SignUp for the ProBlogger Newsletter Or You’ll Miss Edition 1

Have you subscribed to the ProBlogger Newsletter that I relaunched last week? If not – you’ve only got 24 hours or so to sign up if you want to get the first one.

I’ve almost finished writing it and in this first edition you’ll get:

  • Free 1 hour Podcast – (you get this on signup but I’ll include another link to it in the newsletter in case you missed it)
  • Hot Posts – a top 10 list of the ‘hottest’ posts on ProBlogger at the moment
  • ‘Do This Now’ Task – in this section I’ll be giving you a small homework task each week that you can go away and apply immediately to improve your blog
  • Book Update – an update on the ProBlogger Book
  • Reader Question – I’m taking a reader question and answering it exclusively for the newsletter

In future editions of the email I’ll be pre-announcing ProBlogger news and will have a few preview invites for new products and tools for bloggers.

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  1. Momma says:

    Yep yep, I did. A little PLURKY told me. HAHA.

  2. Hi Darren,

    Is the Newsletter available as an RSS feed,
    or only by Email?

    Or will it be included in the regular PB feed I get now?

    Thanks mate,

  3. Darren Rowse says:

    just via email.

  4. Okay, signed up by email :~)

  5. I am just about to sign up for it. I wonder what the percentage of people that read your blog are full time bloggers and are making at least $5-10000 per month?


  6. Liz says:

    Thanks for the warning! Very cool service you’re providing for bloggers.

  7. sailor says:

    Signed up and awaiting the arrival with anticipation.

  8. Sounds promising, I’m deffenitely signing up.

  9. Cant wait to start receiving it! Love the idea about the homework, but wonder how many people will actually do it!

  10. Jim says:

    Signed up and waiting for the newsletter thanks

  11. Dennis Edell says:

    I’m with Tom, I’m thinkin’ that section should be worth the cost alone!

    (Yes I know its free, I was making a point) :-)

  12. Netrix says:

    i did sign it up already i was just wondering whats the main course now?

  13. I like the free bonus you add once the newsletter subscription has been confirmed. Very cool.



  14. tish says:

    Absolutely great teaser line came in on my RSS feed. People don’t want to miss out on anything, especially your first newsletter. I’m in!

  15. Heck yeah I signed up. I’d be a fool not too! lol….can’t wait for the first newsletter…’re the man Darren!

  16. MJ Ray says:

    If you’re just seeing “To Subscribe Add Your Email Address Here to Subscribe” and nowhere to put your email address, you need to allow this page to run Javascript. Does Darren Rowse hate users?

  17. Giyen says:

    I am a new Problogger Reader. Thanks for providing such a great resource for newbie bloggers. I would be lost without it. To support this site, I just bought your book this morning and can’t wait to dive in!


  18. Did it, and waiting