100 and the other gives you a 25% discount on a range of great WordPress Templates.

In addition you’ll get highlights from the last week of blogging at ProBlogger and an exclusive tip that you won’t get here on the blog.

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PS: the free 1 hour bonus podcast for subscribers is still on offer – you’ll get access to this once you’ve verified your subscription.

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  1. SATISH says:

    Great….I subscribed.

  2. I got the first copy and looking forward to the next. Should be great,


  3. ArpitNext says:

    I got problems while tried to subscribe ! The Box didn’t response !

  4. I’ve already subscribed! :) Bring it my friend, I’m expecting nothing short of the best!

  5. David Hobson says:

    Looking forward to the offers thanks.

  6. Very cool. The first issue was excellent, and I really enjoyed the interview download.

  7. GrantMc says:

    Sounds like a great way to get readers / subscribers. I have already signed up, and the $100 dollar seems very appealing.

  8. I am now waiting confirmation mail ;)
    Looking good!

  9. Your first one was fantastic, so I am looking forward to what you have to offer in this next issue!

  10. mike says:

    I just went to your newsletter confirm site. I also played the audio the interview was excellent. This is my first comment. Your website has been very helpful in working through my ideas for a blog. Your book was outstanding, thank you for sharing all of this….. good luck with second child.

  11. Darren Rowse says:

    welcome mike and thanks for subscribing others. If you have issues with confirming newsetters check your spam box in your email and if you still have problems email me.

  12. amirulcyber says:

    Thanks darren for this offer.

  13. Silla says:

    Subscribed! If the $100 method works then I can buy your book! :D

  14. revenue says:

    Hi I have subscribe and download the podcast, i like your websites it has alot of interesting and usefull info for bloggers thanks :)

  15. Once I figure out which java script to turn on, I’ll be able to subscribe… Curses my on-line paranoia… curses!!!